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  1. Weather looks okay, will be a little windy and chilly. Shouldn't be too big of a factor, especially as the game progresses and the wind dies down.
  2. Just hope we win the division. I'd be happy with that after all these injuries.
  3. He was pretty good though! Before he played he was playing video of his injury and talking about it so was super interesting. It's completely up in the air right now. I don't think he plays in the regular season. A chance in the playoffs though.
  4. What does that mean lol? I’m not lying he’s legit live right now. He’s a big gamer. Go search him on twitch yourself
  5. Von Miller streams on twitch and was taking questions about his knee injury all day. He's actually live right now https://www.twitch.tv/vonmiller
  6. Man game injuries mean next to nothing. The name and impact of the players lost means the most. We've had key injuries to how many of our top 10 players?
  7. Yeah I really need to find this out. Planning a short trip and need to know if its on Sat or Sunday.
  8. Wishing we had a later bye week, could really use it right about now.
  9. Just get the W, don't care how they do it.
  10. https://news.yahoo.com/buffalo-bills-fan-shows-exactly-134822690.html
  11. No intermediate passing game. The game plan is go long... I miss Daboll so much
  12. I just got over the worst sickness. Was 103 fever for 3 days. Today is day 16 and still coughing up pghlem….
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