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  1. I think Pats are tanking for a new QB next year. I thought that was quite obvious with their offseason moves or lack thereof.
  2. Yep we looked terrible against Steelers first game and that was at home. We actually looked terrible in quite a few games last year. Steelers, Jags, Colts, Titans...We're playing the superbowl champs in their building.
  3. They looked very rusty week 1 against Steelers. I disagree with this.
  4. It's August 8th, 1st game is September 8th. LETS GO!!
  5. yep that's why I'm saying 11-6 vs 15-2
  6. A little late to the party but what is the most likely outcome in all of this?
  7. I can deadlift heavy with no problem. So mine must be tennis elbow. Ironically enough I played tennis 2-3 days a week for 10 years but never felt any pain. It wasn't until I think I overtrained it at the gym and caused some type of permanent damage. I thought it would eventually heal but on go. Its been 2+ yrs of me not being able to do dips and pain when bench pressing and push ups. I don't experience any pain when not working out. Any suggestions? I'm going to look into the dry needle therapy.
  8. Elam didn’t look good at all tonight. He really stood out, got beat on nearly every play against diggs/davis. Whose guarding kupp/Robinson week 1?
  9. I was there cook is gonna be insane. Shakir is going to make this team, and Davis is going to continue from the 4 td game and keep rolling.
  10. Can't judge a class until we see a full season minimum.
  11. Wow this is great stuff, thank you. Mine really flares up only when I do chest day at the gym. Or if I do 100+ push ups. I was a gym rat for a long time and think the overtraining got to me. Its better than it was but when I push a tennis ball into my elbow I feel pretty terrible pain. It feels like something needs to be flushed out of that joint, it just doesn't feel normal compared to the other side. I still can't even do 1 dip because the pain is so bad.
  12. I keep putting off going to get tests done, but its been long enough where it should be healed. I used to do dips all the time at the gym and I can't even do 1 rep. I used to do sets of 20 with weight added.
  13. My left elbow has had pain for 2 yrs. I think I keep re-injuring it on chest press day.
  14. Donald is Bruce/Reggie level dominant. I expect big things from Oliver this year though.
  15. I'm drafting Diggs in early 2nd round.
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