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About Me

Dzień Dobry!  Born in Warszawa PolskA.  Lived in San Diego, NYC and Los Angeles.


I cheer for the Sabres, Bills, Bruins & Red Sox.  Hockey, Football and Baseball.  No basketball.  Basketball lost it’s magic when Magic and Bird retired.  


I am a passionate fan at times.  No offense meant.  I first started paying attention to sports because of my father who used to play ice hockey in Poland.  We moved to the states.. The early 90s came around and the Buffalo Bills were a good team so I decided as a kid that they were mine!  A good friend of my father’s from work was from Buffalo and he would always tell me how good the pierogis and wings are up there!  Ha!

Needless to say he and I had many talks throughout the years and part of me cheers for him since he passed on a few years ago.  RIP Chris Saunders.

Bills, Sabres, Red Sox, Bruins!  

That’s all folks!



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