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  1. Just as Milano would have made all the difference in the Jets loss. And Poyer would have in the Miami loss. No way Tua hits waddle on the 3rd and 18 for 50 yards if that was Poyer and not Jaquan. same can be said for many losses for many teams over the course of a season.
  2. Except NO. He doesn’t have half the drops Davis does. They both have 6. Any video put together consisting of Diggs’ 2022 drops and Davis’ 2022 drops will be similar in length. No one has taken the time to put one together, that’s why we won’t find one. https://scores.nbcsports.com/fb/leaders.asp?type=Receiving&range=NFL&rank=232 Stop making stuff up for the sake of the board. The statisticians have obviously missed several Davis drops while not missing any of Diggs’ drops. 👌
  3. Sorry @foreboding, but my comparison is 💯 fair. Look at the post I was replying to. Context is everything.
  4. I hope they spend money on a qb that has a 16% chance to be healthy come playoff time.
  5. Agreed. Meanwhile…. Diggs and Davis are tied for the league lead in drops with 6.
  6. Not the chiefs….. the best of them all and the only one we’re really worried about come the playoffs. that’s a weak premise for your argument
  7. We’ve beaten every division leader in the afc. We can beat anyone, we don’t need anyone. Additional playmakers would help us and make us more formidable, but we don’t need them to win a super bowl
  8. I think you’re getting ahead of yourself. Once he gets paid there’s no chance of having a stellar D? Decosta is the best drafter in the biz imo. They can build a stellar D through the draft.
  9. 12M gtd is too much for my tastes considering you can’t even see him work out. We have better ways to use that money. If he’s looking @ 20M he’s smoking some serious crack. Oh ok, my bad. 2.5 M for this year makes some sense because it’s only 2.5M we’d have to account for down the road. I’d be ok with 2.5M gtd for this year and 7.5M next year as long as next years money isn’t gtd. But he wouldn’t go for that. He’ll get overpaid by Dallas. I’m confidant in that. If Beane pays big money for him I’d probably like feel he’s doing it to please the locker room and the fans. And I don’t think he really works in that way.
  10. Ok. i just feel that if he wants to get paid in 2023, he should sign for the remainder of the season and play well. Asking these teams to sign him for gtd money in 2023 at a time where he can’t even work out for them is wishful thinking imo.
  11. And obj is a top 30 WR? based on what exactly? dude has played in more than 13 games 1 time since 2016. He tore his acl back to back seasons and can’t even work out….. you would pay him more than 10M a year?
  12. I’d be mad if his 2023 contract is 2.5m. I’d love to have him under 3M you wouldn’t want him for that price?
  13. I hope so. He’ll eat up cap space and be injured and out for the year before the playoffs begin
  14. 💯 .he’s hoping someone is REALLY desperate. If he was proven to be healthy, I think 12-13M would be his max considering he hasn’t had over 78 catches, 1050 yards and 7 TD since 2016. torn ACLs in back to back season brings down you worth and his wasn’t nearly that high to begin with of we pay him 10M for next season I’ll be happy that Beane is making a push to win the SB this year, but I think it would be a mistake. He might not be healthy and likely not worth it
  15. 20M?? LOL- I skipped to the last page of this thread, is that a number being thrown around? I was thinking 6M max lol
  16. No, I’m not suggesting that—— In general, the jets have good playmakers. On any given play, they’ll have 5 good playmakers on the field. Doubling 2 of them would allow you to rush 4 and leave everyone else in single coverage with ZERO help. That’s not something McFrazier does. you saying that McFrazier would double Wilson AND moore…..and that just not going to happen. Watch and see
  17. Agreed. He’s taller and has a larger catch radius. That’s all. Diggs is 1A, 1B or 1C- he’s not 2A imo
  18. And what about Davis, Berrios, Conklin, RBs? No way we double Wilson and Moore. Our coverage will suffer without Taron. There’s a reason he usually plays 💯 of the symbols. Imo, 3 LBs is only good vs super run heavy teams that are lacking weapons in the pass game. Taron is a beast vs the run for a CB
  19. That’s Slimmy G for ya. Too slim and weak he’s played over 11 games twice in his career.
  20. He won’t be under contract in the offseason. we can franchise him and hope to trade him I suppose, but what are we going to get for a MLB about to get an 18M aav contract? Maybe a 4th? I doubt we replace him with a 4th rd pick. it’s tough decision. I think Beane will pay him
  21. I think Perine and Cook would be a nice backfield. Wonder how much $ Perine will garner as a FA
  22. Not sarcasm. I don’t know what he was offered. I just feel bad for him. Sorry to disappoint Some people just so happen to be more empathic than you.
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