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  1. Yeah, I’m not a flacco guy, but I think he’s better than Barkley for about the same price. I like Barkley, he’s a good dude and I think he’s good for Josh.....but he’s not very good at playing QB. He’s capable of having his moments though. As the jets found out 2 years ago.
  2. I’d prefer a better backup tbh. Would rather have flacco. I like Frohms chance to be a capable backup, but probably not this year. I think if allen missed 6-8 games we could still make the playoffs with Adequate backup play. Our D is only getting better. Our offense added a bonefide #1 wr and a beastly rb to replace gore and compliment motor. Would he “lead” us to the playoffs? I dunno if I’d go so far To say he’d lead us, but I think we could win enough games where we could still make the playoffs.
  3. Not sure if anyone posted it already, but the sky judge has been denied for the 2020 regular season. It will be used in preseason. Nfl and their puppet Riveron with at least one more year of total domination
  4. It’s a dude’s opinion......this isn’t science gents. Get a grip
  5. If they would have picked MT than everyone would know they were trolling for clicks. It’s pretty impossible to think that MT is better than JA after last season. Ie: the above post. Trolling for clicks
  6. It’s not who has shown to be better. It’s who they think is better. Pretty easy to rank both ahead of allen imo. I personally would take allen over both, but I’m a homer!
  7. Just wondering why, in your expert opinion, is Bills Mafia a “stupid slogan”?
  8. There was no reason to play madden 05. 2k5 was amazing
  9. Yeah, I was going to say Knox if I didn’t feel obligated to say Josh. The addition of Diggs really opens things up for him imo. Other than Josh, I HOPE we see the biggest improvement from Ford. I like the kids attitude but I wasn’t impressed with his play the majority of the time. I think moss will have more carries than Singletary by years end.
  10. Can’t get myself to watch one game from last year. Just mash ups of plays. this game in particular pissed me off. One play got us. Poyer getting beat. Our D came to play. Too bad Baltimore’s did too. Just remember blitz after blitz after blitz.
  11. The only one that really matters. Josh Allen 🙏🏻
  12. I didn’t say Feliciano was terrible. His run blocking is a plus while his pass blocking needs improvement. I just don’t think he and Ford on the right side is going to be our right side very long unless they both improve. hopefully another year together will allow that to happen
  13. That’s what I said isn’t it? 😊 nsekhe is our best RT. He’s more valuable to this team as a swing tackle because the likelihood of his health holding up playing starters minutes is pretty much nil. Let’s just hope Feliciano and Ford improve. I’ve said all off season that my number 1 priority would be to upgrade our OL, more specifically, the right side of our line.
  14. I don’t think we ever saw that combo tbh. Could be wrong Nsekhe is a backup. While he may be our best RT, he isn’t holding up playing RT full time. He’s our backup swing. Ford our RT. Feliciano our RG. Morse our center. Daryl will compete with long for backup guard. let’s just hope Feliciano and Ford keep improving. Beane is all in with them for 2020
  15. Lol. No. You’re right. My bad. Didn’t see that part, was skimming
  16. She’s qualified because she has experience and a degree. She’s not qualified because she sucks at her job. sorry not sorry. She’s pretty much the worst person for the job imo. I figured she’d be getting let go this offseason, not promoted
  17. I didn’t say they were a really bad team. I said they weren’t going anywhere this year. They could win the division. Unlikely due to their head coach imo. I see one and done in the playoffs as their best case scenario. If Darnold misses a few games, it’s not best case scenario. It’s impossible to say how good either team is right now. Adding talent is one thing. Adding talent that will play well together and win games is another. I like what both teams did this offseason for the most part. Doesn’t mean they are going anywhere this year.
  18. Nice move....but not really. They aren’t going anywhere this year. If darnold misses time, they’re better off losing every game he misses. Not that flacco is capable of winning games on his own, but he might be able to get a w or 2
  19. https://wccoradio.radio.com/articles/radiocom/nfl-sky-judge-proposal-would-put-official-in-replay-booth thank goodness. I’ve written a letter to goodell after each of the last 8 seasons. Each saying the same exact thing. You need to fix your officiating. Bring in an eye in the sky that has access to multiple cameras. You run a multi billion$ industry. More camera angles and officials in the sky can assure that referee catastrophes are less likely. All it took was the XFL to show us that it works.
  20. I think he’s got the best show around. I wanna buy stock in him. Gonna make some Joe Rogan type money at some point
  21. Fairly certain that Maddy will be the new target. They’re blastable based on past experience
  22. If this passes, we’ll lose a super bowl because of it. Terrible idea. I’d say a 4th and 30 would be more fair, but then the refs would still be able to become the stars of the game. No way id give the refs another opportunity to lose the game for us
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