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  1. I think its Both. Tre IMO is at least a month away. he's only what 10 months out from injury? Most take up to a full 12 months to recover, and i don't want him rushed back where he's jeopardizing re-injury.
  2. The Bills brining in Xavier Rhodes for a visit tells me a little something, IMO. If I'm looking at timeline I'm looking at JK Dobbins who missed a year +.
  3. Tre isn't even practicing yet, nor is he cleared to practice I do not believe. You are looking at least another month before White is back, IMO.
  4. and then the Miami bench just magically doesn't have power so they cant use the helmet and bench warmers.
  5. I’m shocked at the lack of Mayo users. For me it was a game changer.
  6. Had me some soup and a sandwich for dinner tonight. Did it with some Gouda and some Jack, and of course some mayo as the base. It was damn good.
  7. I agreed to go to Cincy, between the ticket, House rental and drive down, IM probably $600 in already. Its gross.
  8. Pretty heated debate so I'm asking the tough questions.
  9. For anyone around the Stadium in the last hour, holy hell was that a storm. Multiple lightning strikes in a row. One had me covering in my chair just as natural reaction. It lit up my house and the thunder was instant and insane.
  10. Josh Allen does this, do you think he should face punishment?
  11. The Brady hate is laughable. Allen does this and everyone "Love his fire"
  12. The Bills lost the number 1 seed because of weather. End of rant.
  13. "The Elements in Buffalo favor the Bills though"- Every Bills fan.
  14. Is that why every major game from college on is played in either a dome or warm weather state? Fans want elements. Players don't. Elements cause additional risk for injury for players. we must be very, VERY close now.
  15. Well I know why EJ Manuel failed. Hackett and Marrone. Yikes.
  16. Bill Belichick without Tom Brady is 71-79 as a head coach. EXTREMELY OVERRATED.
  17. Thats audacy for you. It happens with Sabres post games all the time. I have to keep closing the app and re-opening in order for it to kick to the Local on air broadcast.
  18. I was in Flagstaff Aizona and saw a "Best wings in town" sign so I pulled in. Place was packed, worst wings I've ever had in my life. Size of my pinky and my teeth bounced off the rubbery meat as I tried to eat them. Asked for my check and left.
  19. I just got a 10lb bag for $25 at a local meat market by my house. They were really good wings too.
  20. Maybe they do a sneak peak for fans at the home opener?
  21. im not saying that at all. I'm saying people are more invested in trying to prove this case one way or another because the guy was a Bills player. It probabyl came out wrong. agreed, my comment wasnt an attack on you, its just people are more trying to prove guilty or not because the dude was a Bills player.
  22. SO are you on other chat boards or social media platforms trying to unwind the facts of other sexual misconduct and rape cases, or only this one?
  23. Apparently everyone on Twitter is a wind expert now.
  24. SO yo had to click on this topic, go to the last page and then post this message. You could have also just not have clicked on the link to open this topic, but here we are. AKA "LAMP LAMP LAMP"
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