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  1. I have 3 feeders I fill. Two get black oil sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts. The third gets some mix I bought to cheap out. The cheap mix has Milo, Stripped Sunflower seeds and some other filler. I have to fill the two with sunflower hearts every four days. I have seen as many as 13 Gold Finches on the sunflower feeder. In two weeks, I have only seen two birds on the cheap seed feeder and it is still basically filled to the top. Another week or two and I guess I will have to dump it. I have said this before, the Cardinals, Finches, Woodpeckers and Blue Jays love the hearts. If you want these birds, hearts are the way to go. The cheapest sunflower hearts I have found are 40 lb bags for $50. The Ontario bird feeder cam is back online for the winter. When things get cold the arboreal birds they attract are really colorful. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/cams/ontario-feederwatch/
  2. Years ago I read that typically the winner in this type of contest finishes with a 66% win percentage. It sounded low to me. Over the years I have watched and that is pretty close to being right on. If I remember correctly, last year the first two finishers were just above that. I can't remember if I figured in the throw out or not. At the moment position 42 and above have a higher win percentage than 66%. It might make it a bit more interesting for you if you compare your position by percentage, ignoring the weeks you missed. I believe when we first started doing this here, there was an option for auto-pick. It was nice if you forgot a week but at the same time it would do something like picking the Jets every week. I usually make my picks Monday or Tuesday, and then edit them before Thursday/Sunday. I believe if you wanted to you could pick the entire year in one shot.
  3. I'm not sure Ray Fosse would agree with you.
  4. Do you know where Joe finished in his college class and do you know why? I just heard this and I am surprised I haven't seen it before.
  5. It is amazing how this story never pops up on the MSM. Wrong words, maybe I should have said disheartening.
  6. The founding fathers did quite an amazing job in their structure of the govenment. They had checks and balances at every level. That might not be true in the future. You can follow the link. https://internationalman.com/articles/doug-casey-on-what-happens-after-the-us-election/
  7. I really love breasts. edit- It seems the auto language processor corrected my spelling. 😅
  8. I had this happen in previous years. It is a good practice to go back some time later and check that your picks are there. I found if I logged out and then back in before making the picks, it always took the picks. This hasn't happened to my this year yet. It certainly was annoying to think you had your picks and then find you were 0 for the week.
  9. A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
  10. I've seen him 4 times. The guy was amazing.
  11. I just can't resist. In the Democrat version of this, the baby is not born.
  12. That is the best laugh I have had in a long time.
  13. You being Canadian I was about to ask if you were getting your sports mixed up. There were a couple of guys in Ontario Prov. that could throw 100 mph from 46 feet in the fastpitch leagues in the 60's and 70's.
  14. My son sent me this link. Looks like a possibility for next year.
  15. I saw a similar article somewhere else this week. Maybe we should invite the Chinese over to hunt them. I hear they are a little bit short on pork this year.
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