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  1. They are not a team. They are just a group of individuals.
  2. Finally unveiled, the real cause of Global Warming.
  3. I'm surprised at the end of the day, your purchases were still in your truck. Maybe the close spot made the difference.
  4. In the past I was always happy to see the Bills playing on Thanksgiving day. However, I don't recall ever being happy after the game. Even an old guy eventually gets the message. Dallas 28 Buffalo 17
  5. While I like a lot of what Elvis did, I would not call myself a fan. I always thought of him as just some guy singing who became popular. However, the more things I see about his career, I find he was quite innovative. He crossed over music genre's more because he wanted to, than just to sell records. Many times he was at odds with what the higher ups thought he should be doing. Maybe you meant more from your statement than I read into it.
  6. I've got the same thing but I interpreted any phone connected to any solid line, like cable, as land line.
  7. Sadly, they are probably going to just ride out this year as best they can. Being against the cap makes decent trades hard. Okposo should really consider retirement but if he doesn't, they should buy him out. That is probably what keeps him going. They can loose a majority of this roster if they choose to not resign players for next year. I might think the reluctance in bringing up Cozens is it might affect him long term and I believe he might then qualify for the expansion draft. If you haven't been to this site before, it really does a good job. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/sabres
  8. I think there was a thread similar to this last year. I remember writing " I get a gallon of orange juice, drink it all, go to bed and cover myself with enough blankets to sweat all night." In the morning I usually feel pretty good. Heavy duty Tropicana is my OJ choice.
  9. Something happened on the ground between Rudolf and Garrett that triggered all this. What was it?
  10. Good idea, bad idea, makes no difference? Personally, I don't need the warning but I am really interested in how some sections of society are going to react to this. https://summit.news/2019/11/14/disney-puts-outdated-cultural-depictions-trigger-warning-on-old-movies/
  11. I had to find a video to know what the military press looked like. Doesn't look like it would hurt anything but doctor knows best, at least in this situation.
  12. Is there some measurement that shows this or is this just a feeling?
  13. It did not say, how many the Greatest Hits package sold. It was a reference to their other records. BTW, that was from a poster at Steve Hoffman forums. Or what I refer to as " the internet black hole for time."
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