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  1. Didn't the Lions go 4-0 last preseason? Plus I doubt it, Tyree will be playing the whole 4th game
  2. Piano man My life Big shot Vienna
  3. Taking my 19 yrs old daughter to the home opener. Trying to convert her into a Bill's fan. She's only been to 2 games and both were Az Cardinals. Told her she has to experience at least one Bill's tailgate. Can't wait myself!
  4. That's it you bastard, I'm calling PETA
  5. The homer in me says 12-4. Realistically thinking 9-7. So my official prediction is 11-5 with a home playoff win.
  6. Powerful story. Glad to hear that he has learned how to deal with it and is now helping other people.
  7. Yeah! Ended up marrying her. Sorry, couldn't resist. All the love and respect for Kim
  8. Its bound to happen. Some people are definitely "What have you done for me lately " type of people.
  9. Wait, wait,just hear me out!!!
  10. Yeah Carr doesn't try to force it in like Rapelisberger
  11. Get in there. They won't hurt you, there on your team
  12. Sorry but the Bill's are going. SuperBowl baby!
  13. I actually feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald. He is a class act and a top notch receiver. He really deserves alot better than what the cardinals are fielding.
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