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  1. It is nice to go into a shootout and actually have a chance to win.
  2. Just when I was about to give up on the season. 6-1 W. Hell yeah
  3. Highlander 2 just keeps popping into my head. Keep thinking WTF were they thinking
  4. For the first time in a long time, I have faith that we come in with a great game plan. I also have confidence that if the Colts throw us some wrinkles to there game, we will adjust accordingly. This coaching staff is not afraid to make changes. GO BILL'S!!!
  5. I'm proud of the OP, not thinking ahead, just one game at a time. GO BILL'S!!
  6. I might be old but I'm just not into this new style of music. SOMG, never heard it and really don't want to hear it again
  7. No please let Allen play, Barkley will get our receivers killed out there
  8. Idk about meaningless, less stress absolutely. With Pitt winning yesterday I would prefer us to win and maintaining the #2 seed. If KC slips up, which is possible because they haven't looked dominant over the past few weeks. We could be looking at home field advantage through out the playoffs. Plus it would be nice to put a beat down on the Pat's and fins.
  9. I kinda feel for every delusional dumba$$ over there. We have been there. It is also fantastic that this board isn't filled with a 1000 posts of what draft picks we need to get, before Christmas. Now with 3 weeks left of the regular season we are focusing on playoff seeding. I could get used to this . Viva Los BILLS, baby!
  10. This is all assuming that Knox can catch the ball in the first place? Pretty risky my friend, pretty risky.
  11. Know how you feel. 54yrs old, been a fan forever, finally get a jersey. Blue Cole Beasley #10. I knew it would get screwed up somehow.
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