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  1. Nothing in those stats would have something to do with going from Tyrod to Josh?
  2. I'll be here for updates. You guys can be fricken hilarious at times
  3. I'm ok with the Jets taking Oliver. As long as we can get QW without selling the farm
  4. Dont worry it'll have an healthy aroma coming off of it
  5. I'll need it tomorrow. But will happily send it to him. Got an address?
  6. I couldn't agree more. Hopefully its a rivalry for a long time. Evolution 2 bottom feeders becoming the predetors. I'm all for it
  7. As the face of the franchise? Absolutely. His leadership skills are off the chart. He wants to win and will do everything he can to achieve it. He makes everyone around him want to fight harder. How many times do you see a QB trying to fire up the defense and actually succeeding. He just seems like he gets what buffalo is all about. Works hard, gives a crap about the community and has a lot of heart. So yes I do believe that Allen is better than Mayfield. At least for the Bills.
  8. Feel like we would be not drafting for value if we took a WR at 9. TJ would be the only offensive weapon that I could see there but in my opinion would still be reaching. They way this draft is positioned it is to build the trenches in the top 10.
  9. So its kinda like the FA introductory media conference. So its around 5ish
  10. I did started before 4/20. My bad. Think he would make a fricken scary safety
  11. Is it to early to start celebrating? Might help take up some time till the draft.
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