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  1. Wouldn't mind seeing an Ullmark and Jonas J tandem. Anything would be better than Hutton right now
  2. There is never a good time, but there is a right time. You will know when that time is. Good luck, it's hard.
  3. He's done a good job. Tre might of helped a little. He deserves a shot.
  4. Rivers was pissed when they went to LA. I would be too. The only reason they would bring in Brady is to try and establish a fan base and fill out a stadium. The chances of bringing a championship, meh
  5. I agree, but there is just so much speculation as what could happen. I believe what happens in free agency will help shape this pick
  6. Epenesa or Shenault. If they are both there at 22 what do you think Beane would do? I think Epenesa would win that battle
  7. I'm puffing out my idiot chest out right now🤪
  8. Well isn't that just special . I just figured I hit on a touchy subject
  9. It only took you 250 posts to figure that out?
  10. Is that the new selling pitch for a hover round scooter
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