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  1. Little White Lie by Sammy Hagar. Sorry to stupid to be able to post a link
  2. More wondering if they could fetch a beer
  3. This approach may work better this year. Singletary and Moss>>> Singletary and Gore
  4. Thanx, i could use a translator from time to time
  5. Wtf. Is Diggs a gardener now. Never heard of running a root. Dam millennials with there slang
  6. I really believe you should sit Melana next to Stormy. That could be a show
  7. I agree, unless we are calling the women's lingerie football a sport.
  8. Yes, he was recovering from a sports hernia surgery during offseason
  9. After he leads us to winning the next 2 Superbowls? Absolutely! Pay the man
  10. Beasley without a doubt! He just took the jersey #11. He is doomed for sure.
  11. Don't efn get me started on that one! Love the schedule by the way 12-4 is a very good possibility
  12. Raiders on Sunday then Cards on Thursday would work. Just glad they gave up on the International games. Was kinda pissed with the rumor that the bills and cards where going to play in Mexico city.
  13. Son of a @&$#! My Beasley # 10 jersey disagrees
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