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  1. No not off at all. Unfortunately I see more cowboys games than bills games. Beasley is slippery and sick. If utilized right he going to be a fan favorite and Josh's. Great hands and insane moves.
  2. Work ethic! This kid wants to win. You can see it in his demeanor. People can say they are all about winning but Josh shows it. Is he perfect? No. Does he work on what his is deficient in. Hell yes he does. Isn't that what Buffalo is all about. He gets what Buffalo is all about more than some posters around here. I for one am happy he is the face of this franchise, he will represent it with pride. I'm good with that. Now go out there and get me a SuperBowl before I die will ya?
  3. My bad. Was never good at following the rules.
  4. I agree with the first 4 and understand about your #5. But I'd have to swap that one out with Wk #2 1992 Bills at San Fran. The no punt game. Bill's 34-31.
  5. I'm sorry you guys lost me at the importance of head and tail. I have to firmly agree.
  6. Thats it. I've had it for just settling. Its 50 or bust😀
  7. He got McDermotts message. Better show up ready cause we brought in a lot of hungry linemen who want to play. Glad he got his dog back. Must have been hard to concentrate today.
  8. We used 4 or 5 last year. Did they all make the list?
  9. Out of everyone we brought in Beasley is my second favorite. Morse beat him out. These 2 will help JA the most. The communication between JA and Morse is paramount and if they get on the same page with Beasley it could be real damaging for opposing defenses. Beasley will be my first Jersey in 20 yrs
  10. He is going to miss the leader of his oline Morse the most IMO.
  11. The 4 steps also gives you a split second to see how the DB is going to react. Then make the right choice of direction to get open
  12. I believe that McDermott and Beane had a lot leaks to media that had to be plugged. They needed to have people they knew and trusted. The media doesn't need to hear every overheard conversation that goes on at OBD. We do! But not the media
  13. Don't really think it would have been that close a score where 1 trick play would beat us.
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