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  1. But it never would have amounted to anything without the participation of all my fellow pundits & ideologues!
  2. You're going to try to impress upon me the necessity of wearing a mask? Another noteworthy "mass recommendation" is social distancing, ie staying at least six feet away from others. We already know that he's a germophobe. The last few press conferences I saw had a vastly depleted press presence in the room - he even joked about it. Look, you're entitled to your opinion, but from here it looks to me like you're making a big deal out of very little.
  3. You're answering for Transplant? Okay then, let's assume that "mass recommendations" is meant, as you say, to mean "the recommendation for the masses to wear masks in public like the cdc says". It seems pretty clear to me that Trump is speaking strictly for himself, not recommending that others follow suit. Is that questionable reasoning? Sure, I think so. Is he in any way gainsaying the medical professionals or questioning their advice? No, he isn't. I think you guys are making an issue where one really doesn't exist.
  4. For those of us following along, what exactly do you mean by "mass recommendations"?
  5. But does this actually surprise anyone?
  6. I've always believed that if American manufacturers want us to buy American, they need to make those products to be at least comparable in both affordability and quality. Under current circumstances I am willing to pay more, both as a big FU to China as well as to lend support to American workers who will need the work.
  7. "Who knows, maybe we’ll even execute them.”
  8. I believe that there are things we experience that we can't explain, but until I personally experience something truly compelling, I remain skeptical.
  9. Hank Kimball on Green Acres. Consistently.
  10. That cost was actually imposed by the collective PUCs and likely the FCC as well. The feature is called Touch Tone in any of the Lucent switches and Digitone in Nortel switches. The feature costs somewhere between 8 and 12 cents per month, which is still charged on all land line accounts. Just FYI
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