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  1. Not Crazy: Jerrold Nadler will regain 200 lbs. Crazy: Our beloved Tiberius, seeing the error of his ways, will embrace Libertarianism. Really Crazy: Vladimir Putin will be seen on horseback while wearing a shirt.
  2. Stop playing the victim. In going after DR, you said something I found funny. That's it.
  3. I'm not ridiculing pain medications of any kind. I am ridiculing you.
  4. Harris just announced that she's out of the race.
  5. You suggest that someone else may be drug crazed? Bravo, sir. Bravo!
  6. What a %^$#ing idiot. All of his greatest film roles were portrayed by a ^%$#ing CGI character - what a complete &%$#ing choad.
  7. Let's see what happens if the left continues to alienate male artists.
  8. And he had no problem playing through a wedding ceremony.
  9. Nope - sincere wishes for everyone here across the board.
  10. Focused on? "Reveling in" is more like it.
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