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  1. I don't think the politicization of the issue can or should be waved away so dismissively. Injecting politics will always poison an issue, which is the absolute last thing that problems relying on science for their solution need. I can't stress this strongly enough: as much as I favor taking reasonable steps to mitigate the effect we have on our environment as a whole, I am wholeheartedly against anything like AOC's green new deal, or anything else that so blatantly asserts itself into our economy. I believe we can have both a robust free market economy and responsible energy policy.
  2. That's a frequent effort made by EII, and why I've suspected this clown to be a sockpuppet.
  3. Well, when we start getting to global-scale fluid/thermodynamics it's best if I do more listening than talking. I guess with me it keeps coming down to how politicized the issue has become, and how much of the information I can accept as genuine, accurate, and unbiased. I don't consider myself a climate change denier, despite that I've been called that around here many times. I think that to simply deny any possibility of our influence on climate is just as idiotic as preaching irredeemable MMGW doom & gloom. Even the most conservative people I know all want clean air and water, a healthy environment, and a stable climate. The influence of party politics is , in my opinion, the greatest impediment to getting reasonable policy put in place.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate your response - you can probably tell, I'm no climate scientist either. As I've already said, my skepticism is mostly based on what I consider to be assumptions with regard to what "normal" is as it applies to our climate. I don't try to convince anyone that there is only one truth to the state of Earth's climate and how it evolves, but rather to see beyond what global political tribalism demands we believe about the science of climatology. It's become too politicized, and people line up on one side or another based mostly on what their team believes. That's about as unscientific as it gets. I didn't mean to say that I think the data gathered pre-NASA/NOAA is necessarily bad, just that there's room to question its accuracy. Room enough in my opinion to hold off on putting restrictive energy policies in place, or take directives from groups like the IPCC. I think we need to understand that it's important for us to be ecologically responsible where we can while working to develop more efficient means of generating energy in the future, and that we can do both without increasing cost. email Greta?
  5. There's not a lot that I disagree with here, but I'm not completely in agreement with you when you say: ""normal” is a quantitative reference to averages of atmosphere and ocean climate data taken over the past 125 years or so and compiled by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)". I have faith in the research and calculations of both organizations, but only to a point. I sure feel old admitting this, but I'm slightly older than NASA, and almost a decade older than NOAA. That gives them a good 50-60 years of hard data to work with, but to go back 125 years takes a lot more theorizing than working with empirical, contemporary evidence. That's my biggest beef with the entire issue - how can an honest, legitimate trajectory be calculated when "point A" on the chart has such potential to be incorrect? Maybe it can be, maybe not. I personally don't believe it's solid enough to base policy that may potentially have a negative economic impact on us.
  6. Now that's an obituary!
  7. Why anyone pays any attention to polls, especially after the 2016 election, is completely beyond me.
  8. If that's the case, then the atheists win hands down.
  9. This bit stood out as well: "Put another way: As long the targets of one’s conspiracy theories and attacks are regarded as villains by the guardians of mainstream liberal social media circles, journalists reap endless career rewards for publishing unvetted and unproven — even false — attacks on such people, while never suffering any negative consequences when their stories are exposed as shabby frauds."
  10. Azalin

    RIP Fred Willard

    Another tremendous loss. Rest in peace, and thanks for all the laughs.
  11. I would love to see a little honesty, or at least clarification, with regard to the widespread use of the nebulous benchmark known as "normal". Too many of those trying to shape energy policy present Earth's climate as something static; that without humanity the four seasons would pass normally with only the occasional heat wave or cold snap. We know for a fact that the Earth was much warmer during past eras, and we know that there's been multiple ice ages. Some scientists suggest that we're still emerging from the most recent one. We know that the oceans used to be lower due to there being much more glacial ice - the lowered oceans allowed for the Aleutian Island land bridge that brought the first Americans here from Asia. Proof of a dynamic climate is all around us, but too often climate-debate talking points come back to referencing "normal" as a fixed level of routine weather and temperature that mankind (especially capitalist mankind) threatens to destroy.
  12. I believe he's reacting to your implication that had the COVID-19 virus not killed them that something else would have: "There hasn’t been an uptick in deaths in America. What we’ve witnessed is old people dying of Covid 19 instead of what they’d otherwise have died from."
  13. If you're going to go on a misplaced apostrophe patrol, you've got a hell of a lot of work ahead of you. And when you're finished, feel free to scrub the board of all incorrect then/than substitutions.
  14. And I'm certain that Texas would be very glad to have him.
  15. I can see that we're each harping on our own points. Nowhere did I dispute any of your assertions that most health conditions that make us more susceptible to the ravages of COVID-19 are self-induced. That is undeniably true. My point has been that I believe you are underestimating the amount of people who, through absolutely no fault of their own, are in a higher risk due to physical conditions or maladies that are not of their making. Diabetes ain't all about pizza and cookies, and neither is heart disease. Lots of people with healthy lifestyles suffer them too.
  16. That was indeed the original point, but I felt that GETTOTHE50 had made a good point as well.
  17. It's not BS and you know it. Using yourself as a template with which to gauge the rest of society is a bit arrogant, don't you think? I'd love to have the opportunity to introduce you to the woman I work with who was born with a hole in her heart, who is perfectly capable of living a normal life but is very susceptible to cardiovascular issues. Or one of my closest friends, who has had diabetes all his life, and is a competitive martial artist and in excellent physical condition. Both of them are at increased risk of becoming seriously ill if exposed to COVID-19. It's great that you did what you had to and began improving your health and quality of life; that's something most of us could stand to do. The fact remains though that we're not all put together the same, and some of us are born at a disadvantage. That disadvantage may be socio-economic in nature, or it could be genetic. Don't be too quick to cast blame on them for something they may have had no control over whatsoever.
  18. That's a gross oversimplification. You may not mean to be, but it seems that you're fine telling everyone who suffer diabetes (of any kind), respiratory issues, or cardiovascular disease, "oh well, you asked for it".
  19. I think they have a pretty good idea what's going to be thrown at them at the daily press conferences by now.
  20. Which means that she prepares in advance before she goes on the record for the administration. If you ask me, Trump could use more of that.
  21. I'll be interested to see who, of the people I know, will defend this action by the SA city council. I already have the list drawn up in my mind, and will check it against my facebook feed over the next few weeks.
  22. Getting Walmart to buy from anyone but China would be a start.
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