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  1. Latest update doesn't look very good, especially for west central Florida. I know some of you also live in this area so just a heads up. This week/weeks don't look fun at all with the power outages especially. Big oaks around my house so I'm mentally preparing for the worst. Next 2 days is consolidating everything important and expensive and preserving it as best as possible. Best of luck to all.
  2. Rush was my 1st concert back at the Aud in 76. Kind of in the middle to me... if they are rock, middle. Prog, near the bottom really. Drums... just because you surround yourself with 1,000 percussion things to hit doesn't make you great... I'd call it middle. Guitar and bass... middle. Overall a decent band, I do like Hemispheres and All the Worlds a Stage quite a bit. Nothing to really dance to but it would be ok to watch hot drunk chicks try.
  3. He probably uses his $800 imported press to slim them up some.
  4. Just a heads up if anyone was unaware of what is going on in the Caribbean right now. This is a great link, loads fast, and updates with every update not just for major storms but rainfall/radar in your area. Stay prepared and safe all. https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/weather/tropical
  5. Hate to say it but on the track it's on right now has it heading straight for the ER.
  6. And in the meantime the Dow is looking close to going under 29. Thanks for nothing joey.
  7. Won't affect the game at all. I'm just hoping it goes more east.
  8. Mitch in these hurricane force winds? The kicker should be an avid golf player by now so he at least is used to hitting into and around the wind.
  9. Tell that to Steve Young. It is possible in the draft if we ever have the luxury of having someone fall into our lap. What we have now is "good".
  10. We don't need good anymore, we need great, stellar, or elite for a back up. Good is just not going to cut it.
  11. Hope not. Nothing this guy has done in the NFL has impressed me at all.
  12. Did you join a BBB down here this year? I went to the one in Brandon for the signup ... hung around for around 20 minutes and said ***** it. Had been going there for over a decade.
  13. We've all seen confused people...
  14. T&C

    Joel Osteen

    Looks like a hall monitor job has opened up here.
  15. Didn't even subscribe... there are to me 3 interesting games left, that's it. I'll have it on in the background each week just because it's football but overall a lame run. Maybe later in the season I can get into a couple more, shall see.
  16. Well, there are an awful lot of duds this year so none of this Prime crap for us, I'll just use the usual means. What a list of stellar games: Week 2 (Sept. 15): Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Week 3 (Sept. 22): Steelers at Browns Week 4 (Sept. 29): Dolphins at Bengals Week 5 (Oct. 6): Colts at Broncos Week 6 (Oct. 13): Commanders at Bears Week 7 (Oct. 20): Saints at Cardinals Week 8 (Oct. 27): Ravens at Buccaneers Week 9 (Nov. 3): Eagles at Texans Week 10 (Nov. 10): Falcons at Panthers Week 11 (Nov. 17): Titans at Packers Week 13 (Dec. 1): Bills at Patriots Week 14 (Dec. 8): Raiders at Rams Week 15 (Dec. 15): 49ers at Seahawks Week 16 (Dec. 22): Jaguars at Jets Week 17 (Dec. 29): Cowboys at Titans
  17. Can't really make a pick here, it's too early in the season.
  18. Trump live on Hannity right now. These hacks have no case against him.
  19. Love the Zappa/Caravan reference here...
  20. Just looked at a Bills article on WBUF and the ABP hit 555... lol/wtf....
  21. WGR 550 @WGR550 · 16m The Sabres have given GM Kevyn Adams a multi-year extension as training camp beginnings, @pham1717 has more
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