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  1. As lame as it sounds, I'm rooting for this league to succeed. I would love a spring football league to watch. Hoping for a good game tonight
  2. Ya, I got a few NFL games in 4k on directv. I love watching the 4k games. It's kinda sad that I can watch usfl games in 4k every week, but a behemoth like the NFL is still behind when it come to 4k
  3. Does Amazon broadcast in 4k? If so that'd be sweet.
  4. They'll never have the talent level of the NFL, but the games can still be entertaining to watch. I think if this league can survive, they can figure out how to make it better. I'm all for having spring football. I hate baseball, and I'm not a huge NBA or hockey fan (unless the Sabres are good) so I'm all about a good spring football league
  5. Glad he landed on his feet somewhere. Always wanted to see Fitz get to the playoffs, but oh well
  6. I've actually enjoyed watching the games the last 3 or 4 weeks. NJ has some good receivers Imo. Think this league could be decent if the talent level continues to go up
  7. Gailey was only here 3 years and I remember seeing pics when he was hired and then after 3 seasons. He looked like he aged 15 years.
  8. I wonder what his obsession with massage therapists is. I mean, if you had millions of dollars, I'm thinking you could probably get willing chics fairly easily.
  9. I'd love to see a fg shootout. Each team starts at the 10 yard line. For every made kick it moves back 5 yards, first team to miss or have a fg blocked, loses
  10. Anyone think we get a Walter white cameo sometime before the finale? Obviously Saul Goodman wasn't at the start of breaking bad, but wasnt the better call Saul episode of breaking bad in season 2 or 3?
  11. Finally got to the season finale of part 1. Im a little surprised at the comments here. Since season 1 of bcs, we've known Jimmy was a slimy lawyer/person, and obviously we know his character in breaking bad. I actually like Kim quite a bit. We don't know what happens to her yet, but I'd kinda be surprised if she just gets killed. I feel like it's too predictable but what do I know. Excited to see how it ends
  12. The early game yesterday (Tampa?) was actually a really good game. Very back and forth and came down to the last possession. Some pretty crazy catches. Could use more of that
  13. The games arnt THAT bad. I think one thing they need to do is shorten the quarters to 10 mins. Also, maybe consider limiting the runs. Like maybe a team can only run once for every 1st down, or something like that
  14. I'm interested to see how the offense gels this season. While daboll was super frustrating at times with his play calling, he was pretty good at moving the offense down the field. Hoping there's no hiccups with Dorsey
  15. Ya I don't see him coming back, but if he was willing to take a team friendly deal, I'd take him back in a heart beat personally
  16. I've seen way too many "tua's stats are as good as Allen's" posts on Twitter. People can't honestly believe that Tua is as good as Allen right now. If they do they're insane
  17. My forum picture lives on!
  18. Wgr played this a few times during the season last year. Love Marv, but everytime I hear it, it makes me cringe. It's so terrible, but at the same time that's what makes it great
  19. 13 seconds still hurts. I hate even thinking about the week following that game. Having said that, beane has made some nice additions, and we need to win it all this year. No excuses, just get it done
  20. Kinda surprised we haven't taken any o linemen
  21. I find the draft over hyped and boring every year. Outside the bills picks, I really don't care
  22. I work a job somewhat similar to this (a service job basically). I can't tell you how many times I've had this kind of thing happen over the years. There's certain people you just have to kindly be like, sorry I have to go. It's older people mainly, but can be anyone really. It's terribly annoying
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