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  1. I've done it a few times. It's terrible. Makes it hard to do just about anything
  2. I don't think Orton was THAT bad. He just wasn't that good either. But, he make some clutch throws on that drive. The one to Sammy deep over the middle and that one to Hogan were huge. There's alot of bills qbs that couldn't make those throws (Ej, Tyrod, Edwards, Losman)
  3. He's never been worth what the bills paid to get him. Yes, he had a good run in the playoffs and superbowl last year, but giving up 2 first round picks for a guy who's been on 3 teams and only played very average up until the playoffs of last season is pretty pathetic
  4. Ya he was average at best, but this was a pretty fun game. Gotta give it to the guy for converting a 4th and 20
  5. I'm sure most of us here remember this game well. I haven't seen it in years and I forgot how fun this was. I think the bills drove 150 yards to score between penalties and sacks. Lots of amazing things happened on this drive. Enjoy/discuss
  6. I like listening to brown over Murph personally, even though both can be die hard Homer's at times.
  7. Well this sucks. Guess our first pick in the draft has to step up already
  8. I just got to the party, shocked we got 4 prime time games. How awesome is that though
  9. Man I dunno. I remember what happened last time this team decided to start a 5th round pick at qb. I hope he can become a long term back up qb, other than that I'm kinda tired of hearing about him
  10. I've been working since this whole thing started, I work in landscaping and we've been deemed essential the whole time. While I was out working this past Friday, I noticed alot of construction people out working. Saw some people building decks and framing houses, which as far as I know is still considered non essential. I'm starting to wonder if people are saying screw it and just working
  11. People complain we draft too much defense, then we draft almost all offense and people scratch their heads 🙄
  12. I've heard the name... That's about all. Know absolutely nothing about him
  13. I give Tyrod 4 games before he's benched for hebert
  14. Is it just me, or does anyone else like this style of draft better? No huge production, no fans, just buisness. I dig it
  15. Didn't the bills take mckelvin and Gilmore in the top 10? By the way I agree
  16. Ya, plus he's a hall of fame when it comes to false starts
  17. No, I don't want them to leave buffalo. I'm not a die hard Sabres fan like I am a bills fan, but I do want the Sabres to be good again. It may be time for new ownership. I'm not an expert though. I can't say why the bills seemed to have turned their program around, but the Sabres are stuck in this rut.
  18. I'm late to the discussion here, but I don't necessarily think it'd be a terrible thing if the Pegulas sold the Sabres and made the bills their primary focus
  19. You could make the same argument for the NBA with college basketball, but even the NBA has a minor league. Unfortunately the NBA is not the behemoth the NFL is. I just personally think an NFL minor league woukd be successful
  20. I just don't get why the NFL hasent figured this out yet. Have a minor league NFL, play in the same stadiums as regular NFL teams, wear the same or similar uniforms, and play the games 2 months before camp. It'd make money and be good for the players and NFL clubs, and Ofcourse the fans. This is a no brainer.
  21. Way too much money for any running back, don't care how good he is
  22. This will be interesting. As far as I know I'm working this week, haven't heard otherwise. Don't put it past my employer one bit to completely ignore this updated list
  23. If you don't know who she is, she's one of the hosts on NFL prime time on NFL network. I know she isn't a total smoke show, but I find myself having a bit of a celebrity crush on her. She's like your friends hot mom in high school
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