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  1. If there's any truth to this, I hope 2 of them are at home. If I'm. Remembering correctly, the Pats game last season and Thursday night in 16 are the only 2 recent home primetime games we've had
  2. I actually question if he's on medication currently. Some of that stuff can legit make you crazy
  3. This dude is nuts. SO GLAD the bills dodged this mess
  4. The crazy thing is, his blindness has never seemed to bother him. I was a little worried after he lost his sight that he may get a little aggressive. That is common when dogs go blind, however he's always been the same. Even having the dimentia, he's still for the most part the same dog. However I do agree with you, at this point it's just finding the right day to do it.
  5. Yes, I will stay with him until the end. Part of me feels like I'll be relieved once he's gone, as bad as it may sound. You can have them come to your house? To be put down I mean
  6. I agree. If he shows any signs of suffering, I'd take him right away. Right now, it's just the amount of work to take care of him. He'll often bark to go out in the middle of the night and be out there for half an hr. That alone is super frustrating.
  7. My 11 year old bull dog is in his last days. I've personally never had to take a pet to be put to sleep. The thing is, I don't believe he's currently suffering, but taking care of him is becoming a big chore. When he was 7, the glaucoma in his eyes got so bad, I had to have one of his eyes removed. Shortly after that, he lost his vision in his other eye. So for the last 4 years I've had a blind dog. That alone is alot of work. Recently I believe he developed dimentia as he will get lost outside and just walks in circles. He also has developed myositis recently which is muscle inflammation in his head and looks like part of his head is collapsing. This usually leads to pain and won't allow dogs to open their mouth to eat etc. However, he doesn't seem to be in any pain. He still eats like normal. Anyways, I don't when there's a right time and I've never had to do it before.
  8. Have a pretty good feeling shanehan knows how bad pettine is at stopping the run.
  9. I'd love to see the packers come back, just to make it a good game
  10. Pettine is getting killed on Twitter right now
  11. It'd be a middle finger to kraft. Pretty sure Belichick wanted keep him as Bradys successor. Either way, a nice screw you to the Patriots
  12. $20 the packers make a game of it in the second half though
  13. It really wasn't though. The defender didn't turn his head until the ball almost hit him. You can't just run into a player with your head the opposite way of the ball
  14. Watkins has been almost a non factor for the cheifs this season. This is his best game in a while
  15. Pay attention McDermott, that's how you close out a game
  16. Assuming the cheifs win this game, it's pretty amazing how many former Bills will have played in the superbowl in recent years. Hogan, Gilmore, woods, robey-Coleman, Watkins, Mccoy, Ragland, Darby, who else am I missing
  17. I litterally feel like I'm watching the bills offense here with the titans
  18. I'm not one of those guys that thinks the refs intentionally don't throw flags for teams, but the cheifs being in the superbowl is way sexier for the NFL than the Titans being in the superbowl
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