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  1. I turned the tv off and went to bed after the saints went up 16-3. I thought to myself, the bucs are gonna somehow score 2 tds in the last 8 mins of the game even though they haven't done a thing through 3 1/2 quarters. Low and behold
  2. I think I'd take Dalton over Wilson right now. How pathetic is that
  3. Ya, what happened with that whole ab thing?
  4. Dalton looks better than Brady right now
  5. He's torturing himself at this point
  6. I was just wondering what happened to Hill, and there he is
  7. Tampa is such a shell of its former self
  8. Unfortunately I'm the oppostie, I have a family obligation Saturday. Gonna see if I can get home by 8 though
  9. Colts have been pretty competitive since Saturday took over, which is kind of shocking for a guy that's never coached in the nfl
  10. Kc's remaining schedule is a joke. Gonna be tough for the bills to get that 1 seed unless they can win out, which is definitely possible, but not a given
  11. Honestly, the only reason I dislike Tua is cuz he plays for the Dolphins. If he was in the nfc, I'd probably route for him, but it's nice to see him be terrible
  12. I actually think Purdy is playing pretty well considering how much miami's d line is killing him
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