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  1. I disagree with thinking Tasker doesn't put in the work. I am firmly in the opinion that the struggles we see with Task messing up names etc is more a result of how much the effects of constant hits to the head accumulated to cause memory problems as he gets older.
  2. I bet all the gym work he put in overworked his acl and it is a factor in why he got hurt. If he didn't ease into a steady work out in the weight room I'm just thinking that could overtaxed muscles and tendons.
  3. Says who? It's top 100 players as voted on by fellow players not surewho else gets a vote for this poll. By your standards the best Bills Qb historically would be Rob Johnson as he is the only past Bills Qb I can think of that won a SB ring. Good catch!
  4. So you are saying if Allen v Allen went to Josh Allen Rd 1 pick 7 instead of Allen v Allen wnt to Josh Allen Rd1 Pick 7 ..... gotcha.
  5. Plus the increased penalties for RTP can be linked with a QB having to go through more reads as his receivers are all being interfered with. If a QB can get rid of the ball quickly to an open guy he isn't a sitting duck for a edge with his ears pinned back. They don't have a glut of top QB talent so you want to protect them without having to coddle them. Give them outlets to use to get the ball in play. There are certainly more receivers available as injury replscements.
  6. I certainly agree with you. He is indeed a unicorn amongst unicorns even. There's a reason that Patrick Mahomes sought out Allen immediately after that game before celebrating. Talent recognizes talent and they know amongst themselves who may have the better game overall. Think it really falls on supporting cast surrounding them any given game who will be the victor. They both elevate players around them so the team with the most elevatees wins. Loss of Tyreek Hill may be a big difference in the games between Allen - Mahomes. Certain I would hate to face KC without Diggs or a number of other weapons the Bills deploy. Even so I still worry less with Josh as he uses so many of his weapons. He has his favorite goto's but they are fluid in he easily goes to another option when they take his fave away.
  7. Have to wonder if he even wants to reset his career and this is his way to getting out of a bad locker room setting. Having no control over the draft process a player may know he can't succeed on a team like the Jets, but they have to at least show some ability for other teams to give him a 2nd chance. If he gets released and gets back into shape and has some tryouts for other teams but of his choosing and he chooses wisely a good culture team where he can thrive then his strategy could be the right call. Though that would be less likely than his lack of self control in diet and his fat bank account that can order an endless stream of junk to consume.
  8. Always have the Hyde insurance to take a critical punt. Heck didn't he have that return in the Pats game in a less than critical situation as we had that game well in hand and could have withstood several gaffes if needed. If we get to a do or die situation they have options for max security. I think it's not as difficult for the coaches to make decisions on the roster. They see the players daily and see the interactions they know who is a good fit and how well they fit in to the team. They move on from players when the fit isn't there a la John Brown, Emmanuel Saunders. Both of those players were a fit but both also had limited shelf lives due to age. Few athletes can fight the age factor. When they do it usually takes extreme dedication to keeping fit and good genetics certainly helps. After all Josh wouldn't be Josh if he were 6'0". He might still have his high iq and processing skills but he wouldn't be holding off Arnold with a stiff arm if he was Russell Wilson sized. It certainly Is why you can sign a Von Miller to a long term deal at his age. Yes it could backfire with a unforseen injury but his flexibility that he's developed with his training techniques helps limit those in fact I think Groot will benefit particularly in the techniques that expand flexibility to protect his longer limbs. If he plays to a high standard and helps Groot, Oliver and Basham how to elevate their games while reducing injuries, then his contract is a bargain.
  9. And Josh Allen is one of the top faces of the NFL now. Fans across the league follow what news is generated about him. They are certainly going to protect Josh via the refs at every opportunity. The would be no lack of response to a cheap shot on Josh Allen like when Gronk took his shot at White. If anyone attempted that on Allen. I'd bet that player would be suspended by the league and if there were any injury because of it well then i d fear there would be numerous casualties in the slugfest that would ensue.
  10. And to just use up chunks of time and force other teams into desperation to catch up to the Bills scores which will be plentiful. This sets up our defenders to feast on QB sandwiches with plenty of pickles by our secondary.
  11. The real question should be has anyone ever seen House and his wallet in the same place at any given time? If not can we be certain it is indeed his wallet?
  12. I think its more that he's a Josh Allen fan so by default gotta be a Bills fan and then once you really see how Bills Mafis represents well just like Michael Corleone said in The Godfather pt3 -- just when I thought I was out they pull me back in. He may not remain a Bills fan post Allen Era but I can't blame him for being an Allen fan. Lot of Allen fans across the various fan bases. Some may become diehard Bills many will not but cannot fault others being fans of Josh Allen. I do feel though once someone really gets to know Bills fans they often become fans of the Bills Mafia. Usually at the very least they are indifferent to the team itself hard to still hate the Bills but be a fan of Allen's and the fanbase. And I'd say there are indeed new Bills fans out there. I'd wager there are alot of Cleveland fans that are happy to drop the current Browns and cheer for Bills.
  13. He'll be the only fanasy QB1 for 3 consecutive years. Not sure what 5he final streak will extend too its gonna go on awhile yet.
  14. Indeed which is what I think is meant by an indefinite suspension and some reports that counseling is mandated and I'd surmise that he would be reinstated once he was given a clean bill of mental health by accredited psychologist specializing in identifying sexual predators. I have no idea if there's any type of treatment that's successful to rehabilitate them. I'm certain he wouldn't agree to any type of chemical treatment to reduce his urges for his message therapy. And a drug induced castration is the only treatment I've ever read about given to those who where convicted of being serial rapists. So his suspension would only be lifted if he got treatment for his deviant behavior. He wants to act out his sexual fantasies let him go to Nevada hire a legal prostitute to give him his massage therapy with a happy ending just as he wants.
  15. If he truly believed there was nothing wrong with how he conducted himself why did he need NDAs signed? And if he's so worried about getting wrongfully accused then why not c I ntinue to use one of the women that claimed to have no problems with any inappropriate conduct during their sessions?
  16. I think it also will depend on whether Besne can flip some assets that are on the border of making the team. It's a perk of having a Hc/Dc that can coach up a secondary. And when there's talent that will be cut you can trade it for some draft picks and also help a deserving player get paid what he deserves if it's out of the Bills budget. If they assist in finding a trade that the player finds acceptable in destination and contract terms then those quality players may return on friendly deals like both Phillips and Lawson did this year. They aren't long term deals so they know they have to play well to make the team.
  17. I've always liked Knox since his angry runs when he was a rookie. Just can see how his compete meshes with Josh's. Yes he definitely will be fielding some top TE numbers if he is alowed to get to FA. The question will come down to whether or not that chemistry and that fit is more important to Knox and he agrees to a team friendly extension to remain in Buffalo. Knox did just buy a home in Buffalo. Doesn't guarantee he already knows or plans on remaining in Buffalo but it sure could mean one of those scenarios is in play as we are not privy to what conversations take place between players, agents and the team. But buying your first home is still a major commitment and for someone whose career can be one that is subject to sudden relocations, I tend to think he is planning on staying in Buffalo and it isn't because he's addicted to the wings and blue cheese. I'm sure he had been renting something that was suitable for his lifestyle so he didn't need to buy a home here unless he had plans on remaining long term. So the obvious friendship, chemistry Knox has with Allen and his buying a home here I'm fairly confident he's not looking at money as the priority in his next contract. I think beane has a good grasp on how to time the contract talks and think he maintains ongoing conversations with his players and their agents that are based on respect and honesty. I don't ever see Beane have to deal with a situation like when we lost Jason Peters. I think Beane would have adjusted the pay when he clearly outperformed the salary based on playing rt then blossoming as an elite lt. Of course easier to pay a kings random to protect a Josh Allen than to pay top lt money to protect Trent Edwards with JP Losman as his backup. If the sides were too far apart and still negotiating I don't think Knox buys the home.
  18. Personally I have no problems just repeating the same song. "Another One Bites the Dust" - Queen I'd have said "We Are the Champions" - Queen but I like the Bills Humble and Hungry so we'll just wait till next year to use that one after they bring home the first Lombardi.
  19. I really think they already have been negotiating and I just get the sense Poyer isn't looking to try to break the bank here. Now if the backups ball out and are up to the task of playing as well as Poyer has then Poyer may even be more inclined to sign a team friendly deal to get his ring.
  20. If he did assault these women then he's not gonna just suddenly stop his behavior he'll just try to keep it hidden and frankly I could see some future incident ending with some tragic outcome. If something does occur I just hope the tragic portion is some woman gives him the Bobbitt special massage to his groin area. That would be a fitting end to his predatory ways. They could shove it up his ass for that deep massage action he asks for.
  21. Or play 4d chess and let them tape a play put in only for the tape but run something totally different in that formation in a game.
  22. Well he certainly must love playing the game to keep at it after all his knee injuries. So he certainly fits in with lot of the players currently on the Bills.
  23. I don't see him having played on a team with Kromer as ol coach. Now he may have been offered a tryout because kromer has seen him play against his teams and maybe sees he could fit. And so upgrading even the backup spots is wise.
  24. This is a valid point. Just like a team needs to take constant shots at landing a franchise Qb until they have one, those teams that do should always be looking for upgrades in protecting that Qb. Even if Saffold pans out it doesn't hurt to have seen what other vet players can bring. Maybe he does enough to win a backup role on the team. Or he wins a ps spot. Ps spot can lead to a new contract with Bills or another needy club so it's certainly better than sitting on the couch waiting for a call. So win win if he has any skill that meshes with our team.
  25. I'd find that to be acceptable as a better option for the money. But that's an issue to be funded by the league not from individual teams yearly cap. Those funds would need to be allocated before handing out each teams cap money.
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