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  1. Frazier is definitely to blame. He needs to be fired.
  2. I prefer winning 12-14 games a year. Playoffs and Superbowl is all gravy.
  3. Wrong. McD has proven to win again quality teams and win close games.
  4. “Chances of that are very slim.” I’m sure this is what he tells his nagging wife.
  5. Yes. It’s a major problem. Too many missed/ late calls.
  6. He’s good. We don’t have to make another hole. You want him gone? Imagine if the “old lady” was that annoying where she would get in the way of a pro player’s career?
  7. We had a tough road because of Hamlins injury. We should’ve had the bye, played the Jags, thenChiefs or Bengals, then in. We were screwed royally. Pretty Billsy bad luck.
  8. We were three snaps from being undefeated. Our season was derailed by an injury and the league screwed us out of 1 seed. We are very good and only minor tweaks are needed. I’m ok with finding another DC, but not required. Trust the process.
  9. Concussions are no big deal. I think he’ll play two more years. Then retire a Bill.
  10. His arm has been fine, it’s his mind that needs healing.
  11. Wtf are you talking about? Is the forest a negative depressed person and the trees are despair? Get a grip.
  12. Were you paying attention end of season for the Bengals game? The nfl refused to continue our game due to injury. It’s doesn’t get any more screwed than we were. It ruined our season.
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