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  1. The MVP talk 3 games in is crazy!!! Less than 25% of the seasons games have been played!!
  2. Yeldon had 3 carries and 18 yards. 6 yards per carry I say give him more touches...
  3. Looking like they have 4 good WRs.... Good problem to have.
  4. looking like Star is better than what some people think.
  5. Allen had a tough stretch in the second half. A fumble, two 15 yard penalties, and two sacks that lost about 30 yards. The defense gave up 3 quick scores. I dont blame the coaches for that. The coaches put the players in position to be successful, and the players almost blew it.
  6. We will finally get a chance to see what he can do. If the Include him in the game plan and give him opportunities fair judgement can be made. Till now he has not had a chance to prove that he is good or bad.
  7. Im starting to think that the last 2 game plans are a setup for this upcoming stretch. Week one lots of QB run and not much RB runs. Week 2 lots of passing. Week 3 will be the week of the hand-offs. I would not be sleeping well if I were the Rams D-coordinator.
  8. The Bills are finally is a good roster position. So, they are drafting for development instead of drafting to fill glaring holes. I dont think there are many rookie DEs that could beat out the guys the Bills currently have.
  9. The offense will be the defense. Lots of running to kill the clock.
  10. I think he have more yards and TDs, his percentage was quite high so that may not be beat. I look at the his play as a hole. He could have 400 yards but if there was 4 INTs the total yardage doesn't matter. The team would have been better off if his stats were lower but no fumbles. Either way I thought he looked good and would like less designed runs so there is less risk of injury. Without him it could be tough to win.
  11. When talking best stats, I will claim he could complete less passes and have less yards and have "better stats" if there are no turnovers. I dont think he will have 46 pass attempts in many games.
  12. The question is how many of them will play 16 game this season?
  13. Maybe they thought Love was too good of a talent to pass on. Yes it they traded up to get him and it cost them a 4th. If Love becomes the starter down the road it will be well worth it.
  14. I wonder how many O-linemen will dress...
  15. If Pat was drafted by the Bills he may not had the same success. Has there been a better landing spot for a QB than KC?
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