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  1. We know josh has physical ability, smart, and works hard. He will be better, and will have an improved OL and WRs. This season should be fun to watch!
  2. The Raiders gave up a 3 & a 5 for Brown. So why would anyone want to give up a #2 and a decent player?
  3. The way Foster came on during last year and the additions of Brown and Cole the WR group has been dramatically improved compared to the start of last year. And as bad as last years group produced it was not all the the WRs. The OL was not to great as the QB situation was less than ideal either. JA did not get a preseason to prepare as the starter and was thrown in. With this years WR draft class Im glad they did not use top picks on the position. Other teams showed that they did not think too much of the WR draft class either first WR off the board at # 15 and the second at #32. I feel better with the 2 FA pick-ups that I would with the 2 WRs that came off the board in the 1st round. I get that forums are for discussion but threads like this are are a little silly.
  4. Reggie Ragland, 2nd round pick and did not play at all, or serve as a backup.
  5. Give up a top 10 pick to over pay a free agent.. No thanks!!
  6. I was a Hogan supporter, but never thought he was great. But, he was better than most of the clowns that were on the roster, and better than most until this year.
  7. Not big news but its news. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/09/bills-sign-defensive-end-eddie-yarbrough/
  8. All theses plans to monkeyF$#$ around with out mention to taking a great player who is available. No reason to trade out of #9 if there is a special player on the board. Using some later picks to to move up is not a bad idea tho.
  9. With Shady, Gore, and Murphy I dont see it as a dire need area. All 3 are good runners and pass catchers...
  10. A franchise QB is one who gives a team a chance to win. By land or air I dont give a crap.
  11. When you add his rushing production it changes things a bit....
  12. neither right now. Wait till midseason on Jerry and maybe training camp next year on Poyer.
  13. 68 players on the roster now so you can bet that there will be a few more LBs an the roster before camp starts
  14. if 2 QBs go before us we will be lucky even if Allen is gone.
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