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  1. artmalibu

    LB - Starters/Depth - Is more needed?

    68 players on the roster now so you can bet that there will be a few more LBs an the roster before camp starts
  2. artmalibu

    Would the Bills select Josh Allen?

    if 2 QBs go before us we will be lucky even if Allen is gone.
  3. The Browns believe there are only 15 players with a 1st round grade.
  4. artmalibu

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    What game? I dont think he played guard in college.
  5. artmalibu

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    This move Dawkins to Guard stuff is getting old. Has anyone ever seen him play guard in the NFL, if so was he any good? The FO needs to bring in OL talent and the coaches will figure out the best 5 in camp.
  6. artmalibu

    With recent news, Is Sweat worth the risk?

    Only if he is heads and shoulders better than anyone else available.
  7. I think it would be crazy to think the OL talent has not improved.... And, there could be more additions to come. As for the guys who will not return, it was not due to money there is more than enough cap space to have resign them. I trust the Bills signed players that are better than what they had, unless you want to believe they are setting up to tank.
  8. artmalibu

    Jordan Phillips Buffalove

    You would think he signed a ten year deal.... Love it!!
  9. artmalibu

    LorAx is pumped

    McDermott to start???
  10. artmalibu

    Jordan Phillips is trying to recruit players.

    I liked this guy the first time he played in a bills uniform. He was the only guy calling for the crowd on 3rd down, he has fire!!!
  11. artmalibu

    What's your 2019 projected offensive line

    Considering that they need a RT its kinda crazy to thing they can get 2 tackles that are better than him. Plus no one really knows if he is any good at guard or a better guard than a tackle. For my money I would like to see then bring in a good proven tackle and guard in FA and then draft some potential. IMO last year the center and guard play is what killed the offense. Dawkins is ok at LT and with 2 strong FA additions line play would be greatly improved. If the new center is better than what they had the line would be better at 3 spots, without even looking at any of the players they might take in the draft.
  12. If his price is 20 Million, it is now clear why he is not in the NFL.
  13. artmalibu

    Brandon Beane letter to Season Ticket Holders

    I like this. He only stated the obvious and did not give any secrets away. He also gave a little love to the season ticket holders for their support....
  14. When would he need to be cut by to save the 4.5 mil. If, you can cut him after pre-season and save the money why be in a hurry?