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  1. Josh has work to do for sure. Having 9 new starters on offence, no true #1 WR and on a team that was tops in passes dropped. I you could pick a lot of starting QBs and make a similar video.
  2. When talking about WRs the team had plenty of speed. But, speed isnt everything. Great WRs create separation with the way they run routes.
  3. Texas does require a permit for handguns. It is very easy to get, considering he has lived there his whole life no reason why he should not have it. I believe the only reason for him to catch a gun charge would be because of not having the permit. If this is the case he is a real idiot!!!
  4. My point is I think it is stupid. Giving a team a competitive advantage based on ethnic background. When the percentages are close to proportional whats the problem?
  5. So, when its viewed that blacks are not fairly represented thats a problem. 70 % of the NFL is black and thats ok?
  6. I think the owners will vote it down. It would be an advantage to fire the coach one year and GM the next to move up the draft board. No to mention a team with a nonwhite long term head coach would not be able to take advantage of the system. Are there better nonwhites not getting jobs?
  7. late to the party, but wouldnt it be crazy if they havent seen him field kicks already?
  8. And after the season, we will know if it was a good trade or not...
  9. Did the Bills Pass on the TE that is for sure better than what they have?
  10. Your right they were very good football players!! Not busts by any means... Just a sore spot for me because I dont think they made the team better where as a first round OL could have. We had Henry when Willis was drafted We had Jackson when Lynch was drafted We had Jackson and Lynch when Spiller was drafted So WORST DRAFT PICKS OF ALL TIME to me is not just bad players that were drafted, but players who were drafted that did little to improve the team. Many of the bad players have been talked about already. Except for Derrick Burroughs, Ronnie Harmon, James Williams who were all 1st round picks.
  11. I didnt say they were not good players, its just that the team was in decent shape at RB without them. They needed help on the OL. When you look at the draft capital that was used on the RB position to not make much improvement. Didnt they have Freddie, Henry, and Lynch at the same time?
  12. I cant understand why Dante Whitner comes up in this conversation.. The team was desperate for a safety that year and drafted a guy that was a 10 year starter in the league. Was is drafted a bit early, maybe but they got a starter in year one. The other guy I understand why he was on the list but was not a terrible deal was EJ. I know he did not pan out but QBs in the first round are only about %50 anyway. The traded back and got a 2nd that turned in to Kiko. Yes there were some bad picks over the years but what gets me the most is all the early RBs that were taken when we already had decent RBs. Willis who couldnt play in year one, Lynch come to mind.
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