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  1. 3 designed QB run on the first drive. Im, not a fan.
  2. I can see that... But I wouldnt like to see half the teams making the playoffs.
  3. Dont need more games. Have 3 preseason games and add a second bye week. It would give us 1 more week of real football. Also all 2 more wild card teams and have only 1 team in each conference get the get a bye week in the playoffs.
  4. His overall stats are not that great.... So, any rating matrix will not show him in a positive light. That said Im glad we got him.
  5. I will boil it down to 1 play. Dont have a blocked punt.
  6. Pat is awesome no question!!!! But how good would he be if he played for buffalo last year? The year before Alex Smith looked good taking them to the playoffs.....
  7. This guy loves to play.... and he loves playing in buffalo
  8. This forum always needs a whipping boy... People act as the #3 WR is a maker or breaker on the roster.
  9. Foster was active for 13 games with less than half of the catches. Yes, foster had a ton of yards on few catches, no argument there. Foster was a deep threat where zay is a possession receiver. How many catches does foster have this year? IMO zay is far from a super star but he is what he is, a #3 NFL WR. So how bad has he done? 2017 #2 WR in yards 2018 #1 WR in yards 2018 #3 WR in yards
  10. No not 1 or 2 games in my eyes. Last year Zay was the leader in receptions, receiving yards and receiving TDs. And this is the guy many cant wait to get rid of? Another classic case of, if the bills drafted in later he would be loved.....
  11. If he gets traded who will be the new whipping boy? I dont see how its Zays fault that JA threw 2 bad balls his way that were picked(1 would have been a TD if not under thrown), and last week when wide open in the end zone was way over thrown..... When looking at the passing game I more worried about leading the league in interceptions while being in the bottom half in attempts with a QB who is second in the league(all positions)in fumbles.
  12. When they feel they have a better option it will happen....
  13. Beating the Pats is more about the offense. Need to run a lot of clock and score points, 25 plus.
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