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  1. I bet his wife doesn't mind his bank roll. Cut the guy a little slack, he got hit in the head. A lot. For a long time.
  2. This. There are plenty of examples to go watch. You make a rule to decrease the amount of fighting. The rule succeeds in decreasing the fighting so the fans wonder why there is a rule.
  3. Ok, I'm cherry picking stats. If you're going to cherry pick a stat, I'd say TD production is a pretty good one to pick. This team is not built to win games with it's defense. It's not built to win games by kicking field goals. It's built to outscore you and slow you down just enough so that we win the game in the end. If this team doesn't score TDs it isn't going to win, particularly against other competent teams, all the other stats aside. Can they beat the Jets with 6 field goals? Maybe. Can they beat the teams they need to beat to get where they need to go that way? No. To me a field goal is a win for the other team and I think other teams look at it that way also.
  4. 5 offensive tds in the last 14 quarters against good defenses. 5.
  5. I'm just saying something you don't want to hear, but that's fine.
  6. We will find out in mid October whether anything has changed or not. KC and Tennessee owned them 3 times last year. If it's different we should expect a different result. I expect them to be 2-2 at that point and those games will be huge.
  7. They are going to let Beasley walk, McKenzie is never going to be expensive, Sanders if they bring him back won't be more than he is now and will be year to year forever. Diggs they should probably also let walk in 2024 given what his age will be at that point and the amount of money he will want. If he wants to be team friendly that's fine but spending big money and years on players over 30 isn't a great plan. Davis they will probably extend so yes, there will need to be added investment in WR but WRs seem to be more readily available than decent o linemen. College football makes more of them right now.
  8. They can beat lots of people, just not the people they need to beat.
  9. The Rams first half is the last time they looked good against a good defense. I cited that already. The second half of that game, the offense slowed down considerably and they almost coughed up the game if not for a gift PI call. Seattle, despite being a playoff team had one of the worst pass defenses in the history of football I stand by my statement. The Bills offense is overrated and pads its stats against bad teams.
  10. There are at least five teams in the AFC that the Bills will struggle to get through. At least 5.
  11. To this point they have already met my expectations. They were 10 ply last year, didnt do anything to address that and came out week one and looked just as 10 ply with a 10 ply gameplan. I expect them to be one and done at best and I expect them to not address it again next season either because I don't think they see the issue. They spend a ton on WR and nothing on guards by design. Nobody made them do that, that's how they choose to allocate their resources and last year after getting manhandled in their last game their response was to add another WR and come back with the same OL that got eaten alive. Absolutely expected Pittsburgh to eat them alive and they did. Why? They totally ignored it this year and anyone who says "Jack Anderson and Forrest Lamp" out loud should lock themselves in a closet.
  12. I dont think they are allowed to erect anything on the sideline but iirc I've seen assistants holding up shades in the past.
  13. There's a difference between saying they suck and saying they are paper tigers. They are paper tigers and they will continue to romp weak teams more often then not and continue to lose to the teams they need to beat to go anywhere. It's a playoff team, it's not a Super Bowl team and it's not a Super Bowl team for the same reasons they weren't last year.
  14. And my point was and still is that they beat up on weak teams and last year was their high water mark unless things improve.
  15. There are 17 games, but yeah, 13-3. Dion Dawkins is a major concern.
  16. The point is that our offense is overrated and doesn't do squat against good teams whereas actual good offenses score on everyone.
  17. They ran up the score on non playoff teams. Playoff teams they struggled for the most part, again, apart from Seattle whose defense was God awful and half the Rams game.
  18. 5 offensive touchdowns in the last 14 quarters of football. Scintillating. People will make all the excuses you want to hear, the weather was bad, the refs didn't call PI, they were strong defenses, it was week 1 after hardly any pre-season time, all the WRs were hurt in the playoffs, the refs hated us again in week 1, we were just too excited, blah blah blah. Bottom line, they haven't been scoring and it has been for several games in a row, not coincidentally against good teams. They haven't put up a lot of points on a playoff team since Seattle and their defense was historically bad. Before that it was the first half v/ the Rams. The second half they slowed us down a lot and frankly we deserved to lose that game if not for a gift call at the end. We made a lot of hay against bad teams last year and they need to show they can score on good teams otherwise this is all BS.
  19. SE PA and not really. I have a couple but they all go up to Central PA during the season to hunt with their buddies. I try to convince one or two every year. It's not hard, we can seriously sit here and drink beer and watch football and you can nail one from my couch.
  20. Unless he's going full Lattimer I think that ship has sailed.
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