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  1. I tend to agree but they've made such an even out of enshrinement weekend they really can't do what baseball does and have a year where only one or two (or zero) people get in. Boselli doesn't have the longevity.
  2. I got thrown out of one basketball game as a coach. Ref was calling nothing. We had a girl drive the lane and get a forearm to the mouth that knocked her to the floor bleeding out of the mouth, no call. My offense was yelling out onto the floor "Make a call!" no cursing. Double tech. Out. I've gotten a lot better as a hockey parent. All the other sports my own kids have played have been fine. Baseball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, whatever. It's been fine. Hockey is a lot harder for me just because of the inherent danger and risk of injury when the refs let things get out of control and it devolves into illegal checks, dangerous stick work, targeting and eventually fights on the ice. I now volunteer myself to be timekeeper, when I have a job to do I'm able to keep my mouth shut better and it helps me to not hyper focus on my own kid and to watch the game. Sitting in an enclosed box by myself also helps. I've also learned that when I stand up things are much more likely to come out of my mouth so I now sit and force myself to do so. I'll blame an upbringing at Rich Stadium for that. If I have to stand because of the rink configuration, I stand somewhere by myself, behind the glass rather than above it, so I can't be heard on the ice. I'm not the guy who loses his mind. There are some of those, but I realize that it's not appropriate and I've tried to learn how to reign myself in before it gets out of line. The guys (and moms) that seem to have the most trouble are the ones that hit the pre-game/inter game tailgate too hard or spend too much time in the rink bar. Rinks with bars are the best and worst idea at the same time. The worst parents I see now honestly are the parents of the youngest kids. It's not just hockey, it's most sports I've been a part of. The parents that are new, are often the worst. We had to kick 4 people out of a TRACK MEET this year because they were riding one of the meet officials after they incorrectly thought she'd made an error in getting the kids lined up. I had to kick two people out of a basketball game after they, in excitement after a nice play, ran out to the foul line DURING PLAY. They didn't understand why I was kicking them out of the gym. After running out onto the floor. During the actual game. During live play. Couldn't understand why they'd been ejected. What's really needed are sessions led by parents of older kids talking to the parents of kids just starting. "How to be a <insert sport here> parent." What I'm going to do this year is try to make a series of funnyish videos for our students and parents to watch about how not to act at games because people seem to be coming in not having any clue whatsoever and I'm not sure what else to do at this point. We have to have uniformed police at every game. We kick people out all the time. It's not helping.
  3. They did this with someone else not that long ago. I can't remember who though. Cut them early, then signed them to PS later.
  4. Pre-season games are for evaluating players. Howard started the game, sat for a LONG time, then was put back in at the end. Maybe they wanted to see how his leg would respond to that. IDK. What I do know is they took Wydermyer and/or Morris off to put Howard and Sweeney back on for the last drive. Wydermyer was released today so obviously they'd seen enough but it's odd that they took Morris off also at that point in the game. For comparison, Crowder wasn't put back in at the end even though he's also new, it was a clear passing situation, and he hadn't had much opportunity earlier. They left young guys on to get the reps. None of this player usage is accidental or coincidental during the PS. Howard being on at the end of a game where no starters played and lots of backups also barely played tells you he's not safe regardless of his contract situation. It's something to keep tabs on next week.
  5. Being on the field at the end of the game is not a good sign for a player like him.
  6. Agreed. People have no capacity for nuance. They must be correct and everyone else who disagrees even a little must be wrong. Their egos can't handle the challenge
  7. I most enjoy how almost nobody is talking about the actual incident because they are caught up with gatekeeping about the manner in which the thread was started. <Slow clap>
  8. I remember being very excited as a child when we would do the wave in the stadium. It was 1983 though so you might have a point.
  9. At some point the atrocious offensive line inhibits your ability to evaluate anything or anyone else accurately.
  10. It's only year 3. If you are them you sort of have to dont you?
  11. If my schlong had ACLs I blew them both out a long time ago.
  12. Funny how people complain about inspections and the cost of labor, then complain about the quality of structure they get paying the lowest bidder for work.
  13. I've often wondered why we try so hard to have people living in places where there aren't enough resources for people to live. Could we build pipelines to the West, ya probably. Then we'd be continuing to encourage society to make stupid decisions with water rather than dedicating the water there is to agriculture and telling all the other millions of people they need to move somewhere else where there already is water.
  14. People who routinely flaunt the rules of the game are bad for the game.
  15. It doesn't snow nearly as much in Green Bay. I'm wondering a couple things about a grass field. First, with what they are describing about the stadium all being above ground, steep, with a partial cover that means big shadows. Grass needs light to grow even if you keep the ground warm. The sun angle in WNY is already low in the winter. The season now runs nearly all the way to February. Are they putting grow lights in? If not how will the grass ever heal at all? Second, if you are keeping the ground warm so the grass grows how do you get the equipment on it to clean off large snowfalls without rutting up the unfrozen field? Third, if their thought is to resod frequently in the winter where on Earth are they going to truck sod in from and how do they expect that sod not to die, or at least go dormant, in transit? How do you water it in effectively when it's below freezing?
  16. AB is one of an increasingly lengthy list of people I could never hear from again/launch into low Earth orbit and not miss even a little bit.
  17. Does it still kick the llama's ass?
  18. I bet if you buy that you get a free bowl of soup
  19. The fact it was an afterthought is the only reason he had a job in the first place. Taking it seriously would have bumped him out sooner.
  20. Watson is more like: https://youtu.be/E5RDEXpc8OY
  21. I was there too. Soooooo hot that day.
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