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  1. We need to get you to a safe space, pronto
  2. Just did..point? I’m jus keepin it realer
  3. That poor model needs a sandwich
  4. Since when is a Mexican airline that went bankrupt in 2020 flying out of Buffalo? Interjet Airlines closed years ago. I haven’t been home in a couple christmases, so I don’t know who is flying out of KBUF but I’m pretty sure Interjet isn’t.
  5. Click Bait garbage, won’t even give it a look. Reverse pandering.
  6. Shopping at the Publix on N Alafaya north of Unniversity over by UCF. Chicken finger subs are the lalalalala bomba. She has hair?
  7. 97mph on I95 here in Florida and you’re gonna get passed………on the right side.
  8. If he were one of Andy’s kids she’d be dead with tire tracks down her back surrounded by Bud Light cans.
  9. He’s identifying as grading fluid today
  10. I like this kid, he could push someone off the roster.
  11. Man, I have not been paying attention today.
  12. Just checking in, when did we pick up pick 215? Though all that was left was 205
  13. Watched a lot of Gator football, unfortunately, but he reminds me of a Duke Williams and Featherstone hybrid.
  14. A twelve year old says trust him, I have bourbon older than the kid with 100 followers.
  15. We’re there no tweeners from Baylor available this year? I keed, I keed, I know nothing about this guy.
  16. Would rather have had Jones, didn’t spend a lot of time looking at Williams
  17. Man I wanted Overshown Apparently the Bills weren’t going to grab Overshown because their pick is in quick.
  18. The hundreds of simulations I ran, he never dropped to 59. Very nice, we need some maulers
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