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  1. I missed almost the entirety of the game Sunday because I was getting the house ready for the hurricane. It was obnoxious outside and I’m in Horlando.
  2. We didn’t start watching the game until late in the 4th. Getting the house/garage/yard ready for the hurricane. Guess I don’t have to watch the recording.
  3. ^^ not required in this instance, Andy took Kermit the quarterback to his safe space.
  4. I would rather the taliban move in next door over a family of Boston sports fans.
  5. “Home blue tops with white pants” Hey Murphy, is a top like a blouse?
  6. My wife literally turned away from the commercial and looked straight At me and asked “the hell is that?” And “who would want to watch that?” all I could say is……
  7. I’d love to see Moulds with JA17. That would be fire
  8. So Cousins looking like the quarterback he is and always has been, tonight. JAG
  9. lol at all the guys saying Basham was going to be a surprise cut, sophomore year is looking real good for Boogie so far.
  10. Oh my god, put in all the backups, they’re dropping like flies.
  11. Someone will find an obscure stat that says that he was the first player in 92 years that went so long with out consecutive batted balls
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