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  1. Wait a few minutes and check for a flag……………
  2. Thank heaven for Toney. Delaying the inevitable
  3. He would have to look like he gives a sh*t. Doesn’t look like it in this game.
  4. That was the worst coaching and playcalling that I have ever seen in my 51 years on this earth. Terrible, fireable.
  5. Pathetic time management here, just pathetic
  6. Jesus we’re gonna run 3 plays in 12 seconds aren’t we?
  7. Couldn’t stop us when running Cook behind a pulling Morse. Bills answer…….let’s not do that any more.
  8. So undisciplined, so lazy by our tackles
  9. Thank God Murray was out there instead of Cook
  10. Cook has been running the ball well all game why 17 on the QB draw there?
  11. I can actually hear the defenses death rattle from my couch
  12. I have never see a WR bubble screen as consistently contested as ours.
  13. I saw that, 3rd and 3 and we pull our best receiving back
  14. Don’t get a stop here, this could get ugly.
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