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  1. Watching the replay again, that’d be 4-D chess
  2. He’s a pro bowler baby! Doesn’t matter that five quarterbacks had a bow out before he was asked, we’ll just forget that part of the story. That is mister top 100 Lil Mac Jones to you.
  3. I saw that too, as the offense was getting settled in the field, Steroid Jr came up to Josh for a quick convo.
  4. Jordan Phillips has a small gas tank, and lil Mac sucks azz. Shhhhh don’t tell the Pats management.
  5. Should just put flags around their waists and call it a new league
  6. You killed me on both sides of that response, LOL for real. My wife is now looking at me like I’m crazy laughing at my phone.
  7. Cook is making a big impact, falling down or not, he’s playing well.
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