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  1. We'll I didn't get the autograph but on 2nd hole I yelled "I love you Josh Allen" and to top of the s*** talking on the tee at #7 as soon as Brady hit his ball I yelled "Vinatieri made you" hahaha They both were loud on TV..
  2. Has anyone here ever been to "The Match" before? I have tickets and wanted to know if you actually get to meet the players? I can't find anything online and really want Allen to sign my calf under my Bills tat so I can get his autograph tattooed. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. "Bigfoot" hahaha you never see him but when you do you know..
  4. This is completely false.. Allen wants Buffalo to get a Lombardi as much we fans do..
  5. Anyone notice they finally got new mics for OBL? You can now listen without worrying if Chris Brown is about to blow out your speakers..
  6. We need to campaign all next year for the class of '23.. I dont know what that entails. Maybe a Change.org petition and alot of billboards and publicity.. IDK but if we all got together we could force the issue..
  7. Everyone knows Tasker deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. It has been a uphill climb because of the position he played and the names ahead of him. As the last donation of 2021 Bills fans on twitter started donating $8.90 to the Child and Family Services of Buffalo New York. Tasker mentioned this charity in 2020 on 716 day. Lets show him our support! https://cfsbny.org/
  8. We need to stop Mahomes, we're all in on this year.. How do people not see this?
  9. It is normal for Bills fans, I think its more than sports and like you said its a lifestyle or a way of life.. Obviously if we lose tomorrow we're all going to be devastated and hurt but we gotta remember what we've witnessed these last 25 years.. Hitting over .500 felt good and seeing our logo in the "In the Hunt" graphic in late November was a amazing.. Being 6-6 or 6-7 and having the false hope in our hearts that that crappy team was going to make the playoffs because we could still win out.. Now we are in the divisional round and our goal was to make the playoffs and win a game ✔✔.. We're playing with house money now and a loss tomorrow will hurt but we have to remember its looking like we have 10+ more years of this.. Lets enjoy it!!
  10. I think it was Weaver, Zuniga or Hall.. The worst part is they all went to the Jets or Dolphins..
  11. I'm just going to share this again because people still complaining about his leg strength haven't been reading this thread..
  12. It might not be destiny, or hard work, talent and dedication, it could just be luck but for the fans that want to call it destiny, why not.. *100th year of the league ✔ * We go into Tennessee and get our revenge win for the Music City Miracle ✔ *We play the NFC East, get revenge against every team that beat us in the SuperBowl with the grand finale being Dallas in front of the world on Thanksgiving ✔ * Doug Flutie comes back as the "Legend of the game" and lifts the "curse" ✔ * We get revenge against the Steelers on SNF for knocking us out of playoff contention with their 2nd string, or even Stevie's drop here ✔ * We finally beat Brady in his house ❓ * Then Fitzpatrick who just recently said "When I see myself playing football I see it in a Bills jersey" turns on the Fitzmagic one more time knowing he can gift the Bills the division and does ❓ * All of that happens and we make it to the AFC Championship only to face the Patriots, with their 4th straight SuperBowl on the line, beat em and win our first ❓ That my friend would be destiny..
  13. I agree 100%.. We're a "small market" team but die-hards.. Alot of people move elsewhere but raise their children and even their Grandchildren to be Bills fans.. I moved to Spokane, Wa from Buffalo when I was 4 or 5 (now 35) with my entire family, grandparents, parents, aunts and Uncles and we're all die-hard Bills fans.. I see alot more Bills fans out here than people would think.. We all drove to Seattle and flew to Nashville for that game and the airport in Seattle and on the plane was all Bills fans.. Poyer's mom was on the flight and the pilot when we landed in Nashville told her Happy Birthday and everybody said Go Bills!! She said all she wanted for her b'day was a Bills win lol.. Long story short, we are everywhere and I love it..
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