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  1. Hyde and Poyer feed off eachother.. They're always there to help the other one break up the pass or finish the tackle.. Without the one IDK what the other would be..
  2. They're all over.. I live in Spokane, Wa and I've met a few.. I flew outta Seattle last night to go to Nashville and Jordan Poyer's mom was on the plane and there were alot of Bills fans.. We landed and the pilot said it was her birthday and all she wanted was a Bills win.. Everybody cheered and said Go Bills!! Nashville is full of Bills fans right now.. Edit: Also his mom is really cute lol
  3. Same.. I live in Spokane, almost 400 miles away and I cant stand any off them.. They don't know anything about football and jumped on the bandwagon as soon as they started winning.. I actually rooted for the Patriots in that SB because of the hate I have for Seahawk fans and watching Brady win is nothing new..
  4. I was going to post a video of a certain Gregg Williams speech but decided that would be in bad taste..
  5. Open the Radio.com app and click on WGR then click on an article and scroll down and you'll see the little radio player with On Demand..
  6. 2012 Bills 19 Cardinals 16 OT Jay Feely hit a 61 yard FG only to miss the game winning 38 yarder.. With the help of Jairus Byrd's 2 INT's we got the win.. Also Larry Fitzgerald had an amazing catch that game..
  7. He was an elite Special Teams player tho.. There are far fewer Special Teams plays in a game but 1 kick/punt return, forced fumble or blocked FG/punt can flip a game in a heartbeat and those plays are hard to come by because you dont get many chances and have to execute perfectly.. Steve Tasker did that..
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