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  1. sorry if you read the article, it said that Lee tried to convince Whaley to take Prescott but his heart was set on Cardale Jones. That’s what I was referring to
  2. It should be noted that Buddy was also rumored to be very interested in drafting Tim Tebow in the 2nd or 3rd round and was “crushed” when Denver grabbed him in around 1
  3. Yes and it’s a lot of revisionist history for Lee and Nix here. Of course, Buddy wanted Russell Wilson!
  4. A lot of revisionist history here from Buddy Nix. If he loved Russel Wilson as much as he said he did, why wouldn’t he take him before the 4th round? Why would he take TJ “FN” Graham ahead of him? It’s because he didn’t value Russ as much as he wants you to believe back then. Also Doug Whaley taking Cardale Jones over Dak Prescott. TERRIBLE. Yet there are so many stans in this group that will say Nix and Whaley were good GM’s. They were horrible and screwed this franchise
  5. I see why you are saying and I don’t believe he’s in the same category as the players you mentioned. IMO he does benefit from playing on a very wel-coached and well-schemed defense that plays into his strength
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