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  1. So because you disagree with my opinion that Chris Brown isn’t a good choice to replace John Murphy, you’re now resorting to personal insults? Wow.
  2. What meds? Calling Chris Brown “the best” is more ridiculous than anything I ever wrote
  3. we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t enjoy listening to Chris Brown and won’t be tuning into One Bills Live. As I explained, I don’t feel he offers enough and I don’t care for his delivery. He’s just not interesting. Also with some many nuanced NFL topics, it’s annoying to hear someone so heavily biased. Keep in mind, in the past he sung the praises of moves like hiring Dick Jauron or drafting CJ Spiller. Also fans want reporters to ask the questions they want to know - not about the Bills defensive line rotation. So much for “the best locally”
  4. I don’t see how Dallas can possibly pay Dak, Cooper and Zeke with these huge contracts. Seattle struggled to get under the cap when they signed Wilson to a deal
  5. Seems like more agree with my “unintelligent” take than with that guy who said Chris Brown is “the best locally.” 🤷 What!?!? I thought she was a babe this whole time! I was thinking a Pam Anderson type We bash Brown because he very rarely offers anything insightful. He loves every move and every coaching GM hire. It’s hard to take him serious.
  6. This is probably the most accurate review of Chris Brown I’ve ever read.
  7. I would listen to Sal as host. I do think the Bills wanted a PSE employee to host the show which is probably why he wasn’t given the job.
  8. The love for Chris Brown boggles my mind. He’s hosted for Murph before and the shows have been very boring. That’s what we have to look forward to
  9. Chris Brown is “the best locally?” I feel there are a lot of good reporters who cover the Bills beat....he is not one of them.
  10. Chris Brown is terrible. Worse than John Murphy The fact that there are people in here who are stanning for Chris Brown is mind boggling. He rarely offers any insight and his takes are so boring and uninteresting. He’s a less charismatic and entertaining version of John Murphy.
  11. How much of this really was leaked info? We didn’t know the Bills were in talks for Diggs. If you believe Beane, it happened very quickly. There was nothing in the news to suggest that this info was leaked. Same thing with Sanders. He was the one who went to the press and said he was talking with Buffalo. Again, there wasn’t anything they linked them together. In regard to Addison, I feel that this was a lot of speculation and connecting the dots. On paper he was the perfect addition, had a past with McDermott/Washington, and wasn’t going to command to crazy contract. The move made sense and many beat reporters speculated Addison as a FA target. The means I’m referring to are stories that make their way to the press BEFORE something happens. Like the situations I described above
  12. I don’t get it Of course, but this says nothing about leaks. To me it’s referring more to the end of Eason fiasco, where they put ALynn in a terrible position to answer questions without preparing. Ditto for Doug Whaley’s end of the year presser which was terrible.
  13. It would make sense. The Whaley “rogue” story seems like it would’ve come from Rex or a member of the coaching staff.
  14. Prisco is actually very high on the Bills and Josh Allen.
  15. It seemed like for a period between 2013 until the end of 2016, there always big stories related to Bills coaches/personnel leaked in the media. Many of these came from local beat reporters. It started shortly before the Doug Marrone hiring and really exploded while Rex was coaching. Here are a sampling of a few stories which made their way to the press. It should be noted that not all of these stories could be confirmed as legit: - Doug Marrone’s blow-up with Russ Brandon/Doug Whaley - Marrone walking out of the war room when Whaley traded and drafted Sammy Watkins. - Whaley going “rouge” and cutting Fred Jackson - The playoff ultimatum made to Rex Ryan - Rex Ryan’s firing the morning an important game versus Pittsburgh (and 2 weeks before he was actually fired) These leaks were non-apparent when McDermott took over the team in 2017. The same beat reporters who reported some big behind-the-scenes stories, now mainly focused on the football product. Did we ever find out where the leaks were coming from at OBD? What did McDermott do to all but eliminate these leaked stories which were so rampant in the media before the season began?
  16. Even at his age, he’s still going to help Pittsburgh. I think they’ll be a good team
  17. If he has to get suspended, let’s hope it happens in 2121
  18. 2 games? 4 games? What do you think?
  19. This is a really tough one and I’m not sure what the right answer is. On one hand, based on his play there’s no doubt CB deserves to be on the wall. But the charge against him was pretty bad and is probably taken more seriously in 2020 than it was back in 1997. Marv’s point that Bennet paid his debt to society by serving jail time and also staying trouble free for 23 years is worth considering as well. I think in the end, the potential backlash and negative PR that the Bills would face for putting CB on the wall, would greatly outweigh any of the benefits. So IMO the decision to exclude him is playing it safe from a PR standpoint. The difference is that OJ was on the Wall already before the 1993 Brentwood murders. I highly doubt they would put him on the Wall after the trial.
  20. Reed had a lot of advantages that Moulds never did - the biggest was probably HOFers like Jim Kelly, Thurman, Lofton. For that reason, I do think you can make the argument that he’s #1 You’re right though, Reed was able to serve as a competent #2 during the final years of his career. Moulds seemed to fall off a cliff once he left Buffalo.
  21. I came across this on social media the other day. Eric Moulds was quite possibly one of the more underrated WR’s of his time. He put together several great years, and while he made 3 Pro-Bowls, I feel that he was never in the conversation as one of the best WR’s in the NFL during his prime. How about Bills history? I know many will rightfully place Andre Reed on the top of the list of great Bills WRs. It’s hard to argue given his longevity production and HOF status. But I think you might be able to make the argument that Moulds is a close second. Maybe even the best WR in Bills history. You can argue that Moulds was more explosive than Reed ever was. He probably was bigger, faster and more athletic too. By the time he came into his own in his own, he was clearly better than Reed. He also was hindered somewhat by suspect QB play at times, and teams that underachieved. What always surprises me is the yards that Moulds racked up in year 3 - almost 1400 yards on 67 receptions. It’s crazy to think he sustained a 20+ YPC through the season. I just think that Moulds was somewhat of an underrated both by the Bills fan base and the NFL. So where do you rank Moulds among the greatest WRs in franchise history?
  22. I’ve read that the Rockpile was known as one of the worst stadiums in the NFL back in the day. There was a documentary on Buffalo that said it
  23. He played one season and then was out of the league in year two...oh yeah great pick Whaley!
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