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  1. They would be incredibly stupid to release Ford before giving him a shot at RG. Kroft is an average TE. Until someone proves that they are any better than that, there's no reason to release him.
  2. 8 or 9 wins sounds about right. I'll expect a big leap from JA when I see it. I don't see us upsetting the Chiefs either. Mahomes will clearly show why he, not Allen, should have been our QB. We'd be a clear favorite to win the SB in 2020 if we'd drafted him.
  3. Yup. He'd look real nice in Bills Blue. I wonder what numbers he's asking for.
  4. Maybe Josh should just retire now so you guys can send him to the HOF before he can even become average.
  5. Allen hasn't even learned to play well yet and he's MVP of the decade????? He certainly leads the league in number of apologists. No question about that.
  6. I don't know that the people showing up to protest and the people that are starting fires are from the same crowd. The fire starters are undermining the legitimate voices of the protestors. I also think the economic collapse is causing more distress. The vandals don't care about justice or they wouldn't be undermining it. LOL Soros? I assume that's a joke.
  7. So MLB's shouldn't be "run stopping" any more? I guess we can just put a cheerleader out there then, as long as she can run. Does she need to tackle anyone or just look good in a uniform?
  8. He is 100% correct. Dak's passing efficiency was nearly 15 points higher than Josh's last year. That's not the only measure of a QB and Josh is a better scrambler, but Dak would greatly improve our chances of a deep playoff run. The numbers don't lie. That said, Beane won't trade Allen any time soon because he drafted him.
  9. That's 5, but I was considering Singletary too. I want it to be Oliver, but he's going to have to show me that he deserves that kind of respect.
  10. It's amazing how indecisive some people are. Just choose 1. How hard can that be? There are no wrong answers other than choosing more than 1. I hope I never have to rely on you quick and decisive decision making in an emergency LOL. OK. You can go back to what you were doing. I'm done scolding you now. :p
  11. Not since the 70's, but yes. My father was a season ticket holder from the early 60's until just before he passed away in '08. Those back to back champions are still my favorite Bills teams.
  12. We haven't had a top 5 run defense in ages. I'm beginning to think we're cursed.
  13. Tom Brady would be sleeping with the fish.
  14. Pittsburgh should be on that list and ahead of the Pats. How do you simulate Pats games when their QB hasn't taken a single snap in the NFL?
  15. Coaches always say nice things about players that work hard and stay out of trouble, even if they suck.
  16. The guy calling the plays comes first. Then the QB is a distant 2nd.
  17. Manny Martin's mother in law lived next door several years back. He and his wife came for a visit and she marched him straight from his car to my front door to meet me. He later sent some Bills gear to me and my wife.
  18. Because you can't measure the value of a DL by sacks alone.
  19. McDermott's shot at COY depends on Josh Allen more than anything else.
  20. I think you need to coach the team to a 'win it all' season to go here and Lou Saban is the only one that qualifies.
  21. You've asked 2 different questions, so I'll answer both. Most likely to: 1. Remain good, but not great -- Long list. Hughes, Poyer, Murphy, Addison, Spain, many more. 2. Stay the same (atany level) -- Allen
  22. We should wait to see if he's any good first. He hasn't been so far. The real question is should we exercise his 5th year option?
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