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  1. Motor is better than many people seem to think, but he's not a great receiver. Cook might surpass him for this reason. Still, Singletary is outstanding when it comes to wiggling through crowded spaces. He's kinda like a poor man's version of Marcus Allen in that regard. If the OL becomes the focus of next offseason, our run game might be excellent. Add that to our air game prowess and we become less predictable. A balanced approach is harder to defend against.
  2. This is very troubling. A 7th round pick, a 30+ veteran in decline and a guy recovering from a serious knee injury suit up while the guy they traded up for in the first round sits. Benford was having a better rookie season too. Not good, but hopefully he can turn it around. There's still time.
  3. Let's review: The following have missed significant playing time. Oliver, White, Benford, Elam, Rousseau, Hyde, Poyer, Jackson, Miller (?), Edmunds, Phillips. I believe Jones and Milano have missed some time too. Yeah. It's definitely all on Frazier.
  4. Is there a better LB in the NFL right now?
  5. Geez... And I though I was perhaps the most critical. Guess not.
  6. I'll tell you what the hallmark of a good defense is since you're asking -- 2 probowl safeties, an all pro CB, 2 1st round picks from the last 2 years and another 1st rounder from 4 years ago. Again, what's the mystery?
  7. Yes. They have issues. We call these issues "injuries". Both starting probowl safeties, our 1st round CB and an all pro CB all riding the pine. Last year's #1 pick at DE who's having a breakout season also unavailable. There's 5 big issues right there. It's one thing to have a couple guys nursing bumps and bruises, but that's a devastating injury toll that would sidetrack ANY team. Even the other guys that came back probably aren't 100%. What's the mystery here?
  8. I can't get too mad at Motor. Any time a defender gets his helmet on the ball like that, it's going to come loose 90% of the time or some such number.
  9. Because our OL isn't very good. We are a passing team, but there's no question that we'd be so much better if we ran more to keep defenses honest. You don't need an excuse or a garbage QB to run. We've just neglected it.
  10. And yet another injury. Rousseau was playing well too. I hope itwon't take too long.
  11. 1. The entire OL 2. Kaiir Elam 3. The Injury Bug
  12. He's a hair's width above average for a NFL starting DT. He won't be selling insurance any time soon and I doubt he'll ever be invited to a probowl. We need to focus more on the OL.
  13. I don't see how adding WR's is going to improve the awful blocking up front.
  14. If the OL had not played like cheerleaders, we would have won. Having all 3 all pro candidates in our secondary sidelined by injury is also taking a big toll. Milano sat too. The secondary will be fine when everyone is healthy again. The OL is our achilles heel and a lot of opposing DC's are going to be exploiting that in the 2nd half of the season. The DL didn't play as well as they could have, but they are still solid. It wasn't their best game, but they still weren't as awful as the OL. If Beane isn't all in on upgrading the right side of that OL for '23, it will be a lost opportunity. Brown's bad ankle is no excuse either because he's pretty bad too. Yes Josh could have played much, much better, but he had pressure on him nearly every time he dropped back. I can't overstate how poorly our OL played.
  15. Our OL is so bad today. This has to be our top priority in 2023. Josh is playing poorly, but the OL isn't helping at all.
  16. Gilliam has become a top 5 FB. I know that's a low bar, but it still helps.
  17. Well Pat Mcafee says I'll love him. I hope so. I think they are not impressed with J Cook. I'll trust Beane on this.
  18. Overall average RB with very good speed. Not sure why we need a J Cook clone, though.
  19. He's a below average box S with little pass defending skill. I suspect we'll only see him in run situations.
  20. No it isn't. Fans are often unrealistic. He's not going to sell out the future to suit your fantasies.
  21. No we don't. We need OL help. That's our Achilles heel. A veteran S if Poyer is going to miss time. We don't need anyone to takes snaps from Davis. The OP suggests otherwise while ignoring the fact that he missed time and wasn't 100% for much of the season so far. Allen wasn't at his best, but he was harrassed by the pass rush all night.
  22. The Meathead Award goes to fans who hate on players for making mistakes while trying their best.
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