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  1. I think that moving up makes no sense. The team now has several huge contracts and must address multiple deficiencies in this draft. They would be much smarter to trade down to add more day 2 picks to address CB and OL. Depth at RB and WR are concerns, but I don't want to have to watch 2 turnstiles at RG and RT and a bubble player starting at CB all year. Josh's completion rate under duress vs in a clean pocket was the biggest difference among starting QB's last year. Usually OL isn't a sexy pick, but protecting Josh better will pay big dividends and we need at least 1 guy on the right side with a decent win rate against pass rushers unless we want our TE's and RB's pass protecting all year instead of catching passes and running. I assume the need at CB is obvious as well. We need at least 2 CB's and 1 that can start.
  2. Given our cap situation, we can't afford a luxury pick in round 1 when we have 3 massive holes in our starting lineup at RG, RT and outside CB. These moon-sized craters must now be addressed through the draft unless there's some salary cap magic up Beane's sleeve that I haven't heard of. I know these positions aren't as sexy as OL or CB, but we will pay a big price if we ignore this. With Diggs, Davis, Crowder and McKenzie we already have a solid WR corps. Depth would be nice on the perimeter though.
  3. No. It makes no sense to leave a starting job at such an important spot in the hands of a 'bubble player' when you just signed an elite pass rusher. The front and back work together. McD and Frazier working with the best talent on D that we've seen in years? Oh he__ ya!
  4. What do you mean by "how he left"? The Bills made an offer and NE offered more. We had been a bad team for many years and NE was winning SB's. We were undergoing regime changes regularly while NE was set for the long run. He wanted to win and get paid. What's the problem?
  5. Our needs by priority: 1. OL + CB (tied) 2. WR depth + RB depth (tied) 3. LB 4. P At least that's how I see it.
  6. 1. Bills 2 - 16 Some other teams.
  7. No. My favorite Bills teams were the back to back AFL Champions anyway. Nothing I've seen since has swayed me from that position.
  8. I think the holes at CB and the right side of the OL both need to be addressed and there will be good value on day 2 at those positions. I think it more likely that they'll trade down and try to grab a couple picks in the 2nd round. WR and RB would also be nice adds, but I wouldn't be in a hurry to move many guys to fill out those position groups when we already have solid starters there.
  9. I like Dane Jackson as a #4 or #5 CB, but I suspect much of the game planning and play calling was to give him help or mitigate his liability. That takes away from what the defense as a whole can do. I know our D was OK against weak offenses, but we still had issues. It wasn't all on Jackson either. Still, he's a significant weak spot in our D.
  10. What did he expect? Bellichick is a great coach. He has proven himself. Of course it's going to be a lot harder without Brady. BB is now having to deal with QB issues like so many other great coaches who got fired basically for not having one. The fact that he was able to get back to the playoffs so soon when he had such a weak roster is a testament to his skill IMO. I will never take the Pats lightly while he is running that franchise.
  11. I don't know the field, but you draft the best OL and if your 3rd best OT is still 1 of your top 5, slide him inside. If there is a G there whose talent is on par with other players at that spot, go ahead. I'm wondering if we wouldn't have been better off taking an OT in the 2nd round last year. I like Basham, but he isn't likely to help us any time soon. We say G's don't affect the game much even our weakness there hurt us considerably last year. We say we approach the draft with needs, but when you have to pay several huge salaries, you're going to have them. Right now CB and RG are huge holes and I would add that RT is also. I know Brown filled in admirably and I hope that some day he'll be a starting caliber RT, but he's clearly got a very long way to go to reach that level. We will pay a steep price if we don't address these needs in the top 2 rounds. I'd like to see us trade down and garner 2 top 40 picks to address both positions. This is a bigger than usual draft for Beane. He needs to nail it on days 1 and 2.
  12. I agree with this except the comparison between McKensie and Bates. McKensie is an average WR -- Borderline starter/backup. Bates is nowhere near that level.
  13. I hope we aren't overpaying him. He's a career backup. I assume the 4 year deal was to lure him away. We still have a gaping hole at RG. Brown is terrible in pass protection and not much better as a run blocker. I'd love to see us draft a CB in round 1 and go OL twice on day 2 or go OL/CB/RB. If Singletary goes down, our run game goes down with him. Moss and Johnson don't give me any confidence. Neither do Bates or Boettger. We will pay a price for our biggest salaries with a few more holes in other starting spots.
  14. The future belongs to QB's that place a higher value on winning than money. Brady gave the Pats a discount and it paid off big time. This isn't to suggest that players are greedier than owners. Still, the more you take, the less you have to surround yourself with talent.
  15. From Mahomes to Tua? I think the Chiefs will be better off in the long run.
  16. The best CB on the board. There should be several good value CB's in this range. That said, I wouldn't mind OL help would be my 2nd choice. If Beane is foolish enouhh to throw away this pick on a WR when we have such obviously bigger needs in a WR loaded draft, he'll definitely handcuff Miller whom he just paid a bundle. Why spend all that money and not give him 2 or 3 solid corners to give him time to get to the QB? Why worry about a receiver when our QB is getting killed? Josh Allen's numbers under pressure were way off last year compared to when he had a clean pocket. It was the biggest dropoff among starting QB's according to Chris Brown. If we look past these positions in the top 2 rounds, it had better be for a generational talent. Not having a solid OL and CB (after Tre was hurt) cost us multiple wins last year. I don't want to repeat that scenario.
  17. I honestly don't know enough about college football to predict. I do know that the front and back of a defense have to work together. If the pass rush doesn't get there, the DB's and LB's are forced to keep receivers covered longer. If the back end doesn't keep receivers covered longer, the pass rushers don't have enough time to get to the QB. We just signed Miller. Let's take full advantage of his skills and shore up the very important CB2 spot. Then let's try to shore up the craterous hole that is the right side of our OL so we can both keep Allen standing and pound the rock. I'm not saying we shouldn't draft a WR, but it's not as urgent right now and I'm fine with giving Gabe Davis a shot at a starting job. He's earned it. Let's not keep burying him on the depth chart. My dark horse is Kyler Gordon, but I don't know if he'll be able to start right away.
  18. I will reserve judgement on this point until I see if the right side of our OL is functional, and we have at least 3 very good CB's as well as a decent 3rd. Right now those are 2 cavernous holes in this roster that have yet to be addressed. We need to sign at least 1 FA at CB. I'm thinking a guy like Poole or someone of his caliber could come at a good price if he's healthy and motivated. I'd rather not sign a CB into his 30's, but we may have no choice.
  19. Another Greg Norman? Well, we got nuthin' at outside CB after Tre. I don't think he's the answer, but we're desperate. We do need to upgrade CB3 after we draft a CB in the 1st.
  20. I'd be fine taking a RB in this draft after we draft a CB and a RG. We do need better depth. I'm not at all enamored with anyone in our RB room after Singletary. We're in trouble if he goes down or we can't fix the right side of our OL.
  21. Why is CB a short term need? Other than White, there is no outside CB worthy of a starting job on our roster. I'd much rather roll with Davis and Crowder than have Davis' snaps cut yet again and a cavernous hole at CB that teams can exploit. Besides, who is going to replace a 1st round CB in our starting lineup? Jackson? I can't imagine that. Besides, a 1st round CB has a much better chance of starting than a WR with Davis, Diggs, McKenzie and Crowder on the payroll.
  22. Seriously. People are worrying about replacing Singletary who played well last year. Meanwhile we haven't got 1 starting calibur OL to the right of Morse. Go figure.
  23. Camp body. I hope he never has to see the field in any game that counts. Bates is bad, but Mancz is still worse. If we don't seriously upgrade the right side of our OL, we could get Josh killed back there.
  24. Camp body. I'd rather have a 3rd or 4th round pick out there as Singletary's backup.
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