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  1. You cannot teach someone football instincts and especially if they dont possess it. Comes with having a strong understanding of schemes and football intelligence.
  2. They can teach him all they want, but you can’t get each someone instincts. As a MLB, if you don’t have that, then you’re career will be short lived.
  3. At this point, Norman should retire or be cut. He’s done!
  4. I would give him a 1 year deal, but draft a safety. Gotta be smart with the CAP.
  5. Hmm, I would say that Edmunds should be tried in other positions before making that executive decision. Otherwise, he could very well end up on another team with better coaches only to have him turn into a force to be reckoned with.
  6. I hate to be a stickler, but come on his performance came against the Jets with a beat up O-line. He should have had that outburst. Let’s see how he does against the better teams and then circle back around to this post to further discuss.
  7. It was the Jets! Let’s not get too carried away. He was a ghost against all other teams played thus far.
  8. So much for making business decisions, huh? Lol!
  9. Beane loves his draft picks and therefore will not part with them easily.
  10. I’m sure the D-Line coach is on his way out.
  11. Guys let’s not forget that Knox was rarely used / targeted at Ole Miss. I think the Bills tried to get a hidden gem, but perhaps he isn’t the hidden gem you think he is. Maybe he was dropping passes at college during practice and that why he wasn’t used much. So, are we asking too much from him? Is this ceiling? Next year the Bills should draft a TE that has established himself in College.
  12. With Milano, arguably our best LB who is currently down, do we make a trade at the deadline? If so, then who should we target? CB and TE would be the other need on this team. As far as a pass rusher, I would love to get Mack back to Buffalo.
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