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  1. No, hence the “ Josh’s best years are being wasted.” I would LOVE to be waking up to McD and staff let go and we were onto a mini rebuild ( Which we are regardless) But, the OP asked a question and I don’t think he will be fired🙁
  2. DUDE Needs to work every freaking day!!!!
  3. There is nothing I could even possibly argue with this post. We are at rebuild point but will they bite the bullet and reload? Doubt it. This is also the time to switch coaches but …. Won’t happen. Meanwhile, Josh isn’t getting younger.
  4. Who thinks we Aren’t drafting a LB or safety first? I don’t want it but you keep a D minded coach, that’s what you get.
  5. As much as I don’t like McD, the De was a shambles going in. They had to play a perfect game and control the clock to cover for the D. Josh missed Shakir in the EZ. Diggs dropped a bomb he HAS to catch. We didn’t get a fumble in the first quarter. It’s a couple plays every game. I do agree that Josh’s best years are being wasted…. Now for some LBs and safeties taken at the top of the draft😏
  6. Now, do you think they are favoring the Chiefs The rule is the rule until they make a new one
  7. I said to my son’ “ Fumble or pick, these are the plays seasons are made of.” BEFORE the play.
  8. If they could harness my nervous energy, the world would be supplied
  9. I’m terrified for me My heart is already beating out of my chest
  10. A bunch thought GB had a chance. It’s been sickening to hear about Purdy in the MVP Talk earlier this year.
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