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  1. Did exactly the same thing a month ago. Also cut my land line and use Verizon wireless internet. Net saving of $180 a month!!! I don’t watch much TV and my wife wanted the Food network . We mostly watch Hulu and Netflix. DTV was pretty useless, especially for the money.
  2. Will Allen still be in one piece then or is he Truly Cam 2.0….. getting the crap knocked out of himself behind criminally inept line in an offense run by an OC that treats him like a get out of jail free card????
  3. If the nose of the ball is a centimeter short of the line to gain , shouldn’t the offense be given a first down anyway?🤷‍♂️
  4. For his sake, I hope so!!!! Such a great underdog story with it all there in front of him for the taking and then BOOM.
  5. I heard on the radio it was a complete tear. If so, he’s screwed. The only QB to come back after Tommy John was Jake Delhome and he was not good.
  6. The Eagles Dline had a historic season sack wise and are the key to their SB victory. Mahomes will be running around like a chicken with his head cut off again but nobody will call him erratic or anything else as he loses his second SB. Our coaching is inferior to all 4 championship weekend teams. That will continue to be our downfall. The Bills head coach is laid back and projects a soft, reactionary demeanor …… just like his D
  7. Imagine squibbing a kick at the end of a game to seal the win?????? What is this coaching sorcery?????
  8. The Bengals ownership isn’t to be overlooked. Just like the Browns are gonna Brown so it is with the Bengals. Burrow need to win one this year or his window will close as quickly as our appears to have.
  9. Tangentially, It is currently Burrow knob shine season in the national media. Why? Because he has a big target that imposes his will on smaller Defenders while catching everything on high percentage routes. Props to Burrow but quick hitters to open receivers isn’t amazing but it is good football. Kinda like a good TE could do for us.
  10. Didn’t know about not calling plays. Had three of 4 winning full seasons with Indy with a different QB every year. Showed the ability to create an amazing rushing attack which almost beat us in the playoffs ,except for some questionable Reich decisions and Rivers falling apart on last drive. He is a legit coach. We shall see.
  11. He won a SB with Foles and had CW looking like a legit QB before that. He isn’t a hack.
  12. Maybe, maybe not…… O vs D coach???? I would like to see Wilkes get another legitimate shot somewhere. He IS a leader of men and not a BS-er which is refreshing to listen to.
  13. My thoughts exactly!!! On the pick, locally a lot of bummed out fans who wanted Wilkes. I never felt Tepper would do it. Immediately interested in watching the Panthers again. Couldn’t stomach Rhule from the get go.
  14. Maybe not from the first game but probably by October. Cooke over Singletary as well. I remember Thurman’s rookie season when Marv said he told the coaches and team to treat him like a vet. It clearly does work.
  15. So much to unpack here. Starting with the overall conclusion, McD and Crew need to go. I’ve posted on here about watching Brady as an OC refuse to get the running game going even after Rhule would assure everyone in the previous weeks presser that they would run the ball next game and make it a priority. Having that guy and Dorsey working together with Josh looked like the same thing here. Josh and co showed in the first few games they absolutely could play the quick hitter short game to perfection. In fact, posters were ruing the fact we WEREN’T attempting the long ball enough at the beginning of the season. Josh looked like he was refusing to even look at the short option on so many plays. Did he have someone in his ear telling him how important the long ball was???? Brady?, Diggs? His own ego? McD should have laid down the law and gotten them to take some of the pressure and wear and tear off of Josh. McD’s message is fading and his “ Defensive prowess” is a bully’s prowess. It works well on the little guys but not on teams that aren’t afraid . He looks like a guy who is out of control with the effing Timeouts to kill good plays. And like a dope with no answers in the most critical moments. While I don’t have a love affair with our D line picks I have the sneaking hunch a different coaching staff could scheme/get more out of them that our current coaches. The RB situation is clearly malfeasance as stated above. It boggles the mind.
  16. This strikes me as great idea if they could pull it off. Beane spoke about getting Dorsey help. He also spoke about not getting Josh hit ( overused in rushing o) so much. Roman knows rushing if he knows anything.
  17. Not Frazier!!!!!! Or McD!!!!!!!!
  18. All the coaches. McD is tentative and risk averse on D. We see how that’s worked out. Dorsey is in over his head. Frazier 🤮
  19. Not a thing I can disagree with here! People always use the Window analogy for the Super Bowl. Our window was fully open last year and the Defensive , Special teams and Head coach blew it as a group and did so in 13 seconds. The first window is now mostly closed. I have a sneaking hunch that a different D coordinator might be able to get more out of our personal then Frazier and McD. Finally, a team takes on the personality of its head coach to some degree. This team clearly has. Reactionary and hesitant!!!!! It seems to have gotten into Allen even. We need wholesale changed in the coaching department but as others have stated I doubt it happens soon enough. Does Beane have the cajones and awareness to sever McBeane and go in another direction??!!!
  20. The Bills???? Because making the playoffs and losing a game that was won followed by getting steamrolled by a team at home while all facets of your team looked mediocre at best doesn’t speak to an arrow that’s pointing up🤔
  21. Just said this to my son, Daboll was a father figure, Dorsey is like an older brother. Josh needs to be reined in and re introduced to the short game. I feel a large part of that is Dorsey. This years O was anything but a well oiled machine.
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