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  1. I’m in Mexico, on Verizon, and there’s no outage. So, it’s probably no solar flares but maybe the Chinese or the Russians, which is why you don’t get in to bed with them at the highest level of government 😉🤷‍♂️
  2. Which, goes to my point in the other thread. Josh is the reason McD’s one score game percentage is even above 50%. He IS the reason these guys look competent.
  3. Yeah, and Wiley Coyote really had a chance to get the Roadrunner😏
  4. Further more, Josh is the one getting him to that percentage with some crazy games ( Phily this year) that should have been going away losses. No Super Josh/ McD has a losing percentage He was: A : playing with house money as not much was expected B: Those last couple weeks he wasn’t Facing Playoff Elimination. We all knew we were getting in somewhere
  5. The bigger the game, the tighter the pucker factor This should be its own thread. EXCELLENT 🔥
  6. Belicheat or Reid have at least one SB if they had been coaching these groups of players o er the last four years.
  7. We are talking about different games But, on the 13 seconds play they were NOT in press. Had they been , we might have a Lombardi😉
  8. I don’t play video games Bill😉 I waste my time watching the Bills get out coached and outplayed repeatedly. I think I may have finally nicked that frivolity also. You are going to write tremendous amounts of opinion over the next 360. Let me save you the trouble. The Bills aren’t making the Superbowl next year. And not because of the QB. Book it, it’s a dead lock to win.
  9. I watched the same stupidity and commented on it in the regular season game this year. They gave him a free release on third and long, with everyone playing press except his coverage guy. The DB played off, past the line to gain. Hill got there, Tua hit him perfectly and Hill dropped the ball. LUCK. I believe in going down swinging. You beat Hill by hitting him and challenging him at the line while having someone over the top. You don’t let him get up to speed unimpeded. I’ve had enough “ Prevent D “ to last a few lifetimes
  10. I spent my youth going to Catholic mass six times a week. I went to a private Christian high school. One of my happiest moments was when my mother, who passed in 2018 , as she knew she had only months to live, told me she knew there was no heaven. Of course, we had a good argument about why she subjected me to all that BS and as with all parents, she was doing the best she could and what she thought was right. It took her till her eighties to break the mental conditioning she’d been subjected to as a depression era girl, but she did. Try doing something nice for someone, not because you believe in something, but because it’s just nice to do nice things. That’s a far more noble cause than “ being a good ( pick your sect)” I don’t have all the answers but I also don’t need to deify that which I can’t comprehend.
  11. I see a world full of Abrahamic derived religions bludgeoning each other. I don’t see angels or miracles or any other sort of magic🤷‍♂️ Tons of beheadings, shootings and wars though….. in the name of some god. A fav lyric of mine: “ People say you go somewhere when you die. But all I know is right now I’m alive. I guess I’ll find out when I’m dead, But I ain’t countin on it.” But hey, Thoughts and prayers 😉
  12. Uhh…. Have you seen what passes for a large chunk of “ Religious” people today? What you listed are incredibly noble and worthwhile virtues….. not a one of which requires the belief in superstition or supernatural beings.
  13. A team takes on the personality of its leader. McD coaches scared and tight in the biggest situations. His defense and the players reflect this. The playoff stats/rankings reflect this.
  14. Gun don’t know if they are illegal or not. They are inanimate.
  15. Mental illness? Like pouring the thing used to do the killing out on the streets at a crazy record rate and then being surprised when mass shootings happen over and over and over and over and over and over and over……………………………………….etc?! That kinda mental illness? Where you absolutely refuse to admit reality is real because you want it not to be? And , yes, I am a gun owner but I also believe in back ground checks and licensing across the board. Anyone who is surprised by the epidemic of gun violence in this country is 😏
  16. You know what’s really hard? Winning a game when you are down by three and only have 13 seconds to get into field goal range from the 20. What was our defensive ranking that year? Go ahead, you can say it….. we all know. Winners find a way to win. Josh IS a winner. McD is not😉
  17. How’d that work out in the playoffs….. for the third year in a row😏
  18. Don’t have to wait and see…. Not a chance in Hades that McClappy is getting this team TO the big game, much less win it.
  19. Which, ironically, points out that it is the epitome of stupidity
  20. I have No Sufficient Words but know you have a tremendous amount of love and empathy coming your way from all of us.
  21. It’s feckless ( and sickening to watch) to constantly brown nose a demonstrated loser from afar…..no matter the newest fall guy he promotes😉
  22. It’s not whining if it’s true🤷‍♂️
  23. This Detroit team can beat the Chiefs. I wouldn’t bet on them to do it but Goff is impressive.
  24. Sitting here watching Purdy be the qb I knew he was… I get that content needs to be generated but watching the Purdys, Hurts, Jacksons and Tuas of the world be talked about in MVP conversations this season was laughable.
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