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  1. The Bills???? Because making the playoffs and losing a game that was won followed by getting steamrolled by a team at home while all facets of your team looked mediocre at best doesn’t speak to an arrow that’s pointing up🤔
  2. Just said this to my son, Daboll was a father figure, Dorsey is like an older brother. Josh needs to be reined in and re introduced to the short game. I feel a large part of that is Dorsey. This years O was anything but a well oiled machine.
  3. He and Luck were the two “ Can’t miss” QBs that were gushed over before their drafts. He doesn’t look the part.
  4. Really can’t be greedy. They gave us a great gift!
  5. You mean, the fix is in…..as usual
  6. Hand was on his chin!!! Terrible call
  7. Three in a row….. stubborn and stupid
  8. WTH does the Jag OC see on that side that keeps h throwing that over and over
  9. Exact same technique, minus the throwing of hand up
  10. Exact technique that they called roughing on Jags😠
  11. Brady sucks, he threw a pick, he’s the worst, they are gonna lose because he’s their QB Do I have the hang of this????
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