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  1. No one needed to pray. It’s what McD does. He loses against good teams in the playoffs. He’s had 1 decisive playoff victory.1 !!!!
  2. I sentence is all you need. We will never win a Superbowl with McD. Piss and moan about Nasty T.Dunne and how he’s a big jerkface but he isn’t wrong because We we will never win a Superbowl with McD This window is most likely closed which means this is the time to clean house. Josh needs to be #1 , not 1 of 53.
  3. Super Wildcard weekend was Super Crappy. It will never revert to the old state but I agree. It was much better.
  4. I don’t see us ever trading him away. He IS the best Bills player ever already imo. Better than Bruce, OJ or Kelly. Already a HOFer. I’m all up in my feels still about this season but I just don’t see us getting there with this coach so the Elway choice is the closest. But, can he last that long with his playing style?
  5. My very first line was, “I watched Josh last night.” I was referring to his End of Season presser from yesterday, which I did watch. My bad as it was really vague on my part to begin with.
  6. Edit: End of season presser https://www.facebook.com/share/v/rKGcqqMvvawzxE8v/?mibextid=WC7FNe END OF SEASON Presser vs POST GAME Presser with the link to said presser. Different pressers Come on Brother Alpha, I shared an opinion. I don’t do the BS gotcha crap that so many on here do.
  7. Again I couldn’t/didn’t watch the post game pressers because of my own pain. I am not accusing Josh of not caring. I am suggesting that he is starting to build an immunity to it due to recurring contact with it. He has carried the Bills for four seasons now, squarely on his shoulders. People( not me) are complaining he didn’t hit Diggs at the end instead of throwing it into the EZ. Have him and Mahomes switch places for that game and KC wins going away because Mahomes isn’t getting us those first downs and TDs with his legs by bullrushing. I blame this on Coaching!!!! He is making various mediocre coaches look more capable than they are.
  8. Not a problem My point is the effect of losing is having on him. I attribute this to McD. I’m terrified that we are not going to get there in Josh’s career because of coaching malfeasance. This window is closed. We are doing some semblance of a rebuild next year. Letting McD be a part of it is inexcusable.
  9. Completely valid point. And I don’t disagree. He is the prototypical QB from a PR perspective. He always answers correctly and never throws anyone under the bus. Another of his superpowers.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/share/v/rKGcqqMvvawzxE8v/?mibextid=WC7FNe Different interview
  11. I watched Josh last night. (Edit 2: I am referring to the End of Season presser Josh held yesterday. I did not see the end of game presser because I was crushed, as usual. The OP started a thread about EOS pressers. ) This is going to come out wrong and be taken to mean what I’m not intending but: He seemed too chill about losing. He said the right things. He gave the right answers. He wasn’t happy but he seemed resigned to it. Like a beaten person. Remember the anger on here for Mahomes’ act after the first loss. It KILLED him to lose against Josh/Bills in the end of a close game. He wasn’t supposed to lose! Mahomes and Kelcie and Reid were NOT losing this game. I think Josh is at the point of, What else can I do. Record breaking performances and they still beat us. Edit: End of season presser https://www.facebook.com/share/v/rKGcqqMvvawzxE8v/?mibextid=WC7FNe I can’t stomach to watch McDermott word drool into a mic. A pox on him and his process.
  12. Expecting a public persona to fulfill their media duties isn’t whining or crying. After the game, all the Cowboy, Panther and KC fans I know where on me like stink on a pig, getting their payback for all the shade I threw their way. I didn’t duck it but accepted it gracefully and like “ A big boy”. Being hurt is understandable.Acting hurt and appearing petulant is a choice.
  13. Give me $20,000,000 a year salary, I’ll FaceTime from the Throne if that’s what’s requested!
  14. McD IS The excuse. Schottenheimer 2.0 He can’t , nor ever will, win the big game. Top 5 Paper Tiger Defenses that fold in the biggest games and biggest moments. His teams , as a whole are mentally weak. They play to the level of their opponents with a slight negative outcome percentage. Hence losses to the NYJets, Denvers and other abysmal teams we lose to every season. When we get in the biggest games, we lose by just a hair, more often than not. FIRE HIS ARSE!!!!!!!
  15. Nope He has been nothing but a let down in Carolina which is really hard to do on the worst team in the league. Hard Pass Adam Thielin on a one year as a possession receiver. That’s the Panther to take
  16. How many knockdown or hurries🤷‍♂️ I mean WTAF????
  17. They went in Defensively, resigned to the fact they couldn’t compete. Zero energy, zero want to….. just defeated. From the Defensive Master himself? He will never win in a big game where the other coach is good to great. Josh is being wasted
  18. Number ones get separation. Number ones catch the ball in the biggest moments when they get hit in the hands. This seems sensible to many, not just me. “ You are what your record says you are.”
  19. Golfers clap👏 Marino called: “But you still have the wrong Head coach. “
  20. I am NOT trying to play Devil’s advocate but I am just about positive we pick Defense in the first round. The WR won’t come until the second round at earliest because “ It’s a deep WR crop and there is value to be had through the first 3 rounds.” Or some such babble. KC is beating Baltimore. We ran into the best team in the playoffs.
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