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  1. They are totally getting jobbed by these refs and their spottting malfeasance
  2. GB looking markedly better than SF through one. I’ve never watched Love and I’m impressed.
  3. Olsen is my favorite. Insightful and not annoying …. A low bar so many can’t clear
  4. My Mom always said, “ Better to bring it and not need it than need it and not have it.” My Mom was smart about stuff 🤷‍♂️
  5. If the guy just blocks his guy, that screen was well set up
  6. Panthers fan are breaking things right now
  7. 💪🔥💪🔥💪🔥💪😜
  8. Hush!!!! He’s the MVP Havent you heard😏
  9. Home field!!!! We are the better team.
  10. You can FEEL the Pucker Factor on Baltimore increasing 😍
  11. Okoye….. brutalizing us on MNF D, Thomas Montana I was at the 94 AFCC game, sweet memory!!!!
  12. Straight up said this to my wife and son over dinner tonight. The desire to win a SB makes it not as enjoyable. I think this must be what Colts fans felt like before Manning finally won one.
  13. If we are having a rough go of it , I stay off became I can’t take the overreaction/negativity. If we are winning, I post after good plays or play my own personal game of “ You make the call” for those old enough to know.
  14. Josh walked off two years ago with a MIRACULOUS lead. It is not too big for Josh. The DUDE thrives in these situations. Philly was his best game of the season. The others…. I’m with you
  15. LTBF Do you think Mahomes and Kelce and Reid are bringing anything less than their A game? Do you think that this game will be too big for them or do you think they will be in their Element? Do you think McD will be in his Element? Or will this possibly become too big for him, again? Hoping and wanting are great. I hope and want drub the heck out of them. Faith is another thing entirely. Faith is based upon previous experiences ( not wishful thinking which a huge segment of humanity misses) I don’t have faith in McD because his previous performances preclude it. So, eye rolls and puke emojis aside, what is it that has you not sounding too sold on a win but still throwing shade?
  16. I don’t trust McDermott. i stated at the beginning of the season that I didn’t and I couldn’t be too excited because of him. In the final game against Miami, at the end of the game as we were trying to burn clock: On third down and 7 or 8 , we played man on everyone presnap, then whoever was covering Hill inexplicably backed off 10 yards. Hill got to the first down, Tua hit him perfectly and he dropped it. WTAF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is the kind of STUPID S#!+ that McD can’t seem to help himself from doing. Like a crackhead with a five in his pocket! We can win this game. But, my faith in it happening is slightly less than 50%. With the best QB in the league.
  17. You have this problem too…. Of course , it’s not my pants I’m tripping over😎
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