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  1. In on 100 REALLY proud of you guys and gals for getting us here!!!! Excellent Work💪
  2. Dummy who relies on physical skills. Thats what I heard said very diplomatically. What appears to be another example of Beane and Company’s poor record of drafting D line.
  3. Kinda like the whole 9:30 am thing from a “ Have the rest of the day” standpoint
  4. In 2018, he started off better than Josh. A guy at work ( Panthers fan and dick) took a lot of pleasure sending me the weekly QB power rankings and telling me we got the wrong Allen. I think KA strung together 5 wins and there was local talk in Clt about them possibly having their new Franchise QB😂 Amazing how dump offs to a healthy McCaffery can pad a QBs stats. I don’t dislike him as our backup but if Josh goes down for any extended period of time the Real Wrong Allen is only going as far as our O line/Running game and Cook out of the back field on dump offs get us.
  5. This! Calm Josh with ONE second of extra time behind a decent line would be great.
  6. AJ is a solid vet pickup that McD is comfortable with. His runs support is on point. I think McD’s calling of the schemes might be considerably different from Frazier. It’s “wait and see” time but I like this signing.
  7. Somebody who starts day 1 and plays better than whoever played the position last year.
  8. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/SherTr00.htm
  9. Seemed like an outlier game. Coaches can’t teach hand skills. We need guys who are consistent
  10. If only he had a line that blocked well enough to let our TE go out and run a pattern instead of staying in to block. 11 guys playing together….
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