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  1. Who wants to buy this diamond ring? She took it off her finger, now it doesn't mean a thing This diamond ring doesn't shine for me anymore And this diamond ring doesn't mean what it meant before So if you've got someone whose love is true Let it shine for you
  2. Stopped into a church I passed along the way Well, I got down on my knees (Got down on my knees) And I pretend to pray (I pretend to pray) You know the preacher like the cold (Preacher like the cold) He knows I'm gonna stay (Knows I'm gonna stay) California dreaming (California dreaming) On such a winter's day
  3. Out of the middle, came a lady She whispered in my ear Something crazy She said Spill the wine, take that pearl Spill the wine, take that pearl
  4. Don't let the sun catch you cryin' The night's the time for all your tears Your heart may be broken tonight But tomorrow in the morning light Don't let the sun catch you cryin'
  5. The long and winding road That leads to your door Will never disappear I've seen that road before It always leads me here Lead me to you door
  6. So disappointing that otherwise intelligent people are dying because they won’t take a simple available step to protect themselves and others.
  7. Ooh, Jackie Blue Lives her life from inside of her room Hides a smile when she's wearin' a frown Ooh, Jackie you're not so down
  8. I don’t like the taste of beer, coffee, or alcohol except coconut rum, so regular Pepsi is my drink of choice. Any diet soda tastes off to me.
  9. And the sign said "Everybody welcome Come in, kneel down and pray" But when they passed around the plate at the end of it all I didn't have a penny to pay So I got me a pen and a paper And I made up my own little sign I said, "Thank you, Lord, for thinkin' 'bout me I'm alive and doin' fine" Woo!
  10. If it took a loss for you to do the right thing, it’s worth it.
  11. Anyone complaining about the refs should focus more on the Bills bad play calling that is the bigger issue.
  12. Mama take this badge from me I can't use it anymore It's getting dark too dark to see Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door
  13. I was in my cube at work at Carrier listening to Howard Stern when he started talking about what was happening. Then we went into our manager’s office to watch on tv.
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