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  1. I’m not sure if the Bills know what makes Oliver tick. I think I do, I mentioned money. They apparently are very comfortable with his motivation going forward. They just gave him a sizable contract. Thanks for the dialogue.
  2. You bring up excellent points. I hope you’re right. I’m a huge fan of big balls Beane. I just am in the camp, to get the most out ofOliver I think a contract year would make him a very serious force. Possibily with a SB win. If he’s hyper motivated to get paid, maybe that’s the last piece. I’m still mulling this over, but I’m leaning meh.
  3. You sir a a very funny guy. I’m praying Davis explodes this year.
  4. Oh I completely agree, and I’d let him walk. He will command huge money. Im glad Edmunds got his. But I don’t think he’s worth the big pay check. Lots of guys gotta get paid. Tauron Johnson should have an extra zero in his paycheck in my mind before Oliver.
  5. You bring up great points. But I wanted Oliver to play out his last year motivated and hungry. I just think he’s motivated by money.
  6. What do you mean my trickle effect? I do think otherwise for this particular player. I agree that some players are just motivated to win. I think others want a pay day. I got Oliver in the pay day category .
  7. And that’s where I would rank him Average at best. I’m meh on this, I’d of preferred he played lights out looking for a pay day.
  8. Never sign a questionable player on their last year. Like Shaq and endless other examples, guys in the last year of their contract are motivated. If he plays to get paid, probably gonna be awesome. Got paid, time for cruise control. I hate it, but that’s what I think.
  9. Simple statement. Deep implications. Still digesting it, not sure if I agree or disagree. But if we lose Allen and our season is toast. That’s saying a lot about our team. I’d like to think we would still be competitive. But if we are not, and depend on Allen that much, we aren’t a SB team.
  10. I kind of wish the Bills and all NFL teams (teams could share a minor league team) had a minor/developmental league. Like the Amerks. No more practice squads. I’d watch to see our future stars develop. You gotta think it would help development of some players. Basically jacked up college teams. I don’t need the silly rules of XFL or whoever. I do like listening in on coordinators though.
  11. I’m all for improving the tailgate experience. I think there is a problem with your proposal. Liability. Not positive, but if they acknowledge it, participate in it, they then become liable. Any lawyers here that might expand on this thought?
  12. In todays age, these guys are playing a lot longer (i.e. Brady), the nutrition, injury care etc is head and shoulders above years ago. Plus the SOB never seems to take a good hit. Those guys drive me nuts, I think Beasley and Brown were the same way.
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