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  1. Paulie didn't have to move for anyone. RIP.
  2. NFL Wide: Jets and Pats Both finish 6-11 tied for last The Iggles win the NEC east Detroit has a winning record Falcons have the #1 pick in the draft 2023 Bills Points: 14-3 #1 seed in the AFC and make the Superbowl Allen misses 2 starts and Keenum is 2-0 in those games Singletary has 1100+ yards rushing We have 3 no punt games
  3. This is where I'm at. However they finish this it will be great. He's too good with details for this to be a let down. Just enjoy the ride.
  4. I always wanted to try but never took the plunge. Once you get it perfected, DM me and I will send you my address, you know to try a few.
  5. If you have to ask, it's a "yes". For you out of towners, this is a real funeral home in WNY with multiple locations.
  6. Dogs are truly awesome creatures. I hope and pray Mazie will turn the corner soon.
  7. RIP Paulie Walnuts. A great contribution to a fantastic series.
  8. Your pup has the worst luck. Hope the wound is easily fixed
  9. I don't understand why chemical castration was not part of the sentence. That should be automatic for perverts like this. Hope he dies in jail, just not soon.
  10. I was at Ravens Fish game last year it was a Thursday night game. As we walked past the Uber/Lyft pickup near Walmart I checked and Lyft was $115 for a trip to Weston. This would be a similar distance to Ft Lauderdale. Go Bills!!
  11. Almost spit out my morning espresso.
  12. If this scumbag was on the Bills, I would route for the Pats*, Jests, and Fins, to beat us every time until he and the idiots who traded for him were gone. He needs a permanent NFL Ban. Let him go play in the USFL. I recommend the OP and all Browns fans to become a Bengals immediately.
  13. Unreal day for Ravens fans and family. So sorry for your losses. RIP.
  14. Also, she was bout 8 or 9 when it happened. She would play fetch but she had a hobble to her stride afterward this when running. She would walk with no issues. She loved to swim which was good exercise but the pool guy hated it. After going through this, I don't think I would get the surgery unless the dog was much younger.
  15. I was able to do it alone when I had to but definitely with 2. The things we do for our pups.
  16. Thanks Muppy, I forgot to mention this. In the beginning she wouldn't put weight on her bad leg, so we did the towel thing as well.
  17. Sorry to hear that. I had a 80lb lab that blew out her knee chasing a ball. Our Vet said not to get the surgery due to cost, and age of Daisy and likely chance the same knee would tear again. Plus he said there was a greater chance she would tear her other knee because they favor the good knee. He was right. The other knee went sometime after that (I can't remember the amount of time in between tears as this was 12+ years ago). We tried to keep her immobilized for a few weeks as the knee healed. She hobbled a little less in about a few weeks. She was on anti inflammatory the rest of her life as the scar tissue causes arthritis. You have a different issue because of the other leg's issue. Hopefully you have a good vet you can trust. Your pup sounds like a trooper (as most pups are), hopefully it works out no matter what you decide.
  18. That is just wrong. Maybe voters will elect a new DA. I wonder with everything that is out now if they would so easily assist in sweeping this under the rug?
  19. Lottery would mean more dogs, less people, better wine and older scotch. One can dream!
  20. Become a Saints fan until him and the people responsible for him being on the team were gone. If I didn't learn to love the Saints, NFL would be removed from Sundays for a long time. Because it looks like a orange jail uniform or its the Browns or both?
  21. I love how Watson's attorney changed from they are all liars to happy endings aren't crimes. Playing in the NFL is a dream and a privilege not a RIGHT. NFL (Goodell) needs to ban this predator for life. There has to be a video or some damning evidence out there somewhere. He needs to be in prison.
  22. Manute's passport said he was 5ft 2 in. He said they measured him when he was seated....
  23. Good topic! 5 makes it difficult, so In no particular order: Anthony Hopkins - Silence of the Lambs Denzel Washington - Training Day Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Leslie Nielson - Airplane! Guy Pearce - Memento Should have a list for each genre: Comedy, Action, Drama, etc....
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