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  1. 1st 300 game was pretty special ( I was 18). The 1st month in a job that wasn't salaried. Kinda scary without that safety net.
  2. Free is the way to go! We've been up there about 5 times. Sonoma is more laid back/family feel to it and Napa is way more corporate. Awesome wine all over the map up there. We'd like to reschedule for April 2021 but no rush to re-book.
  3. Had 5 days in Napa wine country July 23-28th for 50th BD. We cancelled. Got hotel refund (even though it was non-refundable and plane ticket credits to use for 2 years)
  4. So true! And these are the people that want to give you their opinion on just about anything.
  5. If I'm going to get an older single malt, I usually go with a name I trust. It costs more but its safer unless you've tried it before. The oldest I've had was a 21 Glenfiddich. My palate at the time couldn't really notice the difference from the 18 year old. For the prices I'd rather have 2 18 years old bottles than 1 21.
  6. PLEASE let the season start on time and with stadium crowds. 31-13 opener if both happen.
  7. If I remember correctly, he took a top 5, 3-4 defense, and tried to turn it into a 4-3. His hiring came out of left field (Donahue wanted a newbie that way he wouldn't lose power in BFLO like he did to Cowher in Pittsburg, Plus good ol Ralphie hated to spend money on coaches so he was an easy sell to the owner). The little Nazi comment above makes sense. One of many reasons he didn't get another shot as HC. <-------- This virus lockdown has us all drinking a little more than normal.
  8. Let us both be 5-0 going into this game. Make it even more juicy!
  9. How did the Bears get TWO MNF games. They have 5-11 written all over them.
  10. Can someone explain who is # 11 in that photo? Beasely? When did he change from 10? Love the primetime games. Why is Broncos game TBD?
  11. "Who are 3 people that have never been in my kitchen"
  12. It wasn't on long but "Soap" is at least in the hall of very good. Loved Modern Family.
  13. What happens if we bet now and play a 12 game season? Do the hard O/U stand or are they prorated?
  14. What s injury issue with Tyler Biadiasz?
  15. No worries it was bound to happen as there's only 24 hours in a day
  16. Harbaugh all business, doors closed and a couple of screens. Just get him some football players.
  17. Just can't see it... I'd say Dalton but they don't have the cap space for him.
  18. Still no TB replacement in PATS* country.... Tank for ????
  19. "been there..." meaning he's known quite of few family members that were drafted so it's no big deal. Time will tell obviously.
  20. Maybe because he's had family all over the NFL? Been there done that? Moss reminds me of Ingram of Ravens/Saints.
  21. Need to grab Gandy-Golden in the 4th please.....
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