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  1. Hey bills fans I Just was thinking and I’m pretty upset with how our team has played this season so far. Their has to be accountability for the bad start all 3 sides of the ball are playing bad football how do we go from a playoff team to this? In no way does this team help Allen grow , also every free agent we’ve signed has done absolutely nothing and it shows DC had to be replaced mid game, no o line, no WRs, defense getting scored on with little effort by the opposing offense. How will Allen get better from this especially with the only other QB being freakin peterman ...... to guide him ? Ask yourself. You think that is smart ? So I ask you if things continue to look ugly like they have should someone get fired ? Will someone get fired ? Let me know what you think , what would you like to see be done to make our team look like the playoff team we should have stayed as. I’ll alwasy be hopeful for my bills cuz I love them I’m just upset because we finally make the playoffs have things looking bright. And they give us this ? Fix it Go Bills
  2. DKBills25

    If we start 0-6 just if

    Hey bills fans I had another question pop up in my head and I wanted to read what you guys would say or think would happen if we started 0-6. Also I defiantly do not want us to go 0-6 and I’m also very hopeful for the season still with Allen starting but if we do start 0-6 what happens ? Do we keep Allen in ? Do we fire someone if the problems are obvious offensive or defensive? Certain players traded ? Let me know what you think hoping that this doesn’t happen GO BILLS !!
  3. DKBills25

    How long will it take?

    Hey bills fans , Very hard game for us yesterday. Bad all around. After looking back at the game we can’t put ALL of the blame on peterman, Oline was trash but the biggest thing that bugged me was our WR group. No one, absolutely no one was getting open .. which caused peterman to struggle I believe the most, Even thou peterman is a very subpar. I wanna ask you How long will it take for us to address the receiver position ? Who do we add if we do ? Also do you think Allen should start ? Or peterman? I HOPE EVERYTHING PICKS UP NEXT WEEK GO BILLS !
  4. DKBills25

    Kelvin Benjamin is NOT a Number 1 WR

    I suggest we hit up dez
  5. DKBills25

    Bills eve 2018

  6. DKBills25

    Right now, who is the Bills best Qb?

    Allen why go get the kid ?
  7. Well look what they said last year prime example is USA Today has us going 4-12 in 2017 then what happened: playoffs
  8. DKBills25

    Star Lotulelei: Where is the Impact?

    Star looked horrible tonight , I still don’t understand the signing ? Also if Murphy stays hurt for som reason the Mack trade would all but make more sense , no?
  9. Hey bills fans it’s another day closer to the season and a couple days away from TC but I’ve been seeing rumors that we are interested in Julio! How do you guys feel about this rumor ? Do you think it could actually happen? And what do you think it will take to get him ? Let me know what you guys think GO BUFFALO!!