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  1. Sal says UFA QB's was not the Bills plan

    What’s the plan then?
  2. Maclin released

    Should have picked us over the Ravens 🤷‍♂️
  3. I think as soon as glen passes his pyshical we make the trade into top 5 but I also think we are gonna trade for a QB
  4. Maybe I’m just impatient , it was cool seeing the update that we resigned Home but kinda got tired of only seeing that idk i hope we make moves
  5. Hey bills fans! Tomorrow the fun starts and we get to keep adding new players ive been checking all day for updates on players and all I see is tweets about Kyle and don’t get me wrong I love him as a player and I’m glad he is back but we have needs to fill and big ones ! (BRIDGE QB,WR) etc just about ever decent FA Qb is gone now I’m not too worried because beane has don’t nothing but impressed and I’m very confident that we are trading into top 5 to draft our future (Rosen,Allen,Mayfeild,Jackson) whoever but I think it would be best to have them sit a year behind a DECENT vet not a career backup. for some reason I have a feeling we trade one of our 2nds or 3rds for Foles I think that would be best but we need to hurry before everybody is gone ! But the at the end of the day TRUSTTHEPROCESS! GO BILLS
  6. After trading with the Giants the Bills take

    Mayfeild is the best QB in this draft no doubt
  7. What The Heck Happened With Karlos Williams?

    He was one of my favorite players in 2015 and I was very sad to see how his career eneded up I hope the best , when his record was goin I was so hype ! But we need a runner like this i hope Chris ivory can be that back but I think the closest thing we can get to this type of production is Murray 👀 Go bills !
  8. Trade Dion Dawkins

    I didn’t even read this ..... I’m sorry but he needs to be on the team lol
  9. Well honestly at 1st I didn’t like Allen at all, The big arm talent was just about the only thing I liked , I watched his film and wasn’t really impressed then I watched Rosen and dornald film and also wasn’t really impressed compared to prospects of past drafts but when I watched the senior bowl and noticed how well Allen played it convinced me that, with some NFL tier coaching and maybe a year as a backup learning from a vet (Bradford) he can mold into a very good Qb specially with the arm strength already there. With Rosen and dornald I think it will take them a bit longer to learn or get used to the speed of the nfl I guess it all depends on where they land. and when it comes to clay I love the guy I think he right now is our best pass catcher no doubt but he need to stay on the field and he can’t seem to do that while graham probably will cost some I then beane will create enough cap space to make some big loves and having a player like JG would open up so much for our offense pass and run game we would create a lot of great 1-1 situations with shady graham KB
  10. Hey Bills fans hope all is well with you So now that it’s getting closer to the draft and FA I want to share what I would like for us to do I’ve noticed that we have been showing interest in players already and FA is about a week away. The Davis signing, I liked a lot I think he makes the team better fersure. Also today was I saw that we were interested in Gore, I think that would be a huge pick up for us. It brings leadership and he is still hell of a runner I hope we pick up Gore over ivory IMO Ive also seen the rumor of Nick Foles for a 2nd rounder. Now I’m not sure how I feel about this, I think a 2nd is way too much for foles and that’s the only think that would get him away from PHI IMO We need another Wr in FA also I think we should make a play st jimmy graham he would help up open the pass game for the rookie/vet I have a feeling when it comes to a vet it’s gonna be Bridgewater/Bradford and if we end up trading up the only QBs I’d be ok with are Mayfeild/Allen i hope we get it done Let me know what you would like to see happen in the next couple months that would get you the most hype for the 2018 year ! GO BILLS !!!!
  11. I think he deserves a look it would be a huge upgrade from Tolbert

    How you feel about Jackson

    Honestly I’d be ok with that haha

    Hey bills fans ! i was thinking back to the days of watching the draft (one of my favorite events all year) i hold a draft party with my buds and the year we drafted EJ 1st round I remember my friend recording a video of me going crazy 🙄 and now that I look back it was pretty bad But I’d like to know if we do end up trading up in this years draft What player do you not want us to get ? And how mad will you be if we trade up to get a player you really don’t think was worth the trade up haha If we trade up to get Rosen knowing it would be for a lot of capitol 🙄 I will be very upset ( even thou it’s a qb I don’t trust my gut with that guy l, bust waiting to happen) GO BILLS !!