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  1. The guys is a none factor , That’s the problem. He is the biggest wide out and doing the least amount of work ... honestly hasn’t done anything for us in his career
  2. You don’t agree that Zay needs to go I mean he’s never done anything really am I wrong ??
  3. Hey bills fans tough game but I’m proud on how we played without that punt block we probably win that game and also if we get Allen back with 5 left it might be a different outcome. The biggest thing for me is the size of the receivers I mean honestly at this point in the season Why is Zay Jones still on the team when he literally is doing nothing for the team! We needed size in this game and it wasn’t there Beasley and Brown were perfect today also with Knox but if we have another big body to compliment Beasley and Brown with Knox we love the ball better IMO It’s time to cut ties with Zay it just didn’t workout with him and bring up Duke Williams or maybe Crabtree? Only thing that I would like to see change GO BILLS
  4. Hey bills fans getting closer to the season and I’m getting pumped to see how the team and Allen do but In The recent news of Melvin Gordon asking for more money or a trade. I think if the chargers can’t get him the money he wants, We should make the trade for Gordon it would not only give us a top 3 running back in the league but this would help Allen so much more then we can imagine. Let me know what you think and what would you give up to trade for Gordon GO BILLS !!!!!’
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