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  1. Sorry I know this has been discussed before but where can I go to rewatch the game online I was only able to watch parts of it today and wanna rewatch it are there and free websites I can go on to do so ? thank you
  2. This is the exactly what I said but I I wouldn’t be surprised rest of season and 6 games next season
  3. Yes , it’s huge really need to win that one
  4. The Bills really need to pull thru the next two games both very winnable games that would help us so much to get into the post season What also helps is that they are conference games Looking at the schedule of other teams The Steelers & Raiders are the two I’m worried about Steelers next two opponents are (Clv @ home and @ Cin) And for the Raiders next two opponents are ( Cin @ home and @ NYJ) So looking at the schedule these next two games are huge, since we have a game up on both teams hope we can get out of these two games with wins and maybe Pit and Oak might drop one We need to start feeding Singletary more and finding a better balance of pass plays and run plays It’s time to show the NFL who we are as a team and show everyone we belong in the playoffs GO BILLS
  5. This guy also cost us the game both scores for clv were on him 100% Kevin Johnson need to start or he will keep costing us games
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