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  1. DKBills25

    Is you're Dad the reason your a Bills fan?

    Yes, my Dad was a die hard fan and then I became one and I will pray my 3 month old daughter will be a bigger fan then me (ps not gonna happen haha)
  2. DKBills25

    [Vague Title]Our bills need to consider this

    This is what I’ve been saying !! Like i don’t get why they won’t just bring him in ? He would be better then anyone we have rn
  3. Hey Bills fans hope all is well with you guys in the off season I always see what the bills can do to get better and I was thinking. How do they expect our QBs to preform with the WRs support we have on our team and why haven’t we addressed it ? I keep coming back to this I think Kerley was a great addition but we need another big body on the outside and with Zay having surgery they need to give out QBs help imo what do you think they should do/ what do you expect them to do ? GO BILLS
  4. DKBills25

    Which Bills Moments Legitimately Made You Cry?

    That Monday night loss to the cowboys ... i was like 12 and so pissed, Cried myself to sleep lol
  5. DKBills25

    Bills need to contact dez

  6. DKBills25

    Bills need to contact dez

    Hey bills fans I hope all is well roomie mini camp has started and it’s nice seeing the future in bills colors But I must say that I think the WR position is what the bills should really focus on ATM I look at who we have and don’t get me wrong I see so much potential! The that’s all not - not many very proven players. Which doesn’t bother me too much but I feel we need to add a serious threat! That threat should be Dez Bryant ! He still a play maker regardless of what the “experts” are saying. You add dez and and he instantly becomes our number 1 receiver and not only that he will help whoever the bills decide to start for them week one ! My projected WRs we keep this year (saying we sign dez) 1.dez 2.KB 3.zay 4.kerley 5.Strearee 6.foster (wild card) also I see them keeping mccloud and proehl as special teams Let me know what you guys think GO BILLS !
  7. DKBills25

    Sooo about the schedule

    Hell I live In Southern California and I see a lot of bills fans here
  8. DKBills25

    Sooo about the schedule

    I honestly think the 49ers are gonna still suck
  9. DKBills25

    Sooo about the schedule

    Hope all is well with you guys just alittle less then a week till the draft and our future is here! BUT I have to vent about the schedule I noticed just as everyone else the 5 road games in the 1st 7 games ... which is alittle crazy but maybe might help us get back in the playoffs with more home games in the end of the year. One thing that is really buggin me is that we should have had more prime time games after making the playoffs! Crazy to think SF (last in division) 6-10 with 5! Prime time games Buffalo 9-7 playoff team last year With just 1 prime time game 🤷‍♂️ I hope the NFL start to realize there are more teams people want see other then teams like NE or god help me the stupid cowboys or chiefs ... I saw somthing that might just be true the NFL might not like the fact of us becoming a good team Guess we gotta keep provin the haters wrong GO BILLS!!!!
  10. Hey bills fans hope all is well! All the waiting for somthing I really feel that should happen and kinda needs to happen It looks like picks 2,4,6 and 7 are the picks that are the target I hope it can happen soon Cuz it’s killing me! How much would you be ok with to move up ? And for who my top 3 are DARNOLD MAYFEILD LAMAR i think we only make a trade up for Mayfeild or Darnold (if he is still available) I’m not sold on Allen and so so on Rosen GO BILLS !!!
  11. Johnny is a baller , I suggest looking at his highlights same as Colin but teams will feel the way they do but Johnny just like Colin deserve a second chance nothing has proven they can’t ball out 🤷‍♂️
  12. DKBills25

    Hughes will go next

    Tampa with JPP? 🤷‍♂️ We send Hughes and a 3rd for the 7 spot?
  13. DKBills25

    NFL Schedule Release

    We deserve Monday and Sunday night games And I hope one of thous which will probably happen is the Jax game in buffalo cuz I want my revenge
  14. Probably meant we were keeping that 2nd 1st in that deal jets just offered more , oh well trust the process