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  1. You're sold on Matt Ryan at his current age? Not to say he won't be better than wentz. But he looked washed up last year to me. (I know he had a poor o line and not a ton of help for him) Just looked so immobile
  2. But Such a classy organization with very humble fans, they don't deserve this!
  3. https://buffalowdown.com/2022/06/09/buffalo-bills-hoping-splash-plays-tremaine-edmunds/amp/ yes sir, should be in here^
  4. Frazier himself even said they need more splash plays from him. It's pretty objective that the guy needs to make more plays and I don't think anyone can really deny that.
  5. Yes sir. Not to mention Dawkins and Taron as well as those guys had extensions done before their contracts expired.
  6. And sorry, *tackles for loss as well for impact plays, So INT, TFL, sacks, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, pass breaks up and batted balls. He had 13 total impact plays combined.... I don't understand how its even possible to have that low of a number for a starting MLB, neverthless for a guy who plays basically every snap.
  7. They say the opposite, but why isn't he extended yet? They could have saved a lot of money on the cap also. Clearly they aren't sure of him either and they want to see more. (Beane always extends his core guys prior to a contract expiring, with the exception of Milano) Impact plays I define as sacks, INT, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, pass break ups, batted balls. Want to know how many he had of that total? 13... I'm sorry but that's just unacceptable for a guy who plays every snap and is in the centre of the field.
  8. Hey fair enough, I just don't see it. I see a guy who's lost out there a lot of the time. And I see a guy who doesn't make impact plays. (That part is pretty objective and even the biggest Edmunds fans can't argue this one)
  9. Yep. The only thing Edmunds fans can say is, "but he takes up so much space in the middle of the field, and he's a leader ". Or will cherry pick some stat like joe Marino did on that podcast. I say this with no disrespect to people as everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it just boggles my mind how people can watch Edmunds and think he's a good football player. The dude just doesn't make impact plays.
  10. "Very good level" is extremely subjective, and that's the polarizing thing about Edmunds. I don't think he is anywhere close to "very good " and a lot of others feel the same way.
  11. I like Joe marino, but he is extremely biased towards Edmunds. If i am not mistaken, he was part of his scouting region and he loved Edmunds/gave him a great draft review goiing into the NFL draft. He made some good points in the podcast, but it was extremely one sided. He is trying to correlate Edmunds with the bills great passing defence. But didn't bring up the facts they have 2 pro bowl safeties, one of the best corners in the game, one of the best slot corners in the game, AND didn't even mention that they are always in nickel... Cherry picked stats to make him look good, but didn't pick any stats that made him look bad,and just casually brought up some of his flaws... I love joe, but thought it was a very biased podcast.
  12. Bingo. Been saying this all along. Basically picking up his 5th year option means, "he's ok, we would like to see more and he's got potential to get better ". If they truly thought he was the cornerstone player, he would have been extended already as you mentioned.
  13. 2018 at Baltimore stands out for me for worst . What a gong show. Best was 2003 against Pats
  14. You seem to be big on stats which is fine, we'll agree to disagree. Cousins was 4th in QBR last year and Jimmy G was 9th, just saying.
  15. On a garbage team and Half those stats came when they were down 3-4 touchdowns. Kirk cousins also puts up very pretty numbers but I don't think anyone is calling him a superstar. But You're right, He wasn't a middle of the road QB. He was a good to maybe very good QB. But he certainly wasn't a superstar
  16. Super star is a bit bold. very good QB. At the end of 2020 there were a bunch who were better than him: Mahomes, Josh, Rodgers, Brady, Rus. Then you can argue guys like Lamar, Dak, Stafford. This doesn't even include guys like Herbert and burrow as they were a bit young then. Right now he comes in as what, 8-11 range? Assuming he gets his old form back.
  17. I think there is a chance Tua has a descent season. He is surrounded by weapons and he is in a very QB friendly system. However if they make the playoffs? No way I can see him going on the road and winning a playoff game against teams that have those good/elite QBs. (Which is basically every afc playoff team)
  18. "Dealt with" are the key words. No one could have predicted Ruggs to Have that incident. They would be openly taking on a big distraction if they signed kapernick, where the other two Incidents you brought up, they had no choice to handle them as it happened early season.
  19. For the team because half the questions the media will ask the players/coaches all year will be on kaepernick.
  20. Ya I know. But the details in Bauer's case were a lot more extreme. (Violence) (This is not to excuse Watson as what he allegedly did is awful)
  21. He should be suspended for the full year. But I can't seeing the nfl suspending him the full year. I will predict 8-10 games
  22. Ogbah and Wilkins are good to very good players on their D line.
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