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  1. Maybe some of us just prefer Sunday football at 1? Lol. Love that the Bills are a great relevant franchise and I understand the more relevant we are, the more prime time we get. But I do prefer watching football at 1 in my personal opinion. Is that ok with you sir? Haha
  2. Hate it. Cool Matchup, just wish it was on Sunday at 1
  3. I don’t like it personally, but I definitely understand it. If you had a business and you can expand/make more money, wouldn’t you do it?
  4. Yes. I could be wrong but I think all teams with 9 home games has to host an international one? If not all, most teams have to I think
  5. I hope you’re right but the vast majority of the teams do. What makes you think the bills will be more of an outlier out of curiosity?
  6. I know. But I’m assuming they will take it. GB didn’t last year and it didn’t work well for them. (Of course they had other issues as well)
  7. So another early bye ?.. As I’m assuming bills will take their bye the week after
  8. Trey smith, Humphrey and Bolton all in the same class in 2021. Those are fantastic picks right there 2020 they whiffed on Clyde, but had some good picks with Gay and Sneed, and even had some good role players (like Danna) in the later rounds . They definitely have some whiffs like all teams, but chiefs are one of the better drafting teams, if not the best in the league IMO
  9. That’s all fair. But again, if you trade him what’s the plan? To that point, I think settle could be cut or traded. Or may be inactive on game days. If you trade Oliver, you are going into the season as Jordan Phillips as probably your number one 3 tech… (unless Ford plays more 3 tech) I don’t know about you, but that’s a nightmare scenario. Especially given Phillips injury history
  10. Hahah ahh gotcha. Ya I don’t see the reason behind it, just genuinely curious why people want to trade him. I can’t see a scenario where it would make the team better if they traded him
  11. Genuine question- why do you want the bills to trade Oliver? I see it a lot. The way I see it: Is he great? No but he’s still a descent to good starting 3 tech. I get trading him would save you almost 11 mil, but then you are just leaving a gaping hole when it comes to a penetrating 3 tech. Like if you trade Oliver, what would be your plan with the 11 mil in cap space?
  12. Haha good call. 3rd round would have been perfect for one I think if the value was appropriate But not top 2 rounds, as it’s good he invested on the offensive side
  13. Did the bills trade out again? How many picks left, one 7th? and I’ am guessing they accumulated a few late picks for next year?
  14. I can’t see the bills playing a lot of 3 MLBs. That would mean you’re playing more into your weakness (LB position) and taking off a good slot corner. (TJ)
  15. I unfortunately can’t view so can someone update me. Bills traded out of the 6th round by the looks of it? And what did they get in return?
  16. Klein/Dobson on run downs. Bernard/ Williams on passing downs
  17. Not just him. Basically every report I have read has him as a back-up linebacker/ teams player. That is 5th/6th round value, not late 3rd. We will see but they don't really get the benefit of the doubt as their day 2 picks have been horrible the last few years
  18. Just read Joe Marino's scouting report on him and he had him as 6th round value..🤢
  19. But it makes no sense. He basically just said we drafted a back up linebacker who can play teams. Would be good for the 5th round value, but not 3rd
  20. “Great on special teams”. Daniel J They just can’t help themselves when it comes to special teams guys..
  21. Fair enough, I’ll defer to you as I have only seen a couple of his games
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