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  1. That’s McKenzie for you haha. Then next week he will have like 3 drops and a fumble lol
  2. If Bills punt that’s ball game lol. Defence can’t stop a nose bleed
  3. 3/3 on 4th down. So in essence, basically 7/8 on 3rd/4th down stops. Pathetic lol
  4. He just posted another update. Said MCL would be best case scenario. In other words, fearing/not sure about the ACL
  5. Middle of the pack? They have easily been bottom 3rd since the packers game
  6. Absolutely pathetic. Frazier has 0 clue. Guesses wrong basically every play
  7. Are you implying the bills are going to stop them on 3rd and long here? Lol
  8. Don’t worry boys, they will for sure stop them on 3rd down here ..
  9. Serious question and not just trolling. Do you think the defence is a lot better even if healthy? I would say a little bit, but I think its a scheme issue. We get Tre back, he hasn’t let up a catch and still getting shredded
  10. LOL screen passes and 3rd and longs. Easy money all game long
  11. Without knowing the stat I would almost guarantee they are bottom 5 in the league. Probably the worst
  12. Gave up a 3rd and long with man to man just the last drive. But ya I won’t defend Frazier as he needs to figure out these 3rd and longs as it’s unacceptable
  13. The way they are playing the last 4 games? At best. Better wake up fast or they aren’t making the playoffs
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