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  1. I am surpised that he started over JJ as I didn't even think he would start today. He played a solid game
  2. Ok fair but: hypothetically speaking if the chiefs win this game and finish 14-3/ get a first round bye and the bills finish 13-4, would people still be going against Tom Brady this game? Because that scenario ^ is a real possibility and would make the road to the super bowl a lot tougher
  3. Ok- But that still doesn't make sense to me from a bills fan perspective lol but I digress
  4. I'm not sure what you mean. If the bills have a better record than the chiefs, we get a higher seed and potentially a bye/home field throughout the playoffs. Its pretty black and white with all Due respect
  5. And potentially a bye as well.
  6. It's an odds game. Do you want the number one seed and getting home field advantage, or do you want to play an extra game and go to arrowhead? I will guarantee KC will be in contention for the 1 seed, which means for me personally I'll always go against them
  7. That's fair. I wasn't trolling, it was a serious question . Cause when I watch football, I think everything bills. Undefeated at home with MCD in the playoffs, haven't won on the road with him. Which means I will always go for NFC teams over AFC teams
  8. Well... They are undefeated at home under MCD in the playoffs and haven't won on the road.. So they haven't proved they can win wherever lol
  9. I don't understand this at all with all due respect. Do you care more about the bills winning a super bowl, or tom Brady not winning a super bowl? Serious question. Cause you saying you're going against the bucs means you would rather the bucs not win a SB, opposed to the bills actually winning.
  10. Biggest difference between bills and chiefs offence now? Chiefs can actually run the ball. Makes Mahomes job a lot easier compared to Josh
  11. Is it possible to be more annoying than collingsworth?
  12. Definitely concerning. The game looks too big for him right now. RB should be a fairly easy transition going into the nfl. Not a bust yet of course , but he needs to pick it up very soon
  13. Yep you're right. The tweet was about "PIs or defensive holdings". Bills got a few PI calls this year though, can't remember if it was against the Rams or Titans
  14. They got like 2-3 today. 2 at the end of the first half but they were declined
  15. Didn't he just expose his naked body in Dubai at a pool party? Haha
  16. Milano is an absolute animal. With all their talent in Von, Poyer and when healthy tre/Hyde, Milano still may be the best player on this defence
  17. Really? I thought he had a pretty mediocre game. Josh bailed him out IMO
  18. For sure. But the nfl has a TON of turnover in 2-3 years. That is why it's called the "not for long" league
  19. I don't think it was stupid as 0-7 is a fairly big sample size. However, it can be put to rest as they won a close game against a good team
  20. HUGE comeback win!! Short handed on the road against a SB contender. Way to F****g go boys!!
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