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  1. I’m not saying Ed is on the same level, but my point is Ed is still their best player on the D line relative to Chris Jones is the chiefs best player on theirs. I think D Jones was a bigger loss than Von this game, and yes he would have helped against the run. I just feel like if you’re playing soft zone all game against a great QB, you’re not giving your pass rush a chance at all, no matter if Von is in or not.
  2. Oh I definitely agree with you on that. Dorsey in my mind didn’t do a good job at all. I just give him half a pass, as he is a rookie OC and I don’t think he had a ton to work with. For sure needs to be better next year
  3. It wouldn’t have even mattered if they had Von , as bills were playing soft zone and burrow got the ball out in basically 2 seconds. If the scheme was right and they played press man, then yes it would have made a difference. Also, Bengals basically doubled Ed and said to the bills “make someone else beat us “ Frazier has to do a better job of scheming up 1 on 1s for Ed. See last night and how spags found 1 on 1 matchups for Chris Jones basically all game long
  4. I don’t give Dorsey a pass, but he’s a rookie OC going up against probably the best DC in the league. Bad o line, and no weapons outside of diggs in bad weather While I’m not a fan of Dorsey and I think he struggled this year, I also share some of the blame on offence to Beane for not having enough talent and the circumstances I mentioned above . (Rookie OC against the best DC in the league)
  5. Leslie. Does anyone think Frazier should still have a job after watching Spags game plan against the Bengals? It’s sad when us fans know more than him when it comes to scheme, as most of us were calling for more press man so the pass rush can get home.
  6. Did you not watch the first series of that game and the playoff game last week? What makes you think the bills were going to win that game?.. Bengals were in a less favourable position last week (on the road, down 3 o line man) and still blew the bills out
  7. Bills got pasted at home by the Bengals, what makes you think they were going to go to cinci on Monday night and win? It was 7-3 and cinci was driving when Damar got hurt, probably was going to be a loss based on the sample size of the 4.5 quarters we saw against playing the Bengals. If Bengals won which I think they would have , bills would have gotten 3 seed and Bengals 2 seed
  8. So burrows 4th year of his rookie deal Will end next year. They can pick up his 5th year option which will kick in 2024, and that should pay him probably around the 25 mil mark. Joshs 5th year option kicked in this year, but his big cap hit won’t start till this season coming up. Assuming Bengals extend burrow this off season, his big cap hit won’t start until 2025. So Joshs big cap hit kicks in 2023, burrows 2025.
  9. probably 2- They will pick up his 5th year option and then year 6 his insane contract will kick in.
  10. when i saw it live i thought it was a lame call. But it did seem like a late hit to me. Now this doesn't take away the fact that I think the Bengals got hosed on multiple occasions by the refs
  11. Burrow had no chance on that last drive. Their right tackle was blown up in a quarter of a second. Josh, burrow and Mahomes are all very human when their o line/skill positions don’t play well as we saw the last few weeks
  12. Seemed a little bit sketchy to Me. Again, happy the chiefs won. But I think the nfl wanted Mahomes back in the SB, especially with the ankle
  13. I wanted KC to win but cinci got hosed by the refs. (And this is me saying the call on Ossai was right )
  14. O line sucking and only has Kelce has an option as Juju and Hardman are out It was the same scenario for Josh basically all year, just switch Kelce for Diggs.
  15. Cinci is playing some unreal defence though. Even on that 3rd and 7 when he overshot it, there was no one open at all
  16. I think he will talk about the pass protection for the Bengals and how they are chipping their ends more. Defensively I can’t pin point what lou has done, but whatever adjustments he’s made, have been fantastic
  17. Lou is such a good DC. Probably the only guy who can give Andy and Mahomes fits
  18. He’s got one year left unfortunately. But ya absolute beast of a Player
  19. Higgins, Boyd, Hurst, Mixon?.. I know boyd is out currently but my point is their weapons are stacked
  20. Bengals were down 21-3 last year in the championship game. I hope you’re right but Just saying..
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