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  1. Bills were the favourites to win the SB before the year If someone told you before the year that the bills would get crushed in the divisional round at home, you would be satisfied?
  2. Great post. Even someone like Spags I would love. Chiefs give up a lot of big plays, but if the other team gets a big play, they have Patrick Mahomes to respond.. Bills should have the same mindset with Josh
  3. You’re absolutely right Alpha. But here’s the problem… I think it’s more Mcd and not Frazier. They can fire Frazier but then MCD will just want to hire a guy who runs his cover 2/cover 3 shell. If the defence changes, I think it has to start with MCD looking at himself in the mirror
  4. That’s fair. He definitely had a descent rookie year. But ya whatever the reason, he had a bad year this year IMO
  5. Defence can’t get much worse than today , so there is that as well Did you just say Spencer brown is solid?..
  6. That pick drives me insane. And Bernard over Parham…
  7. No you’re absolutely right. I said that mid season and got ripped on. But he is a very mediocre drafter. A couple of descent day 2/3 picks, but overall too many whiffs
  8. More D line mediocre drafting? Dear god…
  9. Yes. He absolutely should. Mcd is a good coach. But I don’t think he’s the guy to win a SB
  10. Let’s hope they overreach on another D lineman and completely neglect the o line again. Ya He’s been a pretty average drafter. He hit on Josh Allen, that was the big one. Besides that? A ton of whiffs
  11. Coaching. D Line. O line. More problems as well, but those were by far the 3 biggest issues
  12. Josh could have played perfect today and they would have lost by double digits. Bills o line and d line got absolutely blown up today. And this is not even mentioning the coaching difference
  13. Ya you’re probably right. I get mad at Frazier but I remind myself from time to time it’s Mcds defence at the end of the day
  14. The adversity is an excuse IMO. Bills haven’t played well since the chiefs game. I had a strong feeling Bengals were going to win this game. (Not this bad though)
  15. Funny enough I actually said that to my brother today when it was 14-7 saying it feels like the colts game. Basically was
  16. Spencer Brown USELESS. Lets keep drafting more mediocre D line and not address the o line though
  17. They will probably do none of the above. Coaching staff comes back and they’ll probably re sign Edmunds to a 18 mil per year contract
  18. McDermott is a good coach, but I don’t think he’s the guy to win a SB unfortunately
  19. Your defence can’t stop a nose bleed. You go for it there. Cinci will be back on the 20 yard line in 5 plays
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