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  1. I edited the no trade clause after I typed it, it was a typo on my end. I meant to say he’s on a rookie contract so it’s not like he can decide where he wants to go.
  2. The point was “Lamar holds the cards though”. He doesn’t. Ravens will only trade him if there is a move that directly benefits the ravens organization. He’s on a rookie contract so it’s not like Lamar can hold a gun to their throats and tell them where he wants to go. Ravens can decide IF and WHO they want to trade him to. The billionaire owner holds the cards
  3. They probably won’t, I’m not saying that But they also won’t give him away for a less than ideal trade just cause Lamar wants out. My overall point is the ravens CAN play hardball if they want, and at the end of the day it’s their decision what they want to do with Lamar
  4. Technically he doesn’t control anything though as the ravens can franchise him twice and there is absolutely nothing Lamar can do about it if the ravens don’t want to trade him. It’s a lose/lose scenario. But my point is the ravens, not Lamar, has the final say on what they want to do with him.
  5. Why? They can sit on him until he either plays or they find great trade value. I would say Lamar has way more to lose if he wants to sit out and lose 40 mil
  6. If he holds out and the Baltimore doesn’t want to trade him, Lamar loses out on like 40 million. That would be a lose/lose scenario, but at the end of the day the Owner always holds the cards.
  7. Baltimore still holds the cards with Lamar. They can franchise him twice if they need to. Would that piss him off? Absolutely. But if they don’t reach a long term deal he can technically still be on the Ravens for 2 more years
  8. I agree with the McDaniel part. But ask Miami fans if Boyer is a good DC. He may be fired after the year. Historically he hasn’t been able to slow the bills down as Josh allen has had his number as Boyer was part of the Flores staff. (Josh’s success against Miami in recent years) Does it mean he can’t slow us down? No. But he hasn’t shown the ability to yet and they have 3 guys missing in their secondary.
  9. Ya that’s a fair assessment. I have nothing against 2 deep safeties to start this game But I hope they at least press those guys and not sit back in cover 3 shell, I guess is what I’m trying to say.
  10. Yep you are correct. Ironically I think they threw an INT on their first possession which gave Baltimore a first and goal from the 1 lol
  11. He took the ball one time against Baltimore I believe, but yes 19 out of 20 times he will defer
  12. Sadly I think its going to remain fairly similar, at least to start the game. He is going to be worried about Hill/Waddle killing them, so I expect a lot of 2 deep safeties with nickel. IF Miami runs the ball well, then I think he will start creeping a safety down in the box and maybe will get Klein in the game on early downs. But I think his philiosphy doesn't change alot unfortunately as I think he is still going to be terrified of Hill/waddle beating them with explosive plays
  13. Yep. And we also made Zack Wilson look like Drew brees, so there’s that as well.
  14. I would prefer their backup QB to play because objectively I think we would all agree that would give the bills a better chance to win lol. But In saying that, Tua or not, the bills should win.
  15. Today we will find out if Tua is playing IMO. If he’s practicing, got to think he’s going to suit up. If he’s not, can’t see him playing. That’s Not really a hot take, but today should clear up the 2-3 days of speculation we had.
  16. Soft against Mac Jones and those mediocre weapons as well. Can’t even imagine how soft he would play play against Burrow/Mahomes
  17. Wow what a play call. Ben Johnson is a brilliant offensive mind
  18. They made some big plays when needed for sure and I will give them that. But overall as a pass defence, were you satisfied with the performance today?
  19. I think it’s just relatively speaking. 243 yards against a mediocre QB with mediocre weapons and playing at home. Pass defence definitely wasn’t good today
  20. I Got away from my original point. I have nothing against rushing 4. But press the receivers and challenge them and don’t just sit into a deep zone. Bills seem so content on giving free releases and 6-8 yard plays. It’s part of the reason why they seem to never stop screen plays
  21. If it works, then ya rushing 4 is best. The problem is when it doesn’t work, he usually just sticks to it lol
  22. Ya it’s going to be one of those frustrating rush 4, play 2 deep safeties and prevent the 60 yard TD type of game… hate it personally
  23. The point was about their offence only scoring 9 points. Not about playing flacco
  24. No Tua. Their 3rd string QB played. Not to sound like a jerk, but shouldn’t that be obvious?
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