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  1. I don't see Zack Wilson in your top 8...?
  2. Overpaid but they had to do it in my opinion and that's where the QB market is now
  3. Fair points. You're probably right and I'm definitely more negative than positive on Salah, but he has been dealt a pretty crap on offence. I do think flacco succeeding in Cleveland and not New York makes sense though. Browns have a way better o line, a much better run game, an offensive head coach and better offensive weapons. And let's be honest, a lot of luck as there were a ton of "yolo" balls thrown that somehow worked lol
  4. I think the jury is still out on Him IMO. Last year he was given an impossible task with Zach Wilson at QB. I think that's more of an indictment on Joe Douglas to not having a proper backup QB This will def be a make or break year for him
  5. He was especially bad in that green bay game. He legit could not throw in that rain. (And wasn't even coming down hard) Going to be a big problem for SF if they have bad weather games in the playoffs
  6. Ya i dont get some of the tomlin hate around here. The guy got to the playoffs with Mason Rudolph last year
  7. I do agree with that part as I think if the bills had their key guys, they probably win the game against them this year
  8. There's definitely some truth with what you're saying about injuries affecting the result. However I do think there's more to it as well. 2021 against the chiefs in the regular season- Milano and Harrison Phillips were hurt And Bills defence played amazing and won on that Sunday night game . Then in the playoffs that year ? Ok Tre White didn't play which was a big loss, but Milano and Phillips played that game. And we know what happened. 42 points or whatever it was to the chiefs. So ya injuries were def a factor this year. But I don't think it's as simple as "we played well cause we were healthy in the reg season and didn't play well cause we were healthy in the playoffs". As the 2021 season didn't fit that narrative^
  9. Haha so you're going to compare the 80s-90s to now?😂 It's literally apples and oranges. It's a passing league now, completely different to 35 years ago. You know this. This is not a McDermott rant. I was ONCE again responding to a comment saying it's different than andy Reid's situation. You were the one commenting on my post bud. I don't even understand what you're trying to say in your bonus note. I've read it 3 times and have no idea what you're trying to prove there. In no world is Josh Allen a problem in the playoffs though. The defence is the one letting the bills down and yes, coaching. That's not a rant, it's a fact
  10. My overall point is Andy Reid has always been an elite coach. The thing missing for him was having an elite QB to put him over the edge. And when he got an elite QB, he now has 3 rings Tying this back to the bills: McDermott has had an elite QB for the past 4 years but hasn't even been to a Super Bowl. So I don't understand the comparison when a few of you said "Maybe McDermott is like Andy Reid and just needs more time to figure it out". Maybe he will. But it's not a comparison in my mind because what's changing for McDermott? He has an elite QB already. If you disagree all good. But hopefully you at least see my point
  11. So now Mcnabb is in the same breath as Jim Kelly and Marino? . i honestly don't get how you don't think Mahomes is the biggest difference in Andy Reid's career lol The lightbulb didn't all of a sudden go "on" for Andy Reid after 20 years. The lightbulb went "on" because he has a superstar QB. I really dont get how you even dispute that. Take Mahomes off the chiefs and replace him with let's say Dak Prescott or whoever you think is a QB in the 8-10 range and he would have 0 rings still. KC won what, 0 or maybe 1 playoff game without Mahomes in the Reid era? And that's with Hill, Kelce etc
  12. So we are comparing a top 10 QB in his era to one of the best QBs of all time🤦‍♂️ We will agree to disagree like you said last night sir, all good.
  13. All fair points and I don't dispute that . But will you admit that the biggest thing missing for Andy Reid was having an elite QB? Where McDermott has had an elite QB for the last 4 years.
  14. I'm not saying McDermott can't get it done. But he hasn't yet with an elite quarterback. So you really believe the biggest difference in Andy Reid's career is that? Reid was the coach in KC for what 7 seasons before he won a championship? So your main reason that Andy got over the hump is it took about 20 years for the lightbulb to go on for him and the reason why he's successful now is because he's not the GM in KC, and not the main reason being Mahomes. Do you truly believe that?
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