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  1. I know all seems brim with the secondary hurt. But this is the type of game Josh puts the bills on his shoulders and finds a way to get a W. Bills 31-28💪
  2. Well . Oliver, tre, Dane, hyde, Phillips for sure and maybe settle/poyer. I would say that's more than a few as that's at least 5 impact players lol
  3. Literally walking down Miami tonight with a Josh Allen jersey, and probably got about 2-3 chirps from dolphins fans, and about 20-25 people saying "go bills". Bills mafia is about to take over the stadium Sunday
  4. Just got to Miami today. Huge presence of bills mafia already... Let's keep this rolling
  5. 😂 Ya Kyle Trembel, or however you spell his last name haha. Haha Na it's fake. It surfaced in the off season
  6. I think the reason we have bashed him, is because he simply hasn't played well the last two years in a lot of our minds. I am not an Edmunds fan, but I think he has played well the first two weeks. It's not like us fans "hate him". It's just we wanna see more and I don't think it's that unreasonable to say that There is a reason why the Bills haven't extended him yet while other guys drafted after him are getting extensions. They clearly also want to see more. (Just like us fans) So let's hope he can keep Up this good play Lets just try not to turn this into, "I'm right vs your wrong" and polarize Edmunds even more. At the end of the day we all want to see Edmunds succeed.
  7. Interesting cause I was listening to banged up bills on the locked up bills podcast. And he said medial ankle sprain for Ed. Which usually is 3 weeks So would be great news if he's ahead of that schedule
  8. Agreed. I'm all for mixing in the odd blitz. But I think the best strategy for the most part should be rushing 4 and flooding the passing lanes, while disguising coverages.
  9. I would say opposite. Rush 4 and flood the passing lanes. Not because of Tua, but because of the injuries at CB and the speed of Miami's WRs. The last thing I think the bills want to do is blitz and leave their young corners 1 on 1 vs Hill and Waddle.
  10. May be down Oliver, settle and Phillips on the D line. Let's hope one of those guys return
  11. I know it's still super early. But if there has been one player who has been disappointing so far, it's cook. I think he has had 3-4 touches/targets and basically has 0 yards and fell down on one pass attempt.
  12. Ya I honestly think that's so irresponsible on their end to diagnose that without doing an evaluation on Dane
  13. Horrible series. Bills need to start running the ball a bit more and kill some clock
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