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  1. Nothing more entertaining then listen to WGR after a home game. How angry they get from all the drunk fans calling in, and their disdain for needing to do traffic reports, is hilarious
  2. For the NFL, There should be no field goals in over time. Only touchdowns. Once each team has had an equal number of possesions, but a different score the game ends.
  3. I suppose not officially, just the point that he was THAT close. I thought he takes one hand off the football, like he was ready to celebrate or something, and the defender knocked it off the other hand. The Ravens cut him, and they go on to win the Super Bowl next year. Poor guy.....
  4. I try to avoid football all together, except for checking scores of games on my phone or something. We watch so much football every other Sunday, a break to either do house/lawn work, or go for a hike somewhere, sounds nice. My wife, really loves fall, so I think were going to try and find a park to see foliage or something.
  5. Poor Guy, his NFL career ended with a ticket to the super bowl in his hands, which he then dropped.....
  6. Lets beat these big city teams that have had our number at critical moments in our history, and create new playoff memories!
  7. The Ball is thrown right over top the 25 yard line, and is caught on the 25 yard line. So unless it went forward, and wind blew it backwards, it was the most perpendicular of lateral passes. It may have been an inch forward, or an inch backwards. There is no indisputable evidence to over turn the call, so the Titan win. The Bills beat themselves on that play.
  8. Im trying to say, this is what could lead to a repeat of 2008 and 2011, not that they need to score points, but that they struggle to put up numbers that over 20 other NFL teams are able to put up.
  9. So, I am super excited about the rest of this year, and I believe we can make the playoffs due to the AFC being weak this year, and our dominate Defense. Shouldn't we be very concerned about how little our offense scores? We really need to hope our offense continues to grow between now and the end of this season. There are going to be games the defense can't hold our opponents to under 25 points, and we will need Allen to step it up in the coming weeks.
  10. Man, this is going to feel like the longest bye week ever. I know this is important for them to rest and such. I can't wait another 10 days to see what this team does next. And then, after we play the dolphins, the game against the Eagles, could have as much hype going into it, as the Bills Vs. Patriots game did earlier.
  11. I love hockey, but less is more in my opinion.
  12. That's my point, these month long tournaments, tons of fans who don't normally tune in to the sport, watch it for the playoffs.
  13. Didn't we run up the score against the Jets and Dolphins last year?
  14. Playoff Tournaments are the best, when they are 1 month long. NCAA Basketball Tournament, NFL Playoffs, Baseball Playoffs, World Cup of Soccer. I wish Hockey and Basketball would lower their playoff teams, or shorten early round series, so its only 5 or 6 weeks, instead of 8 or 9.
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