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  1. I guess ill clean and dust every inch of my living room for optimal viewing experience tomorrow. I probably could clean my tv screen too. Everything needs to be perfect for 7 hours of tv watching. At least i can watch the NFC game before hand to kill time.
  2. 59-56 for a final, but some how we get out of the 1st overtime, with either only 2 field goals scored, or no scores. Geez.
  3. Exactly. Just look at all the teams that lost the AFC championship in recent years. Alot of them are 1 and done. Don't let anybody tell you "there's always next year." There isn't always next year. There is no guarantee that you get this far again.
  4. Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf. I definitely will make sure this is done before the game, I don't think i'll be able to eat during the game. But i'll need something heavy before I start drinking.
  5. I need to know which way the Weekend's stage is going to be facing before I buy my tickets.
  6. There is no way he takes a discount at this stage of his career. If we win the super bowl, he is getting $50MM a year. I say the lowest he gets is $45MM if they dont win the super bowl.
  7. If your season ticket account has 4 tickets on it, are you able to buy 2 Pods of 2?
  8. I keep saying, players need to take games "1 at a time". The fans can do whatever they want, lol. The season the bills have had, and the unique situation of this last year, there is no way we aren't winning the super bowl this year. And other fan bases will make fun of us, for our only championship being the "Covid Bowl". But i will buy that T-shirt and wear it proudly.
  9. Making the playoffs and not winning, is about the same as making a pizza, but you forgot to grease the pan. I need 1 playoff win, in order to consider this season a success.
  10. Colts passing defense is decent, and they may actually show up, unlike Miami. I'll say 20-14 Bills.
  11. Arent the sabres, the NY Jets of the NHL?
  12. The red uniforms are ok if they only wear them once. Hopefully this is the only game they wear them.
  13. Lol, he cant go anywhere for 2 more years anyways. They will resign him sometime in this upcoming offseason, with a whole year left on his contract.
  14. As sad as that is, replicate it as much as you can in your back yard.
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