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  1. Its weird how it was kept so quiet. The bills never announced anything on their website. Local news outlets started talking about that tickets were going on sale, but never said where to buy them or what time.
  2. What a great opening, "i think if you're a dallas fan your upset, but if you're a bears fans, you're rather pleased!"
  3. Biggest game at this stadium in 20 years, or maybe longer even. Idk if we will get the chance for a home playoff game, but this is pretty close! Of course whoever loses still plays next week. But just in terms of two great teams on New Era Field at the same time. Amazing
  4. Haha, i can hear howie mendel offering deal or no deal on the wildcard berth, but #1 seed is still on the board!
  5. Im just going to appreciate the Bills Ravens game this weekend. It might be the closest we get to a playoff atmosphere at new era.
  6. Nah, i have a new born baby. Im lucky i was able to keep my seasons. Either way, i dont want to deal with heckling of other fans during a road playoff game. If we lose, i just want to turn the tv off and cry. If its a home game ill be there. Ticket prices were released for them. Just so season ticket holders can be prepared if it happens.
  7. Im assuming this is a joke, as Josh Allen is very similar playing style to Lamar Jackson. Our defense should be better prepared then anyone to handle him!
  8. This is the worst post ever written. Have the bills beat the ravens next week. Have the chiefs beat the patriots at 4:30, and then we get the #1 seed ourselves. Whats wrong with you?
  9. Seahawks vs. Panthers, but fox might want to keep it for a 4:25 slot to replace rams cowboys.
  10. Because we have a young developing offense, that was going to have a rough game or two. Eagles and browns were those games. Its ok.
  11. We lost 3 games at 1pm. Undefeated at other times vs. Teams with 6 wins or more.
  12. Everybody annoyed with no primetime games. Then maybe we get 3 national tv games in 4 weeks.
  13. I sometimes think this. It does seem like they have a tough time setting up the cable cam that runs above the field. Even if Nantz and Romo are in Buffalo, they rarely set it up. They usually need to rent a crane, and hook it up to the field lights.
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