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  1. https://www.lifetime.com/company/about This company would be good for the naming rights!
  2. This could be a huge money maker for them. They get to sell all new merchandise, and avoid needing to answer questions about why they are named the Redskins. I'd do it in a heartbeat, no matter whether they think its racist or not.
  3. I would expect that they will have the potential to change this week by week, or even month by month. I hope the Bills are forced to refund me for the preseason games, and i can start going in either september or october.
  4. This is a good point. Wouldnt it be better, to just opt-in, and just sell some of the earlier games to other people until you feel comfortable?
  5. I like that he doesn't check down too often, but I also wish he wasn't in dead last. The check down can come in handy in certain situations. I partly think the play calling may not have a check down option, but hopefully that changes.
  6. You are right. The last 6 months, feel much longer.... lol
  7. Currently in new york, people dont need to post bail after getting arrested. The individuals who ran over the officers, had bail set over $100,000. I hadnt hear of anybody in new york needing to post bail in long time. I can assume the charges against them, do not apply to the bail reform set up a couple years ago.
  8. Because they were arrested and charged. And were exempt from bail reform. Thats why people arent outraged. The protests are about officers being violent or murdering people, and never being held accountable. That being said. This old man was causing trouble all night long, saying the protests were "fun." And protesting the curfew. He was given plenty of verbal requests from officers prior to the 30 second video we all saw to go home, and he refused. Im only upset about the false report the police filed.
  9. Im pretty sure, the texans used the same defensive game plan that the ravens had, against us, in the playoff game.
  10. Its not necessarily just a crap shoot. You can try your hardest to know your potential players, prior to drafting, but only the player themselves knows what motivates them. Playing at an elite college level, to get to the NFL is one thing, but now that you are there, does the player still have the motivation to be successful there. You are giving a 22 or 23 year old, who never made more then minimum wage, a 7 or 8 figure contract. I have to think your internal movitivation is going to be challenged.
  11. I'm not even sure if its possible to sync up John Murphy's broadcast with the television these days. The radio streaming feed is bound to be behind by a minute or two. I am not about to invest in radio stereo equipment in this day and age. Plus, is wgr synced up with the spectrum feed, the digital antenna feed, or a satelite feed? There's no way all of these are all going to be at the same exact part of the broadcast.
  12. The game is not worth spending $60 on it every year. I usually try to find a black friday deal for it, or wait till after the super bowl. The game has been my sports fix during this quarantine
  13. Thats exactly what the 4th and 15 is, more actual football. The onside kick is basically impossible, and even if you did recover it, its nothing but a lucky bounce. 4th and 15 is a low probabilty. Thats why teams never attempt them, except in the most desperate of circumstances.
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