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  1. Im pretty sure, the texans used the same defensive game plan that the ravens had, against us, in the playoff game.
  2. Its not necessarily just a crap shoot. You can try your hardest to know your potential players, prior to drafting, but only the player themselves knows what motivates them. Playing at an elite college level, to get to the NFL is one thing, but now that you are there, does the player still have the motivation to be successful there. You are giving a 22 or 23 year old, who never made more then minimum wage, a 7 or 8 figure contract. I have to think your internal movitivation is going to be challenged.
  3. I'm not even sure if its possible to sync up John Murphy's broadcast with the television these days. The radio streaming feed is bound to be behind by a minute or two. I am not about to invest in radio stereo equipment in this day and age. Plus, is wgr synced up with the spectrum feed, the digital antenna feed, or a satelite feed? There's no way all of these are all going to be at the same exact part of the broadcast.
  4. The game is not worth spending $60 on it every year. I usually try to find a black friday deal for it, or wait till after the super bowl. The game has been my sports fix during this quarantine
  5. Thats exactly what the 4th and 15 is, more actual football. The onside kick is basically impossible, and even if you did recover it, its nothing but a lucky bounce. 4th and 15 is a low probabilty. Thats why teams never attempt them, except in the most desperate of circumstances.
  6. John and Steve, really never seemed prepared to defend their opinions on the show. Who am i kidding, even when they delivered the news, they didnt even seem like they understood what they were talking about. Chris brown, does his home work, and seems well prepared and researched for when he talks. Im happy, and hopeful maddy glab will get better.
  7. The last time they did it, in 2014, you were able to bring in Alcohol. It was fun, but the game started at 4:05, so you really couldnt see anything until about 4:30. Other then that, i would totally do it again. I also realized that my basic car audio system, sounded better then my home tv.
  8. When i watched german soccer on saturday, the echos in the stadium created plenty of background noise. I still think we will be back in the stadium at some point during the season.
  9. Hmmm, i wouldnt know about that. My friend and I both agreed it was best to pay for our seasons in full, before our wives changed their minds haha. Obviously, Bills tickets are much cheaper then giants or jets tickets. The OP stated he was already talking to a rep, so i think the bills must still be taking new ticket sales.
  10. This year is the perfect year to buy. While I'm an eternal optimist that we will be ok come the fall, you will have your seats waiting for you in 2021 no matter what. Unfortunately, there really aren't many perks aside from being able to go to the games. Thats really all i need. I have a feeling StubHub prices will be high this year, so go ahead and buy! The best incentive, is you will only pay about $4 in a convenience fee for your entire season ticket package. As opposed to paying $10-$15 in fees per ticket for individual games.
  11. Id be more tempted to buy it. Normally at 1:00 i only want to watch the bills game. With the bills only on at 1:00 nine times this year, i will be more interested in random other games at the early slot.
  12. I went there to watch a 4:25 broncos game once. You missed most of the 1st quarter, cause it wasnt dark enough. Something to keep in mind. If the stadium is closed to fans, id go for the chiefs game. Should be comfortable temperatures.
  13. I have a hard time seeing us in september or october being able to have 20,000 fans in the stands, but not 70,000. I really think it is either going to be no fans in the stadium, no fans in the bars, no family gatherings, or all this will be over finally by then. How is a bar filled with fans better then a stadium filled with fans? We are social distancing now to allow our doctors and scientists have a chance to learn about the virus, while having hospitals able to care for patients. There is no way the whole season will be played with no fans, unless there is a massive second wave that happens. I really think we are going to learn so much about this virus by then, and we have a good chance at attending games in a packed stadium.
  14. Everybody likes the story of young luke skywalker flying his little x-wing fighter to destroy the death star. And thats fun and all. But he still had to become a jedi. What is exciting now is to watch luke skywalker develop into a power jedi. So lets watch the bills develop into a dominate NFL team and win a super bowl that way. Its still the same team, but they are growing up. Enjoy it!
  15. 2 home games at night is perfect. Anything more and id find it tough to go to all of them. I also like that they are spread out!
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