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  1. Preseason games sound interesting in July and early August. Then the 3rd quarter starts of the 1st preseason game, and its blatantly obvious, that this has very little of what we like about football. So no, dont expect better preseason games....
  2. I really don't care who is more responsible for the Patriots Dynasty. I am only interested in who will be responsible for it ending!
  3. The NFL offseason isn't really over until September 5th IMO. I am looking forward to hearing training camp reports, and watching preseason games. But that gets old very quickly.
  4. I have my season tickets. Why is our slogan "Press Play?" I don't get it.....
  5. That's not Hope! That's like spending the home opener tailgate, realizing I forgot beer for myself. And then my friends ask if I want one of theirs, but then take it away at the last minute. Everything after your 2nd sentence however I completely agree with. Does anybody know what its like to sit right behind the patriots bench at New Era Field? I have a few words that I plan on screaming, and I hope Brady and Belichik can hear me!
  6. Its crazy to think that when the sabres moved from the aud to their current arena, all we got was "higher priced beer and food." Its a much nicer looking building, better lit, cleaner, and better quality food, and more places to eat the food besides your seat. THATs what you can expect from a brand new stadium!
  7. How is this different then when my office is remodeled? Essentially that's money that the company earned, that they could have afforded to distribute to me and the rest of my colleagues. However, I know that them remodeling my office is better for the company overall, which leads to being better for my employment situation. If the bills spend money on a new stadium, that will lead to more revenue for the Bills, and for the rest of the league. So the players get more revenue as well. All I get is a better feeling of job security.
  8. I miss the good old days, where the big news every July, was whether Brett Favre would come out of retirement.
  9. There are so many people, both young and old, that say watching a game in their living room is better then going to the game. Statements like this, are why New Era field isn't good enough. HDTV is so good, and the broadcast of games so high quality, that you really have no need to go to games. Similar to Movie Theatres, people don't care to go. So you need to start offering more then what you are offering now. Some people seem to think if the Sabres still played in the Aud it would be fine......
  10. Are they suggesting that the NFL would force the Pegula's to move, if a substantial investment is not made in improving the Bills Stadium, (Renovate or Rebuild)? I feel its just an article, to scare fans and to get the tax payers to open their pockets.
  11. 2002 was Bledsoe's first year, and the last year of the old Gym Mat type turf with red endzones. I distinctly remember the 31-0 win over the pats in 2003 being the first game on the fake grass type turf with the "Unpainted Endzones". Then they switched to blue end zones several years later, and players were slipping quite a bit on that turf. Hopefully this turf works better. The third field surface in 11 years is an exaggeration, trying to count the last year of the "Green Endzone turf" as an entire era of that turf. Its really the 3rd playing surface in 16 years.
  12. Any chance for one Endzone to say "Buffalo" and the other "Bills"? I like how Green Bay, Cleveland and Indianapolis, etc. do that...
  13. What days to the Sabres and Bills have home games on the same day? The OP was talking about weekend double ups, not same day double ups.
  14. Even John Clayton gets random irrelevant things wrong every now and then. And he is one of the more respected NFL reporters. That being said, 30 years from now, when I am 65 years old, I don't expect many people to remember names like Robert Griffin, or Teddy Bridgewater. I don't even care if they are hosting a radio show about the NFL or not.
  15. The Sabres and Bills haven't had home games on the exact same day in over a decade. I think it was a night game against the Broncos way back in 2005 or something.
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