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  1. What scares me, is the idea of Brady doing commentary on CBS. The best games the bills ever have, will have him discussing it..... He can do commentary on ESPN, i dont have cable, so ill never have to listen to him.
  2. I mean, there isnt much they can do at this point. Fans should absolutely, not be going to games any more. But there are only 4 or 5 forwards under contract next year. None of the expiring contracts should he renewed. Not sure why botterill resigned everybody last year. That really concerns me this offseason to.
  3. The graphic says 2019? And that's the same price of my tickets from last year.
  4. I think the choice i was looking for is at home by myself. I dont want to focus on being a good host, i dont want to concern myself with the friend that doesnt like football, or could potentially say, "same old bills" if we lost. I want complete and undivided attention on the game. If we win, ill head to where ever the fun is. Whether downtown, or at the stadium!
  5. The reporters blocked him for doing so, poor guy could barely move.
  6. Im not saying christian wade should have played regular season football. Im saying that he is a prime example at how dumb preseason football is.
  7. Its a wegmans brand, its not presliced. So i should have some room to work with. Im going to do some trial and error, with precooking, worried about it taking too long and burning the sub.
  8. Im making pizza subs. What is the best way to make sure the pepperoni curls up? Ive tried googling it, and they seem to just debate what is better on pizza. Can anybody help with this?
  9. The fact that Christian Wade played the way he did in the preseason, and still never saw the field in the regular season, proves the preseason is a complete waste of time when it comes to evaluating talent.
  10. There are no PSL's on Stubhub, or other sites. So thats how ill go to games.
  11. Ill wear my Bills Mccoy jersey if he plays tomorrow. If not, im just wearing a regular bills shirt. I hope he plays and has some decent runs.
  12. There have been several half time shows that the artist announce a tour the day after. Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake come to mind.
  13. Greg Brandon is better at writing letters then id be. I would just say, "Hey Mark, just wanted to give you a heads up, we are staying in New Era Field for 3 more years. Have a great weekend!"
  14. SB XLV had 2 weeks between the championship games, and the super bowl. It was the first year the pro bowl was moved to the week in between.
  15. I like the two week break. You get a taste of the offseason for 1 weekend, before the super bowl. Also, if the bills were to make it, you get extra time to make your travel plans. As im sure alot of people every year benefit from.
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