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  1. I'm sure if buffalo gets the draft someday, it would be announced after the Cleveland draft is over. 2025, whatever they decide to do with the stadium, will probably be decided by then as well.
  2. when was this announced? This is the first I heard about it.
  3. The 4th and 15 if only allowed once a game, in the 4th quarter, and only for a team trailing, would actually allow for the play to require some sort of football skill. There is very limited skill involved in current onside kicks, its just a jump ball type play. Way too much luck involved.
  4. Thats actually a pretty good draft. Wood, levitre, byrd!
  5. The Delay is being slowly reduced over time. I feel like it used to be 5 minutes, now it is down to about 2. I remember watching the Bills Jags game that was played in London. Watched it on the streaming yahoo. I saw push notifications of the Bills offense scoring touchdowns, yet the Jags were on offense on my TV. I learned over the years, that if I care about the sport I'm watching on TV, I have to stay off my phone during the game.
  6. They keep saying the Jets did so much to improve, we didn't??? I think we will finish better then the jets. If I was forced to put money on it, I would say at best the Jets have no more then 1 win better than us. The dolphins are definitely finishing last in the division......
  7. So what happens, when I get my sandwich out of my lunch bag. Am I not allowed to eat said sandwich around my bus? How does that conversation go? Is the bus lot supposed to act like a private restaurant that doesn't allow any outside food or drinks. Hopefully they can all still use the bus bathroom.
  8. Yeah, I know, but it is slowly expanding out of state. Not nearly as much of a chain as Smokey I get it.
  9. Smokey Bones and Dinosaur BBQ are both Chains. Its like coming to Buffalo and getting chicken wings from Pizza Hut. Go to BW's BBQ, its not far from the stadium to.
  10. The bills have already loaded up on a lot of great talent. I am not mortgaging the future, until I see what this group of guys are capable of. There is no rush to make those kind of moves this year.
  11. I don't want to pay whatever this would cost. Likely a #1 pick next year, or our second rounder this year. I don't think Beane would do it either.
  12. Traded in my Honda Accord with 153,000 miles on it for a Nissan Rogue with 19,000 miles a few weeks ago. Honda Accord's aren't built like they were in the 80s.
  13. If you listen to HR 3 of the John Murphy show yesterday, they had one of the actual schedule makers on. They said either the Dolphins or Bills were going to play on thanksgiving, and which ever one didn't get the Thanksgiving game, would get a Monday night football game instead. Apparently the Pegulas were more excited about playing on thanksgiving anyways. Not that they had a choice.
  14. Haha i like it. If i drink too much, as i do at home games, my family may not enjoy my in game commentary as much as my season ticket holder friends do. Could get ugly....
  15. The first thing I did at work today, was hang the schedule on my cubicle wall. Right above my monitor.
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