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  1. Dugger's college competition is what worries most people out there, me included. But damn, it is fun watching his highlights. Looks like a man playing against a PeeWee football team. I'm going to be keeping an eye on his career even if he's not with the Bills.
  2. He IS what many want Duke to be. Big, fast receiver who can high-point the ball.
  3. This team certainly looks better on paper. Now it's up to the coaches to get them to play as a team. I believe they will. Success still hinges on Josh Allen taking a big step this year. His willingness to be coaches and make changes to his game gives me hope that he'll improve. With this roster, we don't need him to be great just yet. But he becomes a genuinely "good" quarterback, this team will win a lot of games. He's not there yet, so winning the division is not a foregone conclusion. But it is a pretty decent bet.
  4. They got rid of so many players last year. But that core played hard for Flores down the stretch. They got better as the season moved along.
  5. Agreed. I'm not as bullish, as many others are, about our chances to take the division. We should be in the hunt. But the pats wiil still be tough (is Dalton that much of a step down from the current Brady). And I expect the dolphins to be a lot better next year. You'll hear no sh!+ talking from me about the current state of the pats. Though I'm hoping we stomp them into the ground.
  6. Am I alone in wanting him to stay in New England? I want to beat the Patriots with Brady. This isn't a guarantee that we would have, but that's what I would like to see.
  7. I still think about Sam Cowart sometimes. What a damn shame his injury was. He didn't look like he would be good, he looked like he was going to be great. We'll never know. That last game against the Bucs...wow. He was a grown man playing football against a bunch of boys. Cheers to Sam Cowart.
  8. Agree completely. These guys are so slow. And I'm not just talking the 40. They look slow during the game. Epenesa is crazy strong which helps him against college kids. But he moves like Godzilla and pro linemen will control him with technique and strength. Just my opinion.
  9. Your mock has us missing out on all the guys I would want at 22. Except Mims. I'd be okay with trading down in that scenario.
  10. I can see free agency being pretty similar to that. But I just don't see why people are high on Gross-Matos. He seems to play slow. And he gets sacks when the lineman misses a block. Just my opinion. But that's what I saw of Matos. I would hate the pick... Until he proved me wrong.
  11. I seem to remember reading that the new CBA includes changes to the tagging system to make it more player friendly.
  12. Agree completely. Ruggs and Mims are my 2 favorite wrs. I think they're the 2 best fits for the Bills. Despite his size, Ruggs had a great catch radius. This is what Allen, who struggles with accuracy at times, needs. Mims has jump ball skills and also makes tough catches. We all saw how Allen tried getting Duke the ball. Mims is what we all wish Duke could be.
  13. 6 seasons, 32 sacks. Highest sack number was 9.5. He wants top 5 money?
  14. I agree with you. But I was referring to Beasley apparently being pissed when the cowboys signed Cobb instead of extending him.
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