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  1. A lot of it is technique. I see a ton of upper body tackling, especially when tackling a guy from behind. If you tackle a guy by the thighs, or even ankle, from behind, he drops instantly. If you grab him around the shoulders or waist, he drags you for another 2-3 yards, or just runs through it.
  2. We've been getting absolutely killed by WR1s on teams who don't have much as far as secondary receivers. Jefferson & Amari Cooper were open on just about every play. And we still didn't adjust anything toward them. Amon-Ra St Brown will do the same if we don't double, or at least bracket him, they have literally nothing at receiver besides him.
  3. My dog wasn't wearing his Bill's t-shirt. We put the shirt on him for every game we've won this year. We weren't at home for the Miami & Jets games, so we didn't put it on him. Vikings game, he didn't wear it & my wife got home just before the end & put it on him, but it was too late. Lesson learned. From now on, he's wearing the shirt all day on game days even if he's home alone.
  4. Von Miller was a turd on most run plays aside from the TFL. He rushes the passer on every play, even on obvious run downs. Teams are starting to run at him & he takes himself out of the play far too often. It seems every week he gets a big TFL by running down the RB from behind, that's because he's rushing the passer & in the backfield to do that. When they run to his side, he's rarely in the play. His splash plays have been huge, but we need him to affect more of the other 90% of plays as well.
  5. Jets play primarily Zone D. Mckenzie is good vs Man, but struggles vs Zone. Hopefully we see more of Shakir this week.
  6. Sills has been terrible, but does have a catch in every Giants game this season. He's been playing largely out of necessity, he's the most likely one for Hodgins to get a shot over.
  7. The biggest issue the Giants have been having with WRs is understanding the playbook, with the option routes & nuances. They had reduced Kadarius Toney to WR6 coming into the season because he just couldn't get it. Hodgins already knows Daboll's playbook, don't be surprised to see him get an immediate opportunity to play.
  8. I predicted this in another thread. NYG is a great spot for him to get on the field. Wish him the best.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if Daboll picks up Hodgins, Giants are in dire need of any WR that can play.
  10. Um, he's a probable All Pro at LB. I think we have better options at Safety.
  11. It really feels like a loss to me, I'm glad Josh took it the same way. But if they can play the worst they've played all season & still win, I'll take it.
  12. Agreed. Giants lost 2 starters from their OL last week. They'll turn back into a pumpkin this week.
  13. No NFL team is trading for Cam Akers, let alone the Bills. Yes, he was once a very promising young RB, but then he tore his achilles. He is toast, and definitely not an upgrade from Moss. Even if/when he gets cut, Beane won't even blink. These twitter idiots are just looking for clicks.
  14. Tampa is not paying a 1st rounder & maybe more for a DE. They're 3 months away from being in QB purgatory and will need all the picks they can get. If Chubb gets traded for a 1st, it'll be a contending team that already has a QB for next season.
  15. I have framed autographed jerseys of Kelly, Bruce, Thurman, & Diggs on my basement walls, I saved room to get Josh eventually. Several other Bills signs decorate my basement. I have a full size Riddell Bills helmet in my office. I got a new white riddell helmet for free when I was coaching football. I have a bunch of the vinyl Bills logo helmet stickers & the stripes from when I coached my son's 2nd & 3rd grade teams, when I of course chose the Bills for our team. Made it into a nice piece of memorabilia.
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