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  1. Allen played regular 11-on-11 football in HS, there are vids of his HS highlights on YouTube. The 7-on-7 referred to is flag football, which most skill position players do nowadays in the offseason from regular football. Surprisingly, a lot of recruiting is now done from 7-on-7 events.
  2. If the Jets get #1, they'll have to trade Darnold. But if he continues playing like he is, nobody's giving up a 2nd for him. Even if they only get a 3rd rounder for him, that pick could be used for an IOL to help Lawrence. I could see a team like the Steelers or Bucs giving a pick for Darnold to groom for a year & take over.
  3. The moment Kroft's back touches the ground, he has possession of the ball & is in contact with the defender- he's down by contact. Even if it's dual possession when he hits the ground (which it's not), it's an undisputable catch. The defender wrestling the ball away is moot, because he's already down. Horribly blown call. Props to team for overcoming this BS, every other Bills team from the last 25 years or so, would've been buried by it.
  4. I don't think we can expect Feliciano to come back from a torn pec & be what he was in 2019. That is a major injury for an OL and his strength will not be back to 100% this season. I'm sure he'll be solid in spurts, but we can't expect him at full strength anytime soon.
  5. How funny is it that Brown chose to go play with Flacco of all people over Josh in 2018, and is now trending toward another 1000+ yard season here. Glad he saw the light.
  6. Our OL actually seems to be better at pass blocking than run blocking now. Also, Passing 60% is pretty typical of a modern NFL offense. I know there are a few teams built around the Run, but they're in the minority. I think we have the right balance based on talent, though I would like to see our RBs more involved in the passing game.
  7. Anybody we drafted with that late 2nd round pick (aside from a RB) would be a developmental player that wouldn't contribute much in year 1. It's not like we passed on any day 1 starters.
  8. Manning- obviously a lock. Charles Woodson- 8x All Pro, DPOY, Super Bowl Champ- a lock Alan Faneca- 8x All Pro, Super Bowl Champ. gets in eventually Jared Allen- 12th all-time in sacks, 4x All Pro. I think he gets in, but could wait several years. Calvin Johnson- retired at 30, numbers good enough to eventually get in, but not first year. Sam Mills- 3x All Pro, 3x All USFL, 2 USFL Championships. It's the "Pro Football" HOF, so USFL should count. Among the best tacklers of the modern era, I'd love to see him get in.
  9. Yep. But Philly won't trade him, they have very little at WR & need both TEs.
  10. Woods got WR1 money from the Rams, despite only being a decent WR2 to that point in his career. It was seen as a huge reach at the time. We were never going to pay that, and he wanted out anyway.
  11. They really did blow their draft, and probably wasted Rodgers' last hurrah. Taking Love in the late 1st was idiotic, they could've had their choice of Pittman Jr/Shenault/Mims/Tee Higgins. They also took AJ Dillon in the 2nd, who's nowhere near ready to contribute for them, there were impact players available.
  12. I think it's just as much about McD sitting on 8-point leads than Daboll calling the plays. If we can still be be aggressive with a lead on offense instead of making every game close, we'll take the next step.
  13. I'm curious if the opt-outs have even stayed in shape. Star could be taking a year-long vacation & be grossly overweight for all we know.
  14. Can anyone confirm that the Bills App will have the games live? I didn't get an email from them about it, but if that works, everyone's problems are solved. My backup plan is nflstreams. I tried it tonight for the Chiefs game & it worked flawlessly, on a few second delay.
  15. I got Allen & Moss. CBS rankings had Bills-D ranked #23, so I thought I could wait until the 2nd to last round. Some dumbass took them as a 2nd Defense right before my pick, had to take Titans-D.
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