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  1. The crazy thing is that some states are already operating like there never was a pandemic. I was in Iowa over the weekend and crowds are everywhere. I ate in a packed restaurant, with only the staff wearing masks. The only people I saw wearing masks the whole weekend were hotel & restaurant staff.
  2. Yep, I'll watch. They'll have fake crowd noise & avoid shots of the stands, the tv viewing experience wouldn't be much different.
  3. You get on the Wall based on your on-the-field body of work, not being a great person. You shouldn't get that revoked for the opposite. Whatever a player does off the field doesn't change their sports career, only perception of them as a person. If OJ was involved in a murder trial while he was still playing, yeah he's not going up on the Wall. But he's already there & one of the best RBs of all time.
  4. As much as I'd love to see both Kaeperick & the Pats fail, I don't want that POS to get another NFL job. Even if he was a backup, coverage of him would dominate sports news for the whole season, I'd rather burn my eyes with a blowtorch than have to suffer through that. Imagine ESPN covering the Bills AFC Championship Game win for 45 seconds, before a 5 minute segment on Kaepernick & his latest protest...
  5. I've only been to 3, and it's been 16 years since the last. Lived in IL all my life. When my kids were born, I decided to wait until they were old enough to endure the antics at the Ralph to hit a game, but by that time they were playing football every Sunday. I'm trying to make a late season game work this year, it'll be their first.
  6. Arians is a favorite because he traded for a HOF QB? If they somehow won 13 games, the difference would have to be Brady, not coaching. I can't wait to see Brady fall on his face in Tampa.
  7. AJ's agent probably gave him a study list for the combine with every Head Coach, DC, & D-line Coach to memorize. That's almost 100 names alone, and would be hard enough to do. He needs to know enough for an 18 minute interview with each. Unless it's common knowledge, their league history with other teams is too much info to have to know for that setting. I'm sure once certain teams started showing interest, he studied deeper on their history, coaches, & front office before talking to them again.
  8. I don't think I'd trade our DB group for any other in the league.
  9. There's no doubt Moulds is the most physically dominant WR we've ever had, but Reed obviously had a far superior career. I still have an old white Champion Moulds jersey collecting dust in my closet, complete with an orange stain between the numbers from Anchor Bar wings.
  10. I'm not sure how the contracts/cap works with trades, but I'd assume they'll try to trade for Dalton & regotiate his contract. I'm sure Dalton would jump at the chance to start for $10M vs sit & watch a rookie for $18M.
  11. That video is a year & a half old too, his leg may be even stronger now.
  12. The 58 yarder from Sr Bowl practices that hit halway up the uprights had a really low trajectory, and that was vs a defense. I think he can adjust for the wind.
  13. Wow, he was pretty impressive in this game. He did allow a sack & a few pressures vs Chase Young, but that's an elite pass rusher who is as fast as just about any DE in the NFL. If Adams can get a little quicker, he can certainly be a starting-caliber OT in the NFL.
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