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  1. You could just crush an empty water bottle & keep it in your pocket. Blow into it to inflate it back up once inside, and fill at guest services.
  2. Yep, I came to post Minshew. A 6th round rookie QB on a team national media covers less than the Bills is among the most popular players in the NFL right now. I think once Josh gets some more wins under his belt, his star will grow nationally. Without a cool mustache or naked stretching in the locker room, Josh has to earn his fame the traditional way. If we're 5-1, everyone will be talking about Allen.
  3. Just give him an injury settlement. We can get by with the 2 rookies, but I'd love a trade for one of Tampa's TEs.
  4. It's too damn expensive for people to go if the on-field product isn't really good. Bills games are probably still the cheapest in the NFL. I live in the Chicago area, and even though I don't care about the Bears, we go to an occasional game. To take my wife & 2 kids, it's about $600, even for upper deck seats, and that's without beers. I could drive to Buffalo for the weekend, get a hotel, & see the Bills play for about the same. I had a chance to go the Bears/Bills preseason game last year (week 4) for half of face value, $125 tickets. After parking & food/drinks, it would've been $400 to see a final preseason game with all scrubs playing, from the upper deck. F that.
  5. CJ Anderson doesn't provide anything that Gore doesn't, I'm sure Beane hasn't even considered CJ. Yeldon is a solid RB, he'll fill in fine if Singletary is out or limited.
  6. Feliciano for me. I still can't belive he was on the scrap heap.
  7. I don't think you can definitively say Mayfield is better than Allen at this point. He was certainly better as a rookie, but this a new year & Josh looks better so far. Tonight's game will tell us a lot.
  8. Bridgewater looked terrible. yeah, he completed some passes, but he reminds me of EJ Manuel the way he takes so long to process anything. Slow eyes...
  9. Wow, is it possible that Dawkins is our weakest starting O-lineman? (Not counting Ford as full-time starter)
  10. Red Zone Channel finally started showing the Bills after the FG. Once I was able to watch, the tides turned.
  11. Imagine the backlash if Mayock had said anything even insinuating it was about race, let alone a racial slur. He'd never work again, and would probably have to leave the country. Why is "cracker" ok? That word doesn't affend me or anybody I know, but we all know what happens when a white person says anything regarding race in today's society.
  12. My guess regarding Alberts' reaction, Bruce was obviously intoxicated & acting annoying when he walked in, so Trev was probably unsurprised when he passed out.
  13. Youth Football numbers are way down from even 5 years ago. Way less kids come out each year. I live in a town of 160,000, and our football program also includes kids of a neighboring town about the same size. We have 4 teams for 8th grade, and 2 teams each for 6th & 7th. For 4th & 5th grade, they had to combine both age groups to even field 1 team. When my 8th grader started playing back in 1st grade, we had 13 in-house teams alone, only 7 years ago. Football is unique from other team sports. No other sport provides the life lessons of teamwork, camaraderie, hard work, and discipline in the same way. This will stay with the kids long after their football days are over.
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