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  1. It's all about the terminology used. If a team uses simple terminology, you can realistically call entire plays to the QB & expect him to relay it all correctly in the huddle. If using really complex terminology with like 10 word plays, the OC will just call out a play designation number/letter & the QB will read it off the wristband, easier that way.
  2. He's a UFA this offseason, no need to be released. I hope we go after him hard.
  3. A Chargers win would give both teams 4 in-conference losses, I think we root for them.
  4. Would really like to see Landry taken out with a monster (clean) hit. Nobody deserves it more.
  5. If we could land Allen Robinson for a 2nd, I'd be all over it. That would allow us to address Pass Rusher or RT early in the draft next year.
  6. Singletary on the field for nearly 70% of the snaps is a great start, I had no idea he was out there over Gore that much, we now just need to up his usage rate in a major way.
  7. Week 8 RB snaps:Devin Singletary - 68%Frank Gore - 29%
  8. Godwin plays the slot. He's really good, but the reason he's utterly dominating statistically is that Evans draws the CB1 on the outside, and he works against nickel corners in the slot. Great player, but slot WR isn't as much of a need for us as a true WR1 on the outside.
  9. Ertz is on pace for 80 catches & 900ish yards. He's well off his 2018 pace, but still a really good TE. He does only have 1 TD though.
  10. Interesting stat about Paul Krause, he had 81 career INTs, but he only scored 3 TDs on them. You'd think the odds would favor a lot more pick-sixes.
  11. Even if he was good, no team wants to put up with the media circus he'd bring with him. 95% of the press conference questions would be about him, ESPN would talk about him non-stop for the whole year, and that crap divides a team.
  12. Darnold likely contracted Mono from a slut he met on the Friday or Saturday before we played them. It takes a few days before it shows up.
  13. Mahomes is the new Dan Marino. Tons of arm talent, major breakout & career year in his 2nd season, and a regular season star on a team with subpar Defense. I think his career arc will mirror Dan's.
  14. Yep. Gain 3 yards instead of losing 5 yards on the sack.
  15. I'd love it, but we're likely to have a pick in the mid 20s or later. Lamb & probably 2-3 other WRs will be gone by then.
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