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  1. Efe Obada. 5.5 sacks in limited snaps for Carolina last year, if he works his way into the rotation, he could surprise.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqwKRF2Xq6w
  3. I'm counting high wind games, I think we had 4 last year. Damn, I forgot about the extra game. It's much more likely in 17.
  4. We have too many bad weather games every year for 5000 yards to be realistic. 40 TD could happen, but it'd have to front-loaded with some 4-5 TD games in the first 6 weeks.
  5. A friend of mine offered me his tickets for the game at Chicago for face value. I live in the Chicago burbs, but I'm not sure if I want to go through the hassle for preseason. Soldier Field is a real pain in the a$$ on game days, it's not like The Ralph. Traffic is brutal, you can't park anywhere near the stadium, you need to pay $60 to park far away in an underground garage & take a shuttle bus. I also don't think I'd wear Bills gear there if I take my sons. The last Bears game I went to was vs Jacksonville 2 years ago, there was a quiet & respectful Jags fan j
  6. I saw the race clip on YouTube. DK absolutely towered over all the other guys. The other track athletes were not only better technique-wise, they were all 40+ lbs lighter. He probably does have elite track speed for his size, but sprinters just aren't that big, for a reason. They interviewed him after & asked him if he had interest in doing another event after further training & maybe shedding some weight, he said "Na, I've got to get ready for minicamp". I thought that was great.
  7. I think people will look back on the Zach Wilson pick like they look at like the Trubisky pick by the Bears 4 years earlier.
  8. McShay is a complete buffoon. It boggles my mind that someone pays him to do draft analysis. That said, trading up from 30 to 23 would cost st least a 3rd rounder. I see no way Beane would ever consider that, I bet he laughed his butt off when he read McShay's take.
  9. I call BS on #11 on that list. Gary Coleman was way shorter than 5'8". 😁
  10. Wow, so many of those RBs drafted in the first turned out to be complete turds. Then you have guys like Gurley & Melvin Gordon who are basically over-the-hill despite just being drafted in 2015. I think Beane is too smart to go this route.
  11. I would absolutely look into him. Would be dirt cheap & might end up our best pass-rusher.
  12. It's crazy that they made the trade this early. Other teams have a month to trade up ahead of Miami if they're after the same guy. Why not wait until draft day?
  13. Interesting that he has 3 Pass Rushers right around where we pick.
  14. Most players want to win, but all players want accolades. Guys making All Pro, the Pro Bowl, & the HOF matters to them. There really isn't any path to even making the Pro Bowl as one of Lamar Jackson's WRs in their current offense, let alone accumulating the yearly or career numbers needed to be considered among the best. Nobody with other options is going there.
  15. Dunlap seems like the best fit to me. He is a monster & would set the edge better than anybody else on the list, or our current roster. I'm tired of seeing QBs escape the pocket all too easily and complete 1st downs or TDs on us.
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