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  1. Denver is just as probable a playoff opponent as Indy. It doesn't make sense to have preseason matchups in-conference. I'd much rather see all NFC opponents.
  2. I saw some HS highlights of Josh a while ago. It was only maybe 2 minutes of plays, but there were 2 plays where he hurdled a defender.
  3. My son had an emergency appendectomy a couple years ago. It's an arthroscopic procedure nowadays with only 3 very small incisions, and you get discharged the same day. Recovery is much better than the old days when they had to make a 3-4" incision, but they still have to through the abdominal muscles. It's still at least 2-3 weeks to be back to 100%. My son was back to light work in sports in about 10 days, but wasn't full speed & pain-free for almost 4 weeks.
  4. The part when Bruce & Thurman are watching Norwood's wide-right, when Bruce says "every time I watch it, I still expect it to go in", always gets me. That pain is forever.
  5. That play is just a regular old zone-read, most teams run it & doubtful it'll go away from our playbook. Josh made the correct read by keeping it when Bosa crashed inside, but a few things went wrong. He's supposed to run further outside to ensure he beats the DE. Looks like he saw the LB waiting & stayed more inside, Bosa made a great recovery & got him. I'd also like to see the RB to run right at the crashing DE & try to block him once he knows the QB is keeping it, Moss ran right past Bosa & blocked nobody. If Josh gets outside Bosa, he gets tackled by the LB but gets 2-3 yards. If Moss is able to slow Bosa down, Josh would've had 5 yards inside. If either of those things happen, no near-injury for Josh.
  6. Bruce isn't wrong. Boselli started 90 games in the NFL, that's only 5.6 seasons. He was a great player when healthy, and was certainly on a HOF trajectory. But based on current HOF members, there's no way somebody with that few games should be in Canton. All of the pro sports are littered with players who would've become hall of famers if not for injury, that's part of sports. Sterling Sharpe was arguably a more dominant player than Boselli, and similarly had his career cut short. Sharpe can't get a HOF sniff despite playing in 22 more games than Boselli. How does Boselli have a better case?
  7. I heard that this year's Madden cover will be Madden himself.
  8. Still BS, but at least Josh finally passed Kaepernick...
  9. Where's James Cook?
  10. I love Baldy's analysis, he really knows his stuff, especially O-line play. It's great to see him so complimentary of Bates. I was clamoring for giving Bates a shot on here all last season. I knew he had to be better than Ford or Boettger, but I had no idea he'd transform the line the way he did. I'm really glad Beane found a way to keep him.
  11. He's 39 & coming off a very major injury. Teams aren't exactly lining up for that. I'm not sure if he'd even be able to play again, let alone want to. If he does, he'll probably be a mid-season signing to a team with an injury at QB.
  12. Edmunds will be elsewhere in 2023 no matter what he does this year IMO. If it's more of the same, Beane lets him walk. If he really improves, he prices himself out of range for Beane to seriously consider bringing him back. If he's somehwere in between, another team will offer him more than we could based on his pro bowl resume. Same thing with Ford. If he somehow gets thrust into a starting role & plays well, somebody else would pay him low-end starter money.
  13. Not gonna lie, I had to turn subtitles on to understand some of what of he's saying. Mumble-speak is pretty common nowadays in teens/young adults. Every word is the same pitch from start to finish. I catch my teen son son doing it at times, and have to make him repeat it normally.
  14. WTF does Germany need an NFL game? Where does it end? This was clearly the plan with adding a 17th game to the schedule. I am 100% sure that within a few years, every team will be playing their extra non-conference game somewhere outside the US. And soon the Super Bowl will be somewhere abroad as well. I hate the whole international idea.
  15. Dallas must've had a deal in place with Tennessee (or somebody else) that would've netted them a 3rd rounder, I think that's why they seemed dejected after we traded up. It must've been an overpay offer based on their reaction.
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