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  1. That movie had a surprisingly great story for a movie about giant teenage turtle martial artists.
  2. He seemed pretty fired up if anything.
  3. Well this sounds completely deranged, so Hunter committed a worse crime that he's getting away with, the one he's being punished for isn't a big deal, and Trump will help him out. Yeah that's well reasoned ramblings of a noncriminal. I doubt an appeal is going to help much at all. Of course now that we've arrived at this stage, we'll just ignore all of last weeks tweets about how Hunter was going to get off or all the ones about them filling his jury with former addicts and it all being a sham for him to get off.
  4. That'd be because you're wrong what I remember is he was talking about that it's not as helpful watching film of teams for him because a lot of teams tend to play against him different, so a bunch of tape of how they played the last few weeks isn't as useful.
  5. Nuh uh is always such a great and well thought out response. Could it just be Bass, sure, but it's not wrong to point out that in OTAs he had a real consistent showing with a different holder then with the same holder he had last season he was more inconsistent. And the holder does matter, inconsistency there leads to it in the kicks.
  6. I'm still convinced the Boston Accent is just something they made up, like someone from Boston met up with a bunch of people from different places who had accents and just made it up on the spot to feel special.
  7. Technically what they said was they didn't have enough evidence and alcohol may have been involved so they wouldn't have been able to do anything anyway. Yes it was an awful law that definitely allowed people to get away with some terrible stuff, but that's not every case, sometimes they actually didn't do anything. Is that the case here, no ***** clue, but that crappy law doesn't equal guilt.
  8. I mean if that's the difference between the two that's pretty significant, hell McDermott could practically just stomach going for it on 4th down every time if it meant getting that much of a difference on FG%.
  9. Said at the end of the season he needed to buy a jugs machine, it is indescribably frustrating to see him drop an easy pass when he's got a bunch of open field right in front of him, hurts the soul. And it is exactly how a guy like Ray Davis would steal reps from him.
  10. This is the time for him to work through it if he's going to.
  11. Yeah that's less than ideal though it was dropped for lack of evidence, for what that's worth, and he wasn't signed by the Chiefs so that's in his favor or maybe they didn't look into him.
  12. Well if I missed the first day is there really any point in going to the rest? I'll feel left behind by the other kids and the reporters might be mean to me.
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