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  1. Not if they keep overpaying everyone. Poyer is nothing more than a average safety. Going to be great watching him get dragged into endzone more.
  2. Wow, Addison is a more complete player than Quinn.
  3. A lot of money for someone who will be 33 when season starts. With the age on the DE position they will have to revamp it after this year. Dont get me wrong, I like the player. Just dont like the term and price
  4. Yes. Taylor and Dobbins should both be in discussion in 2nd. Also mid rounds Vaughn and Dillion. Imo Singletary is nothing more than complimentary back.
  5. Title should say" Pegula's daughter signs Croom to 1 yr deal"
  6. Higgins stats per game when quality of player picks up in playoffs: 4 games 3.5 catches per game 55.65 yards per game .5 TD per game Yeah production, those stats scream stud.
  7. Hopkins and Thomas are good points to make. I just dont beleive Higgins has the physicality of those 2. Thomas also has Drew Brees
  8. Great take JP. Higgins will not be physical mismatch in NFL. Also if 4.43 was legit he would not be there at 22
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