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  1. I don't care about the Saints, but I want to go to NOLA and see the Bills. But thanks for the help, you are so funny. Tool!
  2. Any leaks on Saints game?
  3. He is averaging only 5.5 sacks over the last 5 years. What a joke. Aaron Schobel goes on the wall before Hughes
  4. Yeah pretty average in speed. Has a better 10 yd split than Donald, Oliver, Watt, The Bosa's, Hughes(most overrated Bill ever), JPP, Jared Allen, Clowney. Tied Hunter Had a better 40 than Watt, the Bosa's, JPP, Allen. Tied Peppers. Does he need to improve flexibility and bend, yes. Does change of direction need work, yes. But to say he has average speed is flat out wrong.
  5. 1. JOK 2. Rousseau 3. Shelvin Would be perfect in my opinion. What I got on draft network
  6. Fred Jackson Jerry Hughes Tre Edmunds Stevie Johnson The Bills most overrated players. The first 3 all seem to be good people though. Byrd - quitter Peters- no loyalty Kelly- reasons stated in previous posy
  7. Lindsay 4.39 Singletary 4.66 So really not the same type of back at all
  8. So 6 mill in cap space still?
  9. Bills best hope that a full off-season helps Hughes and Addison find the fountain of youth, and that A.J. and Bam take a step forward.
  10. I agree.. I think they use most of their draft capital to move up and get the Bama QB. Newton is a place holder.
  11. Has to be edge, rb rounds 1 and 2
  12. Ken Jones and Fred Smerlas throwing me up in the air at Fredonia training camp. Damn I'm old. Lol
  13. Bills numbers against TE in 2020 including playoffs: Targets: 178 Catches: 123 Yards: 1275 APC: 10.37 TD: 11 Don't let facts get in the way of your opinion. LOL Looks like you are the one that's clueless.
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