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  1. Not sure I agree with that. Both teams mentioned quite a bit. Tannehill>Jackson
  2. Everyone. He would be the best DL on this team by far.
  3. A lot of low info posters. Watt would be best D lineman on this team by far.
  4. Creed Humphrey Rashawn Slater Wyatt Davis Liam Eichenberg Quinn Meinerz Cut Morse to save cap space. Bring back Feliciano as a place holder or backup. Draft some of these guys. Williams will be overpriced for ability.
  5. Put Mahomes on his back. Or find a freak like Kelce. Anyone have opinions on the kid from North Dame, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah?
  6. I would say it's more Daboll getting outcoached by Spagnuolo
  7. I don't care who you are trading for. Giving up 4 1st round picks would ruin that franchise
  8. Then fine him the maximum penalty every day he does not show.
  9. Hopkins>Diggs Don't get me wrong, I love Diggs, but he should not get near the type of money of Hopkins, Adams, in prime Julio.
  10. D coordinator at what level? Do you know what number Zimmer is? The DT getting caved in regularly is 90.
  11. I'd let Milano walk for that contract. I wouldn't mind C. Lawson and T. Hendrickson. Resign Feliciano.
  12. And so was Leonard. Any thing voted on by fans means nothing in my opinion. Anything voted on by fans means nothing in my opinion.
  13. If he is not 100% play him only on 3rd downs. I have a feeling they will need all hands on deck. This is going to be a tough physical game.
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