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  1. President Trump The Pope Dr Judy Mikovits Anya Chalotra General Jack Keane
  2. Are gun law senteces in texas mandatory like New York state? Thanks bobby
  3. I agree. Was just wondering if I miss read something on draft broadcast saturday. Dont get me wrong I love Feliciano's attitude and toughness but I wonder if he would be better as G and C backup.
  4. Didn't ESPN keep showing a stat that the Bills were pressured on 33% of their dropbacks, was worst in the league? Was Wondering if anyone else saw that.
  5. Wade has a roster exemption will be on practice squad at the least. Stay safe and healthy!
  6. He did not have a pro day it was canceled because of covid. He ran on his own timed by his agent. It was then posted to twitter.
  7. Sounds like an excuse to me. Prolly do like him better than Singletary though
  8. His pro day was cancelled. So sorry, not going to believe a 40 time he ran on Twitter timed by his agent. Nice try though dude
  9. Forgot they had him. What did game day roster go up to with new cba
  10. My bad Hog, eyes dont work like they used to. You are correct. Thanks for putting me straightšŸ‘
  11. Nope: Yeldon 4.52 Wade 4.53 And now the slow ones: Moss 4.65 Singletary 4.66 Got to be slowest backfield in NFL
  12. there is no lightning. Both backs run in mid 4.6s
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