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  1. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Still pricey though. Have a great time man!
  2. How pricey are those compared to the Ralph?
  3. Will be out of the league in 2 years. Horrible pick. Could of had JuJu
  4. Very good it is in south buffalo. Also bocce club is really good
  5. Beside Croom someone else must be going to IR/PUP. They have to be signing another CB
  6. Lawrence can not come out for another year. He is only a true sophomore.
  7. Who will be starter now? Do they go with Singletary? Need your opinions my draft is Tuesday.
  8. Just traded for him because Luck was my dynasty league QB. Damn shame. Great football player and all accounts an even better person.
  9. Watch it again. Detroit player stepped on Robert's foot and tripped.
  10. Lol. So how long have you worked at Bar Bill?
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