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  1. Draft Diamonds: Negatives: Tremaine doesn’t have great instincts and I believe part of that is due to his young age. He can be a little slow in his decision making as well as be lured in by misdirection plays. Edmunds will have to try and strengthen his upper and lower body strength. (That will come in due time as he get’s older and his body fills out.) He will from time to time have a bust in man coverage from time to time, Which isn’t due to his lack of playing ability. It’s more due to his mental mistakes.
  2. If you did you cant read. Lance Zierlein nfl.com Instincts are average and relies on athletic gifts Can be a step slow to diagnose Lured by misdirection Will take random downhill paths that trap him in the quagmire Patience is lacking Races ahead of plays and voids his leverage and run fits at times Needs to add more upper and lower body strength Average base strength and high center of gravity create issues holding up at the point of attack Needs to be quicker to punch in order to maintain clearance Mental busts in man coverage hurt his team Takes time to process moving piece Pro Football Weekly: Instincts are still developing in coverage — prone to getting fooled by play action and misdirection (see first quarter of the Miami game) and will have trouble locating the ball at times. Sometimes gets lost in space. Plays too shallow sometimes and doesn’t cut off enough of the field. Bleacher Report, Matt Miller: NEGATIVES—Still learning the position and will take false steps that his athleticism covers up.—Can be late to react and is more of a catcher than initiator as a tackler.—Needs to continue getting stronger to take on NFL blockers.
  3. Edmunds got pushed around quite a bit last year, that goes with his misdiagnosing plays and taking bad angles. I know he is young but lack of instincts was his knock in college. He has a long way to go especially with the seasons Leonard, VanderEsch, and Warner had. I hope he turns out.
  4. A huge flock of ravens flew over Blackwater Bay right before Dany attacked the Iron Fleet. Didn't think of it that way at the time, until I read this, great point.
  5. It's not easy for an O lineman to switch sides. IMHO if Dawkins is moved will be to LG
  6. No offense redneck but Murphy and tasker are even worse. I only listen because I have no other options.
  7. The guys on right now are the worst. They have no clue. GR is such a joke.
  8. Hughes must be one of the most overrated Bills of all time. Also no to Burns, would rather have Sweat with medical issues.
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