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  1. No thanks to woman beaters!
  2. Bills trade up to draft another Josh Allen
  3. The low standards of Buffalo sports where almost is praised. Lol. Hughes is not a top 20 DE in the league!
  4. I would take everyone of those players in the graph over Hughes.
  5. noacls

    Hypothetical Mock, Who would u select @ #9

    That is the worst case scenario for the bills. I guess Murphy or Wilkens, too high for both. Burns=maybin no thanks. 1st year TE do nothing for the most part. White=They are not moving Edmunds
  6. noacls

    Who do you want in the first round?

    Order of preference. Know that it's probably no chance for first 2: Bosa Allen Oliver
  7. noacls

    UB Nate Oats leaving to go to Alabama

    Anyone got rumors on next UB coach?
  8. noacls

    Best ever NFL running back

    Dont want to comment on any backs that I have not seen play. My list would be: 1. Bo 2. Barry 3. Walter Terrelle Davis was a hell of a player too.
  9. Umm, he is an inch taller than Kyle Williams
  10. noacls

    Commercial Women I Find Attractive Part ???

    Independent Health chic
  11. noacls

    UB Nate Oats leaving to go to Alabama

    Wrong I watched them quite a bit.. I was talking more about football. However there is no way UB basketball is competing with top tier AAC basketball squads. Everytime they face length and athleticism it does not turn out well.
  12. If moving up from 9 it would have to be Bosa, Allen, Williams, Oliver? What do you think?
  13. noacls

    UB Nate Oats leaving to go to Alabama

    Memphis, SMU, Cincinnati,South Florida, Tulane. Basketball you can add Witchita State, Temple
  14. noacls

    UB Nate Oats leaving to go to Alabama

    UB would get killed in AAC.