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  1. Martavis Bryant ran in the low 4.4s. Tee Higgins is nothing like him
  2. From watching conference championship games I would say the Bills biggest need is speed. Speed is needed at all skill positions in my opinion. Watching Mostert run was an eye opener. Also all the speed the Cheifs have. Also an upgrade or two on the O line and front 7
  3. I played football in college 20 years ago. S**t like that never happened hazing wise. You might get roughed up or taped to goal post before practice. Possibly even a fight but there were no sexual assaults taking place. This is disgusting and PSU football should get the death penalty if true.
  4. That has to be some sort of NCAA violation. Cant imagine Ogeron being to happy about that. Also why are a lot of NFL wide receivers idiots?
  5. Right! Looks like he could still truck some dudes
  6. I'll take a cheese and pepperoni from Turtle Bay, muffuletta from central grocery, and a hurricane from LaFites. Lol. Man I love that place. Have a great time man
  7. Benjamin ran a 4.61 at combine. Let's have a friendly wager if Tee Higgins beats that. . Loser has to have a Tom Brady avatar picked by winner for a year.
  8. Really, where can I read up on that. I think you may have Higgins and Shenault mixed up.
  9. He ran a 4.75 coming into college. He is expected to run mid 4.6s at combine/pro day. Kelvin Benjamin 2.0. No thanks
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