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  1. Rex Ryan's wife. Seriously, he just twisted it on a throw.
  2. Ravens are the "it" team. They were so good last year, and completely flopped in the playoffs. Then that flop extended into this year. Then they won their last five, and now they are "back" as the team that was touted last year in beating their nemesis Tennessee, with Jackson as the second coming once again. The team is still flawed as they are not built to pass or come from behind. Yesterday was the first time Jackson rallied them from a 10 point deficit. Get these guys behind and they will be in trouble. If it's close, they can hang with anyone. But that is the narrative IMO.
  3. Cleveland laid 42 points on Baltimore before Baltimore finished with a JV schedule. If Mayfield et al can do that, the Bills can at least hit 30.
  4. The Ravens were 6-5 and then won five straight against really bad teams. We will see how good they really are.
  5. Well sure. Pittsburgh stinks. No one prefers the Ravens. But it is what it is, and hoping for a soft matchup in the Elite 8 and dribbling down our legs that the Ravens are so tough seems weak.
  6. Pittsburgh looks like it might need a year, not 45 minutes.
  7. You can't back into a championship. Trying to cherry pick your opponent is not productive-- you have to beat everyone.
  8. Obviously practice is overrated. Tennessee in October and now the Browns.
  9. There is no chance we play Cleveland unless it is in the AFC Championship game. Game 2 if we get there is Pitt or the Balt/Tenn winner.
  10. Allen's progression has been pretty clear and steady. He was awful pre-injury 2018. Last six games in 2018 he was improved. Last game in 2018 against Dolphins was excellent. 2019 he picked up where he left off. Slow steady progress all through the season. Fewer bad plays, but still too many. But upward trajectory was clear. 2020, first four games another jump up-- better than 2019. Then a plateau. Then the last six games a whole other level. If this is his peak, that's fine. But I suspect he'll not reach his peak/prime until 2022-23. But to anyone paying atte
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