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  1. Hopefully it's designed to keep the crowd noise in.
  2. The line to win the Super Bowl went from -700 to -650 after getting Miller
  3. The Bills should pipe in the tomahawk chant during practice this week, like they piped in Renegade when they played the Steelers a couple years ago.
  4. I laid $1650 to win $1K on the Bills to win over 8.5 games and $300 to win $360 on the Bills to take the East. If it's not a 16 game schedule, the win totals bet is a push, but winning the East is a go no matter what.
  5. The story behind the Bills red helmets https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/06/23/the-story-behind-the-bills-red-helmets/
  6. Nice, but no place to sit to watch the games except for the restaurant area.
  7. FYI, the sportsbook at del Lago Casino, between Rochester and Syracuse, Exit 41 off 90, is opening at noon this Friday 8/23. I'm planning on stopping by to see what kind of wagers I'll be able to place on the Bills. The sportsbook is being run by DraftKings. Special guest is supposed to be Donavan McNabb.
  8. 2700/2000 @ 6 1150/1000 @ 6.5 Total bet 3850 to win 3000.
  9. I'm thinking about these bets. Any of them a definite NO? Baker Mayfield: under 6.5 at -280 Lamar Jackson: under 17.5 at +105 Saquon Barkley: under 4.5 at -250 How many RBs in 1st round: over 1.5 at -240 Calvin Ridley first WR taken: -190
  10. http://forums.twobillsdrive.com/topic/192055-nflcom-path-to-the-draft-mahomes-best-fit-for-bills/?hl=mahomes
  11. Osweiler loses in State income tax since Texas doesn't have one and Ohio does.
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