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  1. Watching the Chiefs destroy our line shows just how much we need a lineman who can get into the backfield.
  2. Insane we took the FGs seeing our defense get destroyed every drive.
  3. Its all good. Some of us get it and some dont....but the thread needs to be made.
  4. This is the perfect time for JA to show everyone that he is just as good as Mr Mahomes. Would really big a huge statement.
  5. At this point almost every team in the league would love to have either. If Allen is at the level where you are debating which one you want....then Josh has certainly worked his ass off to get there. He made it.
  6. He wont be playing...and if he is playing...expect at sub .500 team
  7. white and blue is our worst looking jerseys. ill like them a bit more if they win in them.
  8. I think Green Bay will beat every team left. They are the most balanced team. They can run very well, Aaron is playing out of his mind. That balance is just killer for any team to defend. Their defense is very solid. Jaire Alexander has held WRs to negative yards this postseason. Hard to pick against GB on paper.
  9. Nah. Throw 100 times. If the game becomes a shootout...win the shootout.
  10. Idk if killer is really a term for a QB. Doesnt feel the same as being a killer in basketball. But if there were killers in the NFL hed def be one of them. Hes got no problem trying to end a game with a deep shot when running would be safer.
  11. I saw no motions on saturday. I was asking where the heck were they... but then i said obviously there is a reason we didnt cause we have been doing it all year.
  12. When you throw 90% of the game you want less winds lol.
  13. I havent seen anyone on ESPN ever analyze a game where i actually thought....wow...i didnt notice. You can literally just watch an all 22 replay of the game and get more info than those "analysts" ever could.
  14. Cam Newton will make every coach look like just a guy.
  15. Pay him more than Mahomes. At least do it in the way Mahomes is structured so they can take off some salary to move the cap around to fill the roster.
  16. Im looking for that big game. Letting the league really know hes a top dog. Get that first divisional round win and march on forward.
  17. its a good post by him. As long as we dont get into that horrid field position and ToP in the first half like last week I think the Bills will be able to keep the Ravens scoring limited. Like....its really hard to win games when youre starting inside your own 20 an entire half and the opposing team starts at their own 40. Crazy how the Colts did what they wanted to do and it still wasnt enough to contain Allen and the WRs.
  18. I personally think Daboll was huge in JAs success with the team. I wont say he is the reason JA became what he is. Id say that was chip on his shoulder, his QB camp and all the hard work he has put in. Daboll has been with JA his entire career. 3 years of working together and making the offense work for both parties. Losing Daboll will hurt, we will see a drop on the effectiveness in our offense just because of how acclimated JA currently is with it. A new OC will bring in new plays and a mentality that will take time for JA to readjust.
  19. Did you know he wears his wedding ring during the games?
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