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  1. I think because the offense can put up points with a 30 second drive to end a half ill defer every time.
  2. Josh Allen said he watched a boat load of Rodgers film when he was working on his mechanics. That was one of the guys he wanted to emulate.
  3. People thought Tua would be special because he was the first good Bama QB. Now Mac Jones did the same thing this year probably even better. I would be horrified if I were a fins fan. Everyday it looks more like Tua wont be elite and will need an incredible team around him to be effective. Not what you want from a top 5 pick.
  4. Im with ya. If the Ravens dont rattle JA they will have to play a very good offensive game. If our defense can manage a couple of stops and a turnover or two itll be lookin favorable for us.
  5. I remember that...but i also remember this defense is not playing as well as they did last year.
  6. Williams only if its a run. lol I want him nowhere near pass pro. Or on the goaline.
  7. I agree...but I would put in a lot of credit to our WRs as well. Allen and the WRs. Line was ok as well.
  8. Love smoke...but i believe we save some money by cutting him next year. Hell be gone. We have a lot of contracts pending.
  9. They arent playing dominant football as of late. That and new storylines like Lamar and Josh and Aaron have kept this Chiefs team under the radar...its perfect for them.
  10. We play base nickel...this should be easy. I dont get it. I think for about half of the year ive been screaming...please cover the freaking tight end. Yesterday I was boiling watching it unfold again. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Nice to see boys. The game was all Colts...almost everything went right for them. Allen plowed through all of those obstacles.
  12. I was a little turned off by the religion thing. My initial reaction was "who?...whatever...its not like i know anything about coaches anyways"
  13. Nothing wrong with having a chip on your shoulder to help you be the best you can be. Thats how a lot of players become great.
  14. Most recent one was Buffalo was playing Pittsburgh in the playoffs and we were down like 40-18. I stopped watching. I ended up on the field somehow. There was 44 seconds left and we were up like 47-44 and the Steelers were starting at their own 1. We won.
  15. Josh would need to keep this playbook and get with the new OC and figure out how to make it work.
  16. Just so people know this is a follow up to a thread I made earlier. JA crushed the Pats finally. So I will continue to keep the ball rolling.
  17. Good point. Mobile QB can be an issue in the future. Murray got going with his legs and hurt us.
  18. He had a solid game last year. Im lookin for another standout performance. Get that big first playoff win. Get that monkey off our backs and keep it going strong.
  19. Pretty much what the Titans did to us offensively, move the ball with lots of runs and play action passing.
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