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  1. They are a couple of offensive players from being really good on the O side. Or maybe a little more continuity allowing everyone to jell a little better.
  2. Cut him or trade him. Trade him for a waterboy
  3. He can only blame himself. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't he opt out of his contract in SF back in 2016? There ya go.
  4. Since the FCC got rid of VHF frequencies, my house is out of transmission distance from Buffalo and Erie. I buy the Sunday Ticket. If that goes away, there isn't much keeping me with Directv. Free to air, the larger satellite dishes carry all of the local stations from across the USA, for free. That will be my future route. As far as the rest of the cable stations, a subscription can be bought for those. Then again, I do have Netflix and Amazon Prime.
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