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  1. It is football, not a platform for politically correct viewpoints. End of story. It's not a defining moment in history, just a day in our lives. I don't care what the players say or do six days a week, or even in the offseason. On gameday while fans are in attendance they should man up and be professional. If any player supports a rioter and looter, that player should be kicked off the team.
  2. As far as my background goes, I am an electrician, a vet (Air Force), and generally work long days, weekends and cherish my time off. Keep football at gametime neutral. There are enough venues during the week players can voice their opinions, it just shouldn't be gameday.
  3. The biggest point of this came from kneeling a few years ago. I think it is great the players have a cause they feel so much about. Their choice of kneeling gametime alienated many people. After their work hours have at it, but not when the fans that pay to see the game and relax (get away from it all) are there. If people want to enjoy the game but gameday the NFL and players are pushing it, where is the enjoyment for the fans?
  4. What is everyone's opinion? Should politics be kept out of the NFL? My opinion is yes, keep it out. For starters, after a long week of working and seeing the news, I personally want to escape from all of that outside influence and relax watching football. I do not care who is sitting next to me at a football game, from any walk of life, I just want to watch the game and high five. Yet when things become political, the game isn't as enjoyable. My opinion is sports and sports teams should be like Switzerland and be neutral.
  5. Keep him on the wall and in the hall. We have to keep football separate from politics in all aspects. When players kneel it divides the fans. We can't have unity when actions are made due to the current political climate. In my opinion political correctness needs to stay out of it as well. OJ was a great player and broadcaster until things unraveled for him, things that are in no way condoned anywhere. He made the wall and the hall with a stellar reputation, leave it alone.
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