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  1. The money for a new stadium will be paid in part by people that aren't allowed in the stadium. Unvaccinated players are allowed in the stadium, but fans aren't. Hypocritical they are.
  2. This makes me not want to watch the game anymore at all. Sad. The game is watched so people can escape day to day struggles in their lives. Now all of this is shoved into peoples lives with everything else. I have always been a die hard fan too. Very disappointed to hear this.
  3. So far I have heard Josh Allen. Everyone else seems to want to degrade me. Now I know how people that go against the grain feel. But that isn't my intent. I think all the Christian athletes standing up for what they believe in are awesome as well.
  4. Mine would be Cole Beasley. He calls it the way he sees it and takes on the world doing so. Hats off to you brother!
  5. Hell I'm about to buy a Beasley jersey. Pro bowl bound!
  6. So much money... it's the going rate but doesn't seem like anybody is worth that much money. But if you have a set amount of money to spend on a roster, then a great quarterback is what you want. I'm buying a Powerball ticket tonight.
  7. Me too that's why I was being a smart ass and commented that.
  8. Resigned is an adjective that means having an accepting, unresisting attitude or in a state of submission. A person who is resigned is often in a state of realization that the negative situation that is happening to them will continue to happen and that they can't do anything to stop it. lol had too. Re-signed
  9. So basically it said Diggs was a jerk and Allen was worse than JP Losman. Oh yeah, and Buffalo sucked bad. I saw Allen getting better each year from start to finish. I have a feeling they didn't show KC much in the first meeting. The players should read this article and then thrash KC. JMO
  10. Instead of kneeling it will be bending over during the anthem. The NFL seems to work overtime at alienating its fan base. They should stay neutral on all social and political issues and try to insure the best possible product possible and that would be good football games that two opposing viewpoint people could sit beside each other and high five during the game. At least the Bills have It Takes All of Us on their helmets. Other teams border on nauseating slogans. But I'm just a fan that just wants to watch football, and none of the rest of the bull crap.
  11. How many other Patriots will be out? Give them an early L for another loss.
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