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  1. 13 seconds will always be a "wtf" for me....like...13 seconds and you gave up like 45 yards? Seriously?
  2. Damn, Had i known, I may have taken a trip up there.
  3. Its nice to have his support....but its like hes turned into this representative for the Bills fandom. Bugs me a bit.
  4. I dont want to write him off, but I never liked the idea of even split on RBs. You get your best RB and he runs every single time hes not exhausted.
  5. Defer is now the optimal. You find out what you have to match. Which gives you 4 down advantage throughout the whole drive. More chances to get a first down = higher success rate. The receiver cannot play 4 downs the entire drive.
  6. As long as the NFL is paying for it...I think its fine. Its like pretty much hiring an intern. Just sit there and learn how to be an offensive minded coach. Its just training. If minority coaches and assistants believe they are above it....then thats fine too. Ill bet there are plenty of minorities looking to learn the ways of NFL coaching. EDIT: Just imagine you are an ex NFL player thats gotten into coaching and has interest in climbing the ladder. You just got the job to be an offensive assistant under Sean McVay. You learn under him for a couple of years and you get it. Youll be a coordinator in no time.
  7. Hes underperformed his entire career in TB. Hes Evan Engram before Evan Engram. Maybe he can get into a good mindset here. I still think its a good signing because hes so cheap and Sweeny was pretty bad given his chances.
  8. He reminds me of evan engram...potential threat...but play was never good enough to succeed.
  9. I mean...you pay him 50 million with all the players they need to resign...the team will be much worse talent wise next year. Good luck Aaron.
  10. Not an effing chance. all the starting qbs end up hurt.
  11. Seems like a waste of money. They already have the Manning cast locked up for more years. Most people are going to soon realize its better to watch things like that. Not as organized, a couple of ex players huddled around and giving their honest reaction to the game will be much better than listening to vanilla commentators.
  12. This literally just happened with Joe Burrow. lol But yeah, its not easy either. I think if the Browns ended up taking Allen could have been a quick turnaround for them. Chargers sucked for 1 year and got Justin Herbert, if he shows even more improvement youre looking at a quick turnaround with a potential elite qb,
  13. Every since I saw that story with his "manager" I have always thought he was in the closet. I think Olivia Munn said she was pretty sure one of her exes was gay. Some people think she was hinting at Rodgers. I think hell come out one day and maybe write a book about it.
  14. Lets just say...they pay Carr 40 million bucks... They need to add some real talent to make this team competitive. The best move for the franchise would be to say...sign Davante Adams. Which will end up being another 30 million plus. 70 million in the hole and thats the best move they can make for the team to maybe actually win a playoff game. Does Carr and Adams make them a real contender at a combined 80mil a year? Thats what 40% of their salary cap? Maybe they try and make a run for one year and go all in. They have to copy the rams strategy or else they wont win with Carr. Simple as that my friend.
  15. I think hes in the same Tier as Dalton when Dalton was at his best. A little better than average. Daltons better years were just as good as Carr's. I think its safe to say we are about as near as Carr's ceiling as we are gonna get. QB 11 doesnt cut it with that roster. If you pay him 40 million he wont get the team he needs around him.
  16. So hypothetically....the Bills should be ok with Tyrod for the rest of his career because it keeps the league competitive and makes them money. Sorry man, i just dont agree with keeping a mid tier QB around. How many years did Dalton throw away for the Bengals? Tannehill? These arent superbowl winning QBs. These teams needed to move on from them years before they did.
  17. For an NFL team being watchable doesnt mean jack. Winning a superbowl is the goal. There are two ways to win a superbowl nowadays. Get an elite qb or get an elite team. Most likely having both wins it. Raiders have neither and will not even be a contender with carr unless they build a great team around him. 40 million for a guy who isnt the main piece of a superbowl team is not worth it.
  18. how many of those years did we end up with a top 5 pick? 3? If you can be horrible and get a top 3 pick 2-3 years in a row...you can turn it around a lot quicker.
  19. I think its better than being in wildcard limbo for the next 10 years.
  20. lose...gamble on a top 5 pick qb. Hes not a superbowl winning quarterback. You think the raiders can pull off the rams strategy and swinging for the fences?
  21. Cut him. Its really that simple. Hes not winning you a title at 40 mil a year. Wont have funds to field a winning team
  22. Would be wild if we could get our hands on Toney. He showed some incredible agility in his limited time there.
  23. Someone will 100% offer that. Will it be us? Not sure. Cap went up so teams have more space to pay the 9m.
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