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  1. Lol nah, she just complained about it to me of course....
  2. Allen has a decent oline. Hes never played with a good one. Whenever the line looks bad its because they are playing against a capable defense knowing how to get pressure or with have a talented pass rusher. Because i have always thought this line needed some real talent, I cannot agree that our RBs are backup level. Najee Harris looks terrible behind that Steeler line. It aint Harris thats the issue. Give those two some maulers and they will do great. I thought the biggest issue with last nights game was how comfortable Tannehill was. Was he even sacked that game? If we got half the pressures the Titans had on us we win easily.
  3. My gf had some bad energy at the restaurant, mad about the servers not coming to clean up the plates. I blame her. Would won by 24+
  4. 100% go for it. Big picture, half a yard away from a first. No need to even bother with overtime.
  5. This matchup is interesting for the Bills. Last year we got beat up pretty good...but I believe our top 2 corners were out? Id like to see how the Bills D attack this offense, I think our offense should continue to roll.
  6. Hes catching balls. Glad to see hes turned a corner, he was entering backup TE status. Keep up the good work Dawson.
  7. Chiefs still did manage to get into the backfield alot and disrupt JAs timing. Its something I think we will see from a lot of teams this year. As long as JA can work the pocket and continue playing good football on the rollout, our offense will continue to punish defenses.
  8. I dont think they could have made it anymore obvious that the refs were actually cheating for the Chiefs in the 2nd half.
  9. He was brutal the 2nd half. Its like the NFL told the refs and Collinsworth to do whatever it takes to get the Chiefs to win that game. I have never seen such a blatant effort to keep the Chiefs alive with penalties. They screwed us hard on about 10 plays the 2nd half and Collinsworth is crying about Josh getting picked up and driven into the ground? What a joke.
  10. They are as much of a favorite as any other top team in my eyes at this point.
  11. Both teams know this is a huge measuring game as they have a fair chance to meet again. We will get each others best punch. Chiefs because they are struggling and Bills because of last season.
  12. playing the fins skins and texans doesnt tell me much besides that we will continue to crush the garbage teams. Chiefs will tell me more about this defense and offense.
  13. I personally think we win by more lol. Tua wasnt gonna do those pump fakes.
  14. Yeah man, just cause it was a 35-0 win doesnt mean it was perfectly played. Of course no game is perfect. Glad to have crushed the fins, but from our eyes, this offense is playing at a level where each playoff game is a coinflip. Wed like to be clear favorites going into wildcard weekend and on.
  15. Year 4, stadiums are roaring, hes an emotional kid Hes playing to his emotions still. Hes gotta learn to calm himself mentally and get back to those quiet stadium days. Hes certainly not at his best. Steelers pass rush and fins pass defense two real tough matchups though. Lets see how he does the next 3 weeks.
  16. Allen is still not playoff ready. Hes still off. He played an insane pass rush week 1 and and real good pass defense week 2. So im gonna let it go, but he need to clean it up and go back to dominating everyone.
  17. I live in Miami, fins fans are high on life right now. I saw the game....Pats gave that one away even more so that we did the Steelers. If we played at the level we did Sunday and the Fins played at the level they did Sunday we win by 10 at the lowest. Im going to be very hurt if we dont crush the Fins.
  18. Honestly half the league looked as off as we did. We had some rust and the Steelers ended up stealing one from us. Its clear we should have won that game. Right the ship and get that rust off. Thats all.
  19. Would love a dome. Wtf do we need wind for as a passing team.
  20. Hes the 2nd most important WR on this team next to Diggs. He has surpassed Beasley in importance IMO.
  21. I remember watching Colts games and when Peyton Manning was on the field the crowd would get almost silent. Peyton would always sush the fans when he was on offense. Eventually they listened. We saw without crowds how Allen played. We might have to shut our traps from now on. lol
  22. The line wasnt good last year. Allen made the line look average because of his ability to escape pressure. We saw it against the Chiefs last year. Good pass rushes expose the poor talent on the line. If Allen cant get away or make his hero ball plays its just gonna be a bad day for the offense.
  23. I just dont get it. Gabe is about as reliable as you can get on this team. He should be WR 2 and on the field as long as he can. Hurts to watch him not in.
  24. I would be pretty upset if Sanders takes snaps from Davis. I get that we need depth at the position seeing as how Bease was playing with a broken leg and Gabe was out against the Chiefs But there is no world where I can see Sanders being a better fit than Gabe in this offense.
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