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  1. The last 3 or 4 weeks any ball that went near the WR was caught against him. Lol. Man has been getting COOKED.
  2. I dont love the rule, but I dont hate it either. I think id leave it the way it is. Imagine all you needed was two feet and possession. A DB could no longer knock it out of the WRs hands after he puts his hands on the ball. It would be ruled a fumble instead of a pass breakup.
  3. WR is the toughest position to make it into the HOF because there are just so many talents. That said, if he plays with Josh another 3-4 years at this pace and gets a ring too? I could see it.
  4. Ive been on the Edmunds side for the last year and half. I think this year has been his best year and hes shown just how important his physical gifts are when we are playing this kind of defense. When he got hurt in that Jet game it was night and day on how much worse the middle of the field got. I honestly think we win that game easily had Edmunds stayed in it. I do think he will not resign with the team as the market will fetch him a HUGE deal, because hes so young and still has growth potential. Doubt we match.
  5. At the very least I feel good about him securing punts.
  7. Ive been screaming for a real offensive line since Allen started his first game. Josh Allen masks just how bad they have been throughout his time here. Weve been able to spend money elsewhere to make the team stronger since they know Allen could handle poor Oline play...but the injury plague weve had is making it hard for this defense to succeed like its supposed to. The plague started week 3, and our defense has never been full strength since then. Losing Hyde was huge and then all of our guys are randomly missing games with injuries. We gotta get healthy defensively.
  8. While I dont think they should rush it....he does need to actually play football on it to get passed whatever mental restrictions there are. Its a process to get comfortable playing normally again. So the sooner he gets back on the field the sooner he gets back to playing at a high level.
  9. Hes big play guy. Most of the time seems to come down with the tougher catches. Sure he has some drops. In terms of team comp. I think if they really wanted to beef up the offense it would be getting a premier slot WR.
  10. Im willing to give him a pass for now...but how many 3rd down conversions have we seen in the last two weeks? I feel like over 60%. Get it fixed on 3rd down defense. I kinda like the idea of trying to get the run game going but its too unpredictable, coaches got it right to stick with it this week.
  11. My first Bills game! Very excited. Wanted to see what prices were offered before I just pay up to a dumb ticket website. Let me know. Thanks!
  12. Im looking to go to my first game. Flying up from Miami to watch us get revenge on the Jets. I didnt think prices would be this high. Are the websites just reeming me on the prices or is this normal?
  13. Big picture. While things look bad. What important is that we get healthy and finish the season strong. We might not get a bye, we might not win the division. Sure...whatever. Get in the playoffs, get healthy and be hot when you get there,
  14. Oline sucks. Josh makes them look way better than they are.
  15. My two biggest gripes outside of Josh Allen INTs Leslie Frazier not playing tight against a defense that was throwing the ball 3 yards a pass. Seriously youre not gonna blitz this kid? Hes terrible. Offensive line getting beat up by 4-5 guys all game. Who knew how important a Spencer Brown is to this freaking team....thats not good.
  16. This team trounced the rams and the titans when they were 99% healthy. I hate to say the health of this team is everything.
  17. Coaches lost this game. How the ***** are you going to play so soft defensively against Z Wilson for an entire game? HE DIDNT THROW THE BALL OVER 5 YARDS. GET AGGRESSIVE! HOW DO YOU NOT GO AFTER THIS SCRUB?!?
  18. Josh certainly cries for fouls and flops....but we shouldnt care one bit. Getting calls is a HUGE part of helping your team win. Im all for it. We had to deal with Tom Brady just looking at a ref and asking for a call to then get it.
  19. I live in Miami where we all drive like animals. So this kind of action doesnt bother me.
  20. I see the room for growth for sure. Hes not rapidly getting better but hes def getting better and hes still a baby. He should be resigned but his asking price may be too steep.
  21. It shouldnt be silly....but lets say Mike Evans told those two to eff off. You think that wont be in the back of their minds when they are calling a game with him in it and there is a close call?
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