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  1. True. But wasn’t the hold on Shaq?
  2. Ravens fans are still mad at the defender who “made the tackle”, but I think it’s pretty obvious Motor was going down on his own.
  3. Not true. The NFL changed that rule a year or two ago. It is illegal to cut block an offensive/defensive player outside of the box.
  4. Does Miami claiming it was a back injury change any of the protocols?
  5. So you have to let the receiver have a chance at a TD catch with no challenge? I mean WTF. If he catches it, you can’t try jarring it loose?
  6. If we can’t improve on Spencer, we’re gonna screw around and get our franchise QB hurt. He looks like a damn matador.
  7. Dorsey: I have perhaps the best QB in the game who went 7 for 7 on the first drive. But I also have Zach Moss who is a very mediocre RB. I think two runs to Moss is my best chance at success here.
  8. Someone explain why we think two runs to Moss is a good idea.
  9. It is definitely a concern. Never thought I’d see the day when fellow Bills fans are acting like we won the Super Bowl after two weeks of play.
  10. Our short yardage offense is bad. Still can’t believe we refuse to run a QB sneak from under center. Either that or JA is just horrible at it.
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