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  1. wHY areN’T WE drAftinG IMMedie StaRTErs at CB and RB in THe 5Th rOUNd?!!!!!!! <end sarcasm>
  2. Star aids significantly in the run defense area.
  3. I mean, it isn’t even really up for debate. Trubisky is a better QB than Barkley.
  4. smoke isn’t too old, he’s just super fragile.
  5. But the Rams sent their 2022 and 2023 first round picks...
  6. Do NOT play #15 big money. If he isn’t on the extreme cheap, let him go.
  7. Camera angles suck bad today. Can’t even get a down the line shot?!
  8. Daboll sucks today. When have we been an under center, hand off to the rb team down in the red zone?! Why are we running devin up the gut in such a key moment!? Pathetic
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